Have you been Fooled by Clever Marketing?

Have you been Fooled by Clever Marketing?

So, we went shopping today and I found these great little cranberries. They were dried cranberries and I thought they would a great snack option in the afternoons. I looked at the ingredients and was terribly disappointed. Even they contained sugar! What was annoying was that they had this totally healthy looking packaging with browns and greens and a name like Nature’s Earth or something like that! How frustrating! If we didn’t have food labels, I would never have known that even this, innocent looking product still contained sugar!

The good news is, that at least the market is becoming more aware of the fact that consumers are demanding better quality foods and healthier options, the bad news is that they are still not really healthy and essentially “lying” to us.

Consumers are becoming more health conscious and more of us are recognising that to be healthy, we need to eat healthy. Trouble is, the market is only using marketing to sell into that idea. The products are often no more healthy or offer any better nutrition! The box and the label have changed to look healthy and natural but really the inside product is still laden with sugar, flavourings, corn products and colorants. There is nothing real about them!

I know I have been caught out with the fancy labels and the attempted marketing to make something look healthy. It all comes down to that very important list. The ingredients list.

What we need to do is get actively involved and insist to these companies that this form of marketing is not good enough. We want the real thing! We don’t want anything laden with sugar to make it taste sweet. We want the tart, real flavour of the cranberries, as they are supposed to be! If we all rebel and refuse to buy them, eventually maybe they will actually make what we ask for.

I just hate going to supermarkets now. I would much rather go to the fruit and veg market and buy only that! Going to the supermarket just makes me annoyed at how much people are being fooled into buying things that are still not really healthy for them. And they wonder why everyone is getting sick!

Have you accidentally bought stuff and then realised you were in fact eating or drinking something completely different? Does it annoy you that these companies fool us into a false sense of “healthy”?

Big hugs,

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