How to Make Coconut Kefir! This Stuff Heals the Liver, Our Hormone Imbalances and Aids Digestion!

How to Make Coconut Kefir! This Stuff Heals the Liver, Our Hormone Imbalances and Aids Digestion!

Coconut kefir is one of those miracle drinks! I love those types! You know you have stumbled onto something amazing when it aids a whole heap of things all at once. I had tried milk kefir but unfortunately it just didn’t agree with me. So, I have been a week on coconut kefir and no bad effects!

Here is how you make it:

Coconut kefir provides the perfect base! Coconut water is said to have amazing rehydrating qualities, and helps with cleansing the liver and the skin.

Any questions? Made it? Feel free to share…

Big hugs,

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  1. Oh, me! Me! Me! *raises hand excitedly*

    I haven’t got a question, but I am sooo pleased you posted this!

    As a PCOS sufferer, and also a mild Endo sufferer, I have been researching different ways to get relief and heal myself.

    I was listening to a Podcast a few days ago about PCOS and inflammation, and the guest speaker was talking about the different ways inflammation manifests and how alot of it is related to poor digestion. One of her highest recommendations is Coconut Kefir!

    If I can find a link to the Podcast I will post it here!

    • Hi Belinda,
      It is so lovely to meet you and your blog looks awesome! I would love to hear the podcast, if you can find it. I love hearing different stuff on natural heailing…it all opens your mind to more potential:)
      Love that they recommended coconut kefit. It is my favourite drink! I add some lemon juice to it and I actually enjoy the taste!

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