Q: How to Regulate Your Hormones with Herbs

Q: How to Regulate Your Hormones with Herbs

As part of this month’s Question, Louise wanted to know how she can regulate her hormones naturally with Endometriosis.

This is such a common question and we are often directed to trying strong phytoestrogens to use with Endometriosis. I am personally not a fan of using these type of herbs for Endometriosis as I personally have experienced worse effects from taking them. The typical phytoestrogens that are recommended are things like red clover, black cohosh and evening primrose oil. They are focusing on the excess estrogens typically associated with Endometriosis and looking at reducing their effectiveness by replacing them with weaker plant-based hormones.

I prefer to focus on two different aspects when looking at hormones: our liver and boosting progesterone or natural hormone production. To me, taking phytoestrogens is risky. Hormones are very delicate and intricate and it is hard to predict how high or low our hormones are at any given time. All sorts of things influence that pattern, including stress, outside environments, how much sleep we’ve had etc.

Within the video, I share a key focus on the liver for regulating hormones, plus I share two herbs that I have personally found beneficial. Please do your own research and try these herbs yourself. We are all different and they may not be right for you.

Within the video, I mention that our key focus should always be on the liver. Here are a few articles I have written that will help you understand why we should focus on the liver when it comes to Endometriosis:

The organ we should focus on with Endometriosis – it is not the Uterus

Should we do a Liver Test: Proof that Endo & the liver are related


These are the supplements I recommend for Endometriosis and where you should get them:

1. Vitex (Agnus cactus)

Make sure you get the berry or fruit of the Vitex plant. Start with a higher dose but then reduce to one a day. I would only take this herb for a period of 3 months maximum.

A safe and affordable brand through iHerb. Buy here.


2. Maca (Lepidium Peruvianum)

Ideally get the powder form and cook with it to ensure it doesn’t cause any digestive issues for you. It is a root vegetable and eaten as such, so it makes sense to cook with it. The best way is to make pancakes. Though I love this plant and had incredible benefits, it doesn’t always work for every woman with Endometriosis. Don’t combine it with Vitex or other hormone-based treatments and definitely don’t combine it with the pill. I also don’t recommend it with DIM or other hormone-flushing herbs.

Buy a good quality, powdered Maca Root brand here. 

I personally love maca and used it for 6 months and it dramatically reduced my PMS and pain with Endometriosis. Check out my video review of maca:

My review of Maca Video


What have you discovered about trying to regulate your hormones? Was it a struggle? Have you tried the above-mentioned herbs? Did they help you?

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi,
    I been looking your website for last one year. I learned lot of tips and now I don’t have any pain. I am 40 year old. Last two years back I have stage 4 endometrosis. Last month my doctor tested the hormones, now my estrogen levels are down. he said I am moving to premenopause and now I am having hotflashes at night time and irregular periods. I don’t know what is happening in my body. Please can you suggest me what’s my next step. More estrogen gives Endometrosis, less estrogen gives premenopause.How I am to going to balance?

  2. Hi Mel,

    Please do an internet search for RSO (rick simpson oil) and endometriosis.
    You will be surprised that women have already tried this with very positive results both in pain and fertility. In the US and many European countries, endo is a condition to which you can get a permit to grow or consume medical marijuana.
    Without a doubt this plant is far better than taking any painkillers.
    Please refer to the following articles on pubmed:
    Endocannabinoid involvement in endometriosis.
    Antiproliferative Effects Of Cannabinoid Agonists on Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis
    Selective CB2 Up-Regulation In Women Affected By Endometrial Inflammation

    Anyway don’t smoke it, use a vaporizer or make the cannabis oil using marijuana and alcohol or coconut oil.

  3. Hi again Mel,

    Thank you for your email. I’m glad I mentioned that I couldn’t subscribe so that you were able to rectify the web page issue earlier today. I enjoyed the first video – thank you.
    Thank you for sharing your journey thus far. I can really associate with your website and experiences and have been very drawn to the mayan massage. I have recently had beautiful experiences with esoteric therapies and massage. You may be interested in the website http://www.womeninlivingness.com. I am going to research the mayan massage this week.
    I am a clinical nurse in the Operating theatre. My speciality is gynaecology. I am a staff development nurse in theatre and teach graduates the ‘art'(!). I work very closely with a surgeon in Perth WA who is known as the best ‘endo specialist’ in WA. If you google endometriosis and Perth you will be directed to him. He is a wonderful surgeon ( and a kind and likeable man ). I am involved in surgery where the endo is so invasive, women lose bowel and require urology specialist ready in order to help surgically if the bladder is involved. We do use anti-adhesion barrier medications these days during surgery, as apparently they do help to decrease adhesions post surgery.
    I am also a an endo ‘sufferer’ …… I am reluctant to have any(more) surgery, even though I have only had one laparoscopy. After years of trying to fall pregnant and every diagnosis under the sun for chronic symptoms after stopping the pill ( which I took for 12 years), a laparoscopy diagnosed endo. I was fortunate enough to conceive after going down the natural therapy route ( Francheska Nash’s “natural way to better babies”), but had such severe hyperemesis gravidarum (morning, noon and night sickness) I spent 3 months in hospital and was 10 kg’s down and depleted at 20 weeks. ( I am fortunate enough to have an amazing 11 year old daughter now though!!!!).
    As I have aged ( I’m now 42 ) my endo symptoms have become at times debilitating. My last period I rested because fortunantly it was a long weekend and I could. The month prior to that I had 4 days off work and it was horrible. For me the bloating, fluid retention and the depression and fatigue is horrendous. I was goggling hysterectomy and considering spending my Christmas holidays recovering from this ……
    Of course I have tried (almost) everything. Jenny Birdsey helped me with her books and support a few years back and I was prescribed bio identical progesterone ( from Lawley Pharmacuticals here in Perth – great website ). It helped a lot at the time and I am considering getting it again as well as concentrating on my diet more and exercise and meditation as well.
    I have enjoyed your website this weekend and can’t believe it has taken me so long to find it! I am trying Gluten free diet at the moment and 3 weeks down the track the only significant difference is my skin is sooooo clear! yay!
    Lately I have been researching the FODMAP diet, researched by Monash University for Irritable bowel syndrome. It has proven to be beneficial for endo sufferers as well. I have found it interesting and maybe you will too.
    I will keep in touch but wanted to share with you my journey and a few helpful websites/people that may interest you.
    I have just realized I have written this long winded email in the comments section of your site ….. I will post it anyway but is there an address I can write to you privately?
    Lori XO

  4. ive tried vitex, dim and maca .. (not at the same time) .. nothing has worked. last period was worse than it has ever been .. dont think i will ever find any relief

    • Have you tried focusing on the liver Angi and diet? Supplements alone are unfortunately not always enough. You’ll get there hun 🙂

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