Is the Gerson Technique the way to go? What about a massive detox? What about Raw Food?

Is the Gerson Technique the way to go? What about a massive detox? What about Raw Food?

Boy! There are so many options out there and so many methods suggested for healing Endometriosis. How do we know if any of these are going to work? Do any of them really work?

In this video I explore a theory I have on all of these treatment methods….. the idea that perhaps it doesn’t actually matter which method we use, they all work on the same thing…..


What are your thoughts? Do you think it is the method that works or is it the discipline that makes it work?

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  1. Wow! That is awesome! Living on sun and air and energy! How do they do it? Amazing! I actually got the concept from Deepak Chopra where he explains that it is so much about believing that we can be cured and not just the doing. Though I can see that there is some truth to fighting off the infection with the right tools, I can also see that those very tools give us hope and positivity to keep going, that we are doing something. That there is some control over this disease! All those superfoods and super nutrients in juices ultimately boost our energy and that will make us feel a lot more positive and ready to face the world…..hmmmmm food for thought?

  2. Hi Mel!
    A very intresting topic! Actually Gerson therapy was the first diet I tried (kinda…). I bought the book and was very excited to start the diet. It made totally sense. But as I slowly started I realised that this diet was not for me. To drink fresh juice 8 times or more a day would be way too expensive, and I found the recipes a little bit tasteless. But his idea inspired me and I was sure there was something important in eating right and healing yourself. I found the endodiet, which also is pretty tough, but more tasty and affordable. I remember I was very sure that my way to cure my endometriosis was with yoga, food and exercise. I was totally convinced (and still am, as the result is fantastic) and I agree with you that somehow your mind can help you to get cured. Just look at the placeboeffect, it works, right? Maybe your positivity and determination is so important so only eating grapes for one month is the cure. If you believe in it. If it is the sacrifice or your determination that play a role in this, I don´t know. I´ve heard that great yogis from india can live on prana (lifeenergy) only and don´t eat any food at all. They live on the sun, air and energy. Now, I´m not that enlighted (yet ) so for me that would not work at all. For me endodiet work just fine!

    Big Hug

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