Get some Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet!

Get some Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet!

Apple Cider vinegar has received heaps of publicity for weight loss recently and this may be an added benefit of drinking it. The main reason it does this is that it gets rid of extra fat in the body.

What is it?

Essentially Apple Cider Vinegar is nothing more than fermented apples. As we already know, apples are incredibly good for us, in a fermented form they are even better!

The benefits:

  • Stimulates the metabolism

Apple Cider Vinegar contains a powerful nutrient called acetic acid which stimulates the metabolism.

  • Lowers blood sugar levels

The acidity in Apple Cider Vinegar slows the emptying of the stomach which means foods takes longer to reach the small intestines and bloodstream, thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

  • Has heaps of potassium in it

Helps transfer nutrients and gives toxic waste particles the boot.

  • Heaps of beta carotene

These guys fight off free radicals – less for the liver to do!

  • Contains pectin

This one is here to get rid of extra fat in the body.

  • Full of enzymes and amino acids

Assists in healthy protein in the body

Wow! That is heaps! Specific to Endo:

  • Cleanses the digestive tract
  • Gets rid of extra fat in the body
  • Increases circulation


Now, make sure you get some ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar and make sure it has bits in it – that way you know it’s the real thing.

How much?

Take 2 teaspoons per day mixed with water or as a salad dressing.


It is unreal how much it will help you and SOOO easy to add!

Question: Have you experimented with Apple Cider Vinegar? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Big hugs,

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  1. Thank you for those links, I’ll look into them! Just sick of having this bloat w/ a lot of foods.

  2. Hi! I know this is an older post but wanted to know if anybody has had success using ACV w/ their digestive problems? I have scar tissue on my bowels that causes severe bloat. Some foods trigger me so I avoid those. But then there are other foods that are hit & miss. Sometimes they hurt me, other times they don’t. I’ve tried enzymes like papaya & bromelain but they didn’t help.
    & if you did use ACV, was it immediate relief by drinking say, a tablespoon in a glass of water?
    Thank you for reading!

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