Herbs and Spices to Help the Liver

Herbs and Spices to Help the Liver

Spices and herbs are so easy to add to our diets and these ones have some remarkable benefits for the liver, which is the very organ we want to boost. Have at least one of these on a daily basis to ensure your liver is well looked after. Naturally, dandelion root, among others, are our main liver boosters but we can add these spices and herbs for some additional benefits.

  • Ginger

Yes, you knew this one was coming! Helps with liver detoxification and of course all the other stuff I have already covered in previous posts.

  • Cumin

A fantastic spice you can add to anything. It stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and aids digestion. The cumin actually scavenges for free radicals and enhances the detoxification process in the liver. It is also a cancer fighter. You can even add this one as a tea to get the maximum benefit! Drink it every other day. Great as a fat cleanser.

  • Parsley

Yes, we know this one. It has heaps of benefits! It nourishes the liver and helps with everything including our kidneys and reduces bloating. Eat one bunch a week.


Tabouli Recipe

Increase your darker vegetables as they have a higher benefits to your liver. When you have a choice of vegetables, always choose green over any others—easier to decide that way.

The more we help our liver the more we can heal ourselves from Endometriosis.

Have you got some great recipe ideas for these ingredients? Why not share them in the comments section below:

Big hugs and healing,

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14 Comments to Herbs and Spices to Help the Liver

    • Hi Donna. It doesn’t really matter. I prefer the Italian ones taste 🙂 I wouldn’t necessarily use them as a menses inducer. To get the desired response it would take a massive amount of parsley and you may get diarrhea as it is a natural diuretic. Try natural ways to get some regularity like with Maca Root and DIM over time 🙂

  1. repairing these soils frankly has reached crisis proportions and is really being ignored. The research we do we hope will benefit the farmers here and stop the famous Borneo burning.


  2. Thanks Melissa….looks like we are in a good location. Fortunately these are things that are already in our diet. Avocados are very good here. We also eat Papaya leaves…very bitter. Someone here said bitter is good for the liver….to an extent I guess. The problem with the produce here is the soil, very poor. So we have to work on that.


    • I think the soil is poor in most countries these days, due to over farming and production. That is why I always recommend creating your own and your own garden.
      Yes, bitter things are much better for the liver. They stimulate the bile in the liver. Brussel sprouts, cabbage – most of the greens will do wonders too 🙂

  3. We live in Borneo on the equator. I believe a lot of the spices and herbs you recommend are available. Can you give us a shopping list of the tropical items we should have in our kitchen for happy livers?



    • It seems that so many good foods come from the tropics! I would get some Cinnamon, grow your own Turmeric, Ginger and if you can Cocoa – not sure if that is grown there. Papaya is fantastic for the body too~ Here is a list I found on the internet for you. http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/liver-cleanse-foods/
      Avocado’s grow there too don’t they? It seems that any food that is forced to grow in extreme temperatures has the best nutritional value. Whatever grows there naturally will do wonders for you and your health! Get into some gardening for the best quality – without the nasty pesticides 🙂

  4. Hello Melissa

    i just came across ur website, im ment to go in for a op to see if i have Endometriosis but i had to cancel due to getting hives, but this year i not had any pain is this due to me eatting better i been eatting healther and cut out all fats and sugars.
    Also my friend told me that spice is bad for the liver is this true?


    • Hi Heidi,
      I am glad you found my site and that you have decided to eat better and lead a more healthy lifestyle! It all makes a massive difference. There are some spices which are highly beneficial for the liver – such as Tumeric! I would probably avoid the really hot spices though as they cause tension in the stomach and can cause bloating and IBS. All the best and hope the op goes well! 🙂

      • thank you melissa, i will look out for tumeric, im kind of hoping to heal myself so i dont have to have the op, if i dont get no more pain then got to mean im doing something right, many thanks for the advice =)

        • No problems. Pain is a good indicator as to whether you are getting better. It might also be good to get to see a Naturopath or Traditional Chinese Doctor cos you can see if you are on the right track. My pleasure!

  5. Just a quick question on the parsley… When you say eat one bunch a week, is the bunch how it comes when you buy it at the store, you mean eat all that in a week?

    • Hi Annabelle,
      Yes, the whole thing would be terrific. Just add it to anything you eat. You can add it to pasta, on top of salads, meats etc. I have a recipe for Tabouli which I will add to the post for you.
      I sometimes just eat a little stalk by itself – usually need something to drink afterwards! It is also a great tea.
      Think of all the benefits and you will find ways to eat it!

  6. So yeah you already had said good things about ginger and parsley… But cumin? 🙂

    Yeah!! The funny thing is that I have been craving cumin for the last few weeks. Been eating "Mexican"! I had to have tacos and brown rice, and cumin is the spice required for that!! I'm so glad that this craving of mine is a good one… unlike the cookies craving… 🙂

    Well that just made my day!!

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