Does Food have anything to do with your Endometriosis Healing?

Does Food have anything to do with your Endometriosis Healing?

For a long time, I wanted to believe that my diet and what I ate had nothing to do with my Endometriosis. To be honest, I just wanted to take a whole bunch of supplements or a pill and hope that, that would make it all go away. Ironically, I did follow this policy with my healing for years – taking a pill (the contraceptive pill), pain-killers and hoping that tomorrow…..I might feel better. I ate badly…. to say the least. I ate a typical western diet but it leant further on the side of junk food, easy to heat meals and lots of lots of sweets and fatty foods. I really didn’t want to hear that I would have to cut any of that out! So, I simply ignored when my body ached after a night out drinking. I ignored when I threw up from nausea after eating rich, fatty foods or really rich sweet desserts. It was all good….. I would be okay and besides….I wanted to enjoy my life!

Here’s the thing….. I couldn’t really, honestly say that I was enjoying my life. I might have been eating what I thought I wanted but ultimately it was not good for my body and that in all honesty was not just affecting my endo but everything else in my life.

Food and what you put in your mouth makes a huge difference to how you feel. Not just for your endo pain but your mental clarity, your emotional stability, your energy levels and even your whole outlook on life. I can say that now, after years of convincing myself that it didn’t matter and now…. after just two years of eating differently, noticing the unbelievable change in my whole self – not just with endo but who I am, the core of the person I have become! I am different! I am stronger, emotionally fitter and I feel a sense of possibility which I hadn’t felt for years with the endless exhaustion and emotional instability I had with endo.

Food and what we put into our mouths plays a vital role in our endometriosis healing. It is kinda like the ground work to healing. Going back to simple biology – if your cells (those individual cells that make up every organ of your body) are not getting the nutrients they need, they simply can’t operate as they should. They will forever scramble to get what they need and hence, why many of us often crave foods, or eat excessively because our bodies are literally “hungry for real food”. It is not that we aren’t being fed. It is that we aren’t feeding our cells with what they need to feel fulfilled and nourishes. When they are under nourished, they cannot heal, they cannot work and hence why we develop disease, feel tired, feel moody and our emotional state falls into a state of imbalance. Logical really. For those of you who were lucky enough to watch “Hungry for Change” will totally see where I got these ideas from! Loved that movie! :)

Now, here’s the thing. We need to be clear as to what “food” is. Food should be things that provide your body with those nutrients. In some cases or probably in most cases, we are not getting REAL food. Food rich in REAL nutrition. This is why we need to often seek out foods from wider sources than simply our supermarket. REAL food sources may come in the form of plants or herbs. Moringa, Spirulina, Cocoa, Mushrooms and various natural sources of plants, that have been crushed up for ease and convenience are real food sources, which we might not have considered. Foods are not just things that fill you up but things that “feed” you…..

What we need to realise is that there is a difference between the common food sources and what your body really needs. Your body needs minerals. It needs vitamins and good oils/fats. It needs protein …. you get the picture. Sadly, many of the foods we typically get in supermarkets doesn’t contain adequate amounts of these very ingredients our body really needs. Think of bread. This “food” contains very little of what your body really needs. It has very few real benefits to add to your body and yet most of us will eat toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. This might fill us up but it doesn’t really support our individual cells…. make sense?

This is why juicing is so advantageous to us. It allows us to absorb a large volume of fruits and vegetables in an easy to absorb format in really large quantities. Those fruits and vegetables contain massive amounts of different vitamins, minerals and all sorts of goodness to fight off infection, disease, heal and give us energy. Superfoods which I have mentioned, also contain large volumes of vitamins and minerals. What this does, is allow you to replenish the body faster and supply it with more of what it needs, without it endless feeling “starved” of real nutrition.


Big question…. can food alone cure us of Endometriosis?

I have seen it done. Women with severe cases of Endometriosis have gone on a high immunity supporting diet and have healed themselves completely from Endometriosis. Granted they are incredibly strict and work on a high volume of supply of nutrients/minerals – like drinking 13 juices in a day for 6 months! But, it has been done. It is called the Gherson Institute and I will ensure I get some stories of girls who have done this for us!

So, by this account I would have to say that in principle it would make sense that this would work. We oversupply the body with everything it could possibly want and it will find a way to heal. The body just needs the right tools to heal. We simply need to give it those and it will work out how it will heal – taking out the whole mystery out of disease and the why’s and what’s?

Makes sense…..

Though I love my juices, I personally don’t have the time to make 13 juices a day – don’t know about you :) So, I am seeking out all those superfoods for us to give our bodies what they need to really heal. I have already done an article on Moringa and plan on seeking out many more.

In the meantime, I am enjoying supplying my body with the best that I can find in the supermarket and it has worked wonders for me so far! I only have pain ONE day a month now :) Way better than the days of endless pain!

Now, I know that food is a massive part of my healing but I must state that my emotional healing was also huge on my journey – but without a good intake of rich foods, I don’t think I would’ve had the strength to confront any of that stuff :)

You too can make the choice to supply your body with more nutrients of what it needs. Here is a free Guide on what steps you take, starting today… to really help your body heal. Brought you by:

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Big hugs and healing,

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  1. Food is key to how we feel. I just had extensive food allergy testing done, and found that I have a high allergy to corn, cranberry, and pecans. Previously I was limiting gluten and dairy, and found that I have no allergies to them. Granted, cutting out gluten can be a good thing anyway. I think it is important to get tested to know what your body is reacting too.

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