I have always suffered with sleep  – as in getting good, deep sleep. I remember when I was younger, I would often lie awake for hours, staring at the roof, planning my day or my life. The more I tried to convince myself that I needed to sleep, the more it seemed impossible to achieve. I was thinking about how much I had to do tomorrow and how important my sleep was.  A vicious circle!

I was also a very light sleeper and the simplest thing would wake me up. I would wake in the morning and feel like I never slept at all. Like I was still tired. Even when I did allow myself the occasional “sleep in”, it never seemed to be enough for long. It was like I needed a “sleep in” every 4th day!

Over the years it did get better. I learnt to “talk myself to sleep”. I picked up a this technique where I would talk to myself about how tired I was. Slow down my mind and think about sleep. Dreams. Things that made me feel tired. It certainly helped me fall asleep but it didn’t really give me that total deep sleep which I was really after.

When I then changed my diet and focused on healing my liver, over the last 7months or so, it has helped that “tired when you wake up” feeling. Helped…. but I still didn’t always feel that the sleep I was getting was really quality sleep. See, the liver does all it’s work in the wee hours of the morning and whatever it doesn’t get to, still sits in our body to process – hence why we feel tired.

So, I went searching for a way to get that super, dooper slumber to ensure I felt revitalised and I found it! It was actually kinda obvious but hey these things often are. I first discovered a tea, which was called Sleepy Time Tea. I looked at the ingredients and found Passionflower and Valerian to be the main ingredients. The problem with drinking tea in the evening, means I had to get up with that “urgent pee” feeling in the morning, which I didn’t want.

Well, then while I was in South-Africa I was at a market. They had a stand with a women selling natural remedies, which naturally drew my attention. She had a Sleepy Time remedy, which contains Valerian and Passionflower. Brilliant! I got a bottle and I can tell you it is fabulous! I take two a night before bed and sleep like a baby! It calms the nerves and relieves muscle tension. Totally natural!

Now I remembered some time ago, David Wolfe talking about Passionflower and researched it a little further and discovered a really cool extra that Passionflower does! It is soooo awesome!

Let me try and explain this as simply as I can. So, we have excess Oestrogens and we also have bad Oestrogens (Xenoestrogens) which are coming into our body through the environment etc. These Xenoestrogens are a big factor in making Endometriosis worse and are considered a possible reason for getting Endometriosis in the first place. It has been well documented that Dioxin actually caused Endometriosis in monkeys!

Anyways, so some of us might have tried Progesterone Creams to help alleviate the excess Oestrogens or other hormone specific treatments. Sometimes, these methods are actually ineffective. The reason is because the body converts these foreign hormones into more Xenoestrogens or bad hormones rather than the good ones! This defeats the whole purpose of taking Progesterone Cream or any other natural hormone treatment!

So, this is where our little friend Passionflower comes in. It is called a aromatase inhibitor. Basically, it prevents the body converting our hormones into Xenoestrogens and also prevents the Xenoestrogens from forming in the body in the first place! WOW! That is sooo awesome!

To listen to David Wolfe on the topic and hear it from the horses mouth – so to speak – not calling David a horse or anything … check this out:

David Wolfe speaks about Passionflower

The other thing that I discovered is that I have inadvertently been using other aromatase inhibitors without even realising it! Olive Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Camomile are others in the group! Passionflower is the best though!

The great thing is, now you can sleep well and help your body heal from Endometriosis all in one go! You can easily grow your own Passionflower and get the yummy fruit that comes with it! Nothing like the real thing! :)