Fire your doctor!

Fire your doctor!

I found this awesome website called:

It is about this doctor called Dr.Saul. He advocates that we need to find natural ways of healing ourselves. He advocates that we have all been sold to by doctors and large pharmaceutical companies to keep them making more money. He has a valid point and it got me thinking….

So, we are told over and over again that alternative medicine is a load of rubbish and that it couldn’t possibly work. We get told by our Gynaecologist that Endometriosis is incurable and that we are unlikely to be able to have babies. We need to go on this or that drug, which we have to pay for and then every year and a half or so, we need to have a Laparoscopy to remove the excess Endometriosis. Think about it. The Gynaecologists make thousands of dollars for each laparoscopy they perform! They are being paid by doing these operations. They are given a list of recommended drugs by pharmaceutical companies to use for Endometriosis. They believe or don’t know any better than suggest these drugs as hey< they have been tested by the “medical profession” and therefore must be good for their patients. Meantime, they cause all these extra side-effects on our bodies which guess what? Means MORE drugs and medication for us to now go out and buy. Brilliant, more money for the pharmaceutical companies!  We are told all this stuff and it is reinforced to us all the time that the western medicine must be better as it is researched and tested. Half the time they test it on mice, rats and poor defenceless monkeys! The alternative methods have been used for far longer than western medicine and with much better results but for some reason we still feel western medicine is better?

Why is that? We have been sold to….. Think about it. Every time you watch TV and watch the advertising, there is someone with a headache promoting a quicker way to get rid of your headache. There is likely someone with a solution for all sorts of minor ailments: digestion, headache, heartburn, indigestion, hay fever…. I am sure you know the ads.

The problem is that these “minor ailments” are in fact signals from our body to tell us that a larger organ is in fact under threat. We go to the pharmacy and take the tablet that gets rid of our headache or heartburn or whatever it is and then……years later we are dealing with a major pain or problem with one of our organs and we are surprised by this!

I contacted a few Endometriosis organisations a few weeks ago to see if they would help get the word out about my blog. They all retorted that they couldn’t possibly support a site called “cure” endometriosis, as in their mind there was no cure as it hadn’t been “medically and scientifically tested”. So, even though we have plenty of people out there who have cured themselves from Endometriosis, usually through natural methods, we can’t hold them in any regard because they were not medically tested? Huh? So, in other words unless they are medically and scientifically cured with drugs and invasive surgery there is no cure? That makes sense….. not!

I find myself struggling with this quite often as many of us have been down the path of western medicine and only come out of it much much worse. I just wish we could someone get the word out louder and stronger so we can help more women with Endometriosis.

Maybe we associate everything with products and price. Maybe if we put alternative medicine in a bottle, put a fancy label on it and charged it at $300.00 per bottle people would place more value on it. Maybe if it had some strange ingredients in it that we could then sell it to doctors and Gynaecologists, it would get out there in the mainstream of “Medically proven research” and then we could all turn around afterwards and say: Nah, nah it was actually a completely natural product and you just didn’t realise and SEE it does work! Unfortunately, there is a catch with this idea- well a number of catches. The biggest one is that, there is NO cure in a bottle for any disease or condition. It is a holistic approach to healing and it includes everything from diet, lifestyle and our emotional state. Unfortunately, the methods used by doctor’s triggers the worst in all of these. I know my Gynaecologist dramatically changed my life decisions by simple statements that he used: Get married young and have children as soon as you can; Don’t work in hospitality as it will make you sick and sore; We need to operate every year and half to make sure the Endometriosis doesn’t spread too far. Can you see the feelings associated with all these statements? Wow! What an effect that can have on a young mind of 16 is scary!

The strange thing is that because Endometriosis affects so many of us, it is more important that we find a real way to heal ourselves. Using western techniques simply puts the condition under a carpet and slows the growth but it doesn’t actually get rid of it. We are only dealing with SYMPTOMS and not the root cause of the condition.

I think we should follow what Dr Saul says and shout out loud that we don’t want Laparoscopies or drugs anymore! Take them and throw them in a lake! We want a real cure for endometriosis! Stop giving us these drugs that just make us worse!

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Love to hear your thoughts.

Big hugs,

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  1. but melissa if i m off the wheat, bread, meat, suger, rice. what would i eat then? i want to reclaim my life by getting rid of this disease and adopting a different life style but it scares the hell out of me when i decide to go off the pill although it is not doing any wonders at all i m spotting, pain the lower back and heavy bleeding is there but even then…!! 🙁

    • Your body will unfortunately need to flush out all the damage done from the pill and the processed foods that have added to the toxic load on your body. Sorry sweets, this is the hardest part!
      Get onto some superfoods – Goji Berries, Raw Cocoa Powder, Spirulina and sprouts. Just eat lots and lots of organic fruits and vegetables. They do wonders for your healing 🙂

  2. Hi Mel yes Iam so frustrated by doctors! first my gyno.who told me I had endo and handed me some pamphlets and told me to call them when I decieded what procedure I wanted to choose . My primarmy care physician told me I could have surgery but the pain might not go away or comeback after a year. thanks for this site and god bless you for your suggestions .

    • Hi Demetria. It always frustrates me when I hear how badly patients get treated by some doctors. When it comes to endo, we seem to just be given pain-killers, hormonal treatments and surgery as our options. I have found a quite different experience with natural health practitioners. I hope you explore those and find relief 🙂

  3. hi melissa,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now since i joined it, and although i havent had too much change with my endo symptoms yet, this has been the most helpful thing i’ve come across since ive been diagnosed with endometriosis almost 3 years ago.

    pretty sad considering its a condiotion that apparently has ‘no cure’. I’ve always had an interest in the organic way of living, natural products for the body and organic food. it is hard and expensive these days to stick to but well worth it. i also have an interest in medicine after my expereience with doctors, hospital, surgery and medication because of endometriosis. doctors are not very helpful with suggestions about natural alternatives.

    i really wish i knew about this website before or that something similar came out, i have had a horrible experience with my first gynaecologist and the laparoscopy had such a terrifying effect on me that i developed anxiety and depression. i cant believe you have had as many as you say! all the doctors kept telling me was to go on contraceptives such as the pill and the mirena. i was in my first serious relationship around that time and was on and off the pill, which put me on a rollercoaster with myself and my relationship. i became so depressed and my partner found it really hard to support me and it ended. this year i have gone through another breakup with another partner, its hard for men to understand. even now i have had to go back on the pill because of painful symtoms and told to start thinking about having a family so i can have a hysterectomy but i am only 23 and dont wish to do this at all. i want to go off the pill again but every time i do, i feel scared i am going to ‘make my endometriosis worse’ or bring it back. i just dont think the pill is the answer and this website has made me feel better knowing there are other women who support the natural views on healing. i just feel stuck and dont know whether to stay on the pill or go off it again, it affects me and my emotions and its just not natural. ive tried macca recently and will continue on it and see how i go…i look forward to bulding my immune system up again and starting to finally heal bit by bit, i just dont know what to do about the pill. any suggestions? i find western doctors useless with this concern. and i dont agree with continually taking pain killers either cos they just mask an issue, i think pain tells us stuff about our bodies and only take pain relief when its serious. thank you so much for all this effort, research and information.


    • Hi Lana. Glad you have found my site too 🙂
      You obviously know how to trust your inner voice for healing and going natural is the first part of that. I know it is hard to ween oneself off the pill. It is like going at it alone, without a crutch, which is kinda scary. What I would recommend is to get the other areas of your healing into a new shift change. Start a better way of eating. Cut out gluten, dairy, meat and sugar. Gradually… not all at once but over the next say 3months. Then add in a good exercise plan. Even just walking once a day for 20minutes is fine. Yoga and meditation are fabulous or find your own way of healing emotionally. Get into these habits and lifestyle changes first, so you are ready for the next stage of going off the pill. When you are ready to go off it, get onto DIM, which will flush out the excess Oestrogens from your body from the pill. You then need to take stock on where you are at. It may take 3months for the pill to work itself out of your body. I only take Maca and DIM to regulate my hormones at the moment but there are also other methods, like Progesterone Creams. It does depend on where your hormones are at as to what natural methods we can try.
      There are other ways of healing this, that don’t involve unnatural substances like the pill. It is about getting the balance back 🙂
      It is my pleasure. 🙂

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Melissa!!! Thank you for saying what I've been thinking for awhile now. My first Gyn. had me go in for surgery and then wanted me on hormone therapy but it didn't make sense to me. I didn't feel comfortable taking a shot that would make me more miserable than I was. Why couldn't I try a natural way to feel better? She wouldn't hear of it. She didn't put any stock into natural medicine. So, I got the nerve to find someone else who would hear me and give me information and then support me in what I decided to do. I did find another Dr. who supplied me with options and believed in a balance of natural healing, Ancient medicines, diet changes and (depending on the choice of the patient) she would support them in modern medicines too. I takes guts to stand up to Doctors. We feel that we didn't go to school to become doctors, so how would we know what's best for us, right? WRONG! We live with endo everyday. We know how we feel, we know our bodies best and we also know through trial and error, what works and what doesn't.

    Thanks for saying what we've been thinking for some time now.

    I'm more informed, more confident and more independent about endometriosis and my body.

    • Thanks Kim! It is so true! Just because doctors have to study for 20years and keep studying they don't always understand the condition as they personally don't have it. It is often easier to be a guinea pig and try things when you have something yourself to test it on than it is to try it on someone else, who you don't know and don't share any conditions with. I also am sceptical by all the drugs and medicines. Who really benefits from these things? I think it is largely the large pharmaceutical companies with their fabulous profit margins!

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