How to overcome Nausea with Endometriosis

How to overcome Nausea with Endometriosis

I had a rough day yesterday. It has been years since I spent an entire day stuck in bed, just feeling so terrible that I couldn’t consider work or anything else. The thing that got me was food poisoning. Yip, really bad food poisoning! If you live anywhere near Rotorua in New Zealand don’t ever eat sushi at the store near the Countcount 🙁 Terrible!)

It started in the morning with this horrible nausea, sitting in my stomach urging me to well….. throw up!

Well, yesterday I got a comment from a lady concerned about her daughter experiencing nausea with Endometriosis and I realised that I didn’t have this symptom at all – well since yesterday. I actually started to try and remember the last time I felt nauseous and what had triggered my nausea in the past.

Now, I must just tell you that nausea has been a foe of mine for years. It was so common, it had become part of my life. I actually turned it into a positive for years, saying that it helped me lose weight! I was the kid who would come home from a birthday party and get sick from eating too many sweets. I was the kid who got sick on anything moving – severe motion sickness and I was always the nominated driver as a teen cos I couldn’t get as drunk as everyone else without getting sick. The nausea continued up until a year ago.

Looking back on my last plane flight, I didn’t need to take anything. That was a first for me. No nausea/anti-travel sickness tablets! I was fine by just looking at the horizon and watching what I ate. It was unreal!

So, it got me thinking about what I have done differently or what I could attribute to my lack of nausea.

Now, nausea is caused by two things – in my opinion. The first one is hormones and the second is what we actually eat. Now, these do work together but hormones can actually cause us to get nauseous. If you are suffering from nausea due to hormonal treatments, it is definitely the hormones running a muck! I had this for years with the pill. Though changing my diet did help reduce it, it was still there, all the time just kinda lingering and making me feel uncomfortable in my tummy.

Okay, so naturally that is an obvious solution….. get off the pill or the hormonal treatment making you feel lousy!

Here’s what you can do to get rid of nausea if you are already off all hormonal treatments:

The reason that we get nauseous is because our liver is struggling to process fats, sugars and toxins in our bodies. That is why we feel so nasty when we have a hang-over 🙂

We need to reduce the toxin, fat and sugar load in our diet to give our liver a chance to process stuff. So, cutting out as much sugar, fats and toxins within your diet will help here. Toxins? Those funny numbers, colour, preservatives and foreign items we have in our food are toxins. Fats include dairy products, over processed and refined oils – stick to coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil – and naturally sugar. Sugar is in so many foods these days and once you start looking, you will notice just how many contain it.

The quickest and most effective way to reduce your livers work load is to give it cleansing foods and things that the body finds easy to digest. These include raw fruits, vegetables and plenty of home-made juices. The liver loves anything green. The darker green you can take the better. Find juices which show you how to incorporate Kale and Parsley. Parsley is absolutely brilliant for us! It is a natural diuretic, stimulates the liver and contains heaps of vitamin C to defend the body against toxins and free radicals. Water is a given.

This kind of diet will indirectly attribute to your hormonal balance and reduce the nausea within that. It all kinda works together. Healing the liver is your most effective way to reduce nausea and endometriosis pain.

Nausea is also closely linked to your emotions and tension you may be feeling. I used to find that when I was particularly stressed I would feel sensitive on my tummy. Drinking Camomile and Peppermint tea will ease this a little but the most effective technique would still have to be, my Ginger Tea.


Big hugs and healing,

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3 Comments to How to overcome Nausea with Endometriosis

  1. Nausea can also be the way your body processes organ pain. When you get hurt on the outside it can hurt, and while the same can be said for your internal organs, the body sometimes translates pain in the organs as nausea. After my laparoscopy for endo, the nausea I’d been experiencing for the past two years went away. So before you attribute it to your liver (if you have endo), make sure you aren’t slowly bleeding out on the inside (like I was).

  2. That’s the first time anyone has pointed to the liver being key with endo but it makes a lot of sense! Im hoping a stint of juicing and healthier eating will rid me of the nausea and exhaustion. Here’s hoping!

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