Finding Reasons to Be Grateful for Having Endometriosis

Finding Reasons to Be Grateful for Having Endometriosis

I have realized that over the last few weeks my blog has been a little sad. I know I have been through a heap of things and it is wonderful that I have this space to share my experiences with you… but I want it to be a place where you feel good and positive and so I decided to focus more on all the good stuff in my life, your life and endo.

It is not to say that we shouldn’t “keep it real” because it is still a condition that brings with it some struggles, both emotionally and physically. It is about focusing on the lighter side of life and learning to let things go and enjoying life more. Stress is a massive contributor to our pain levels and we can all learn to let go of some of those stresses by just laughing and having fun.

So, herewith my first silly video—in the park again. It is all about things to be grateful for with endometriosis.

If you are not able to watch the video, here is a summary of the things I am grateful for by having endometriosis:

1. We are preserving our bodies far sooner than most of the population

By altering our diet and becoming more aware of the foods that truly nourish our bodies, we are perserving our well-being far beyond simply feeling better with endometriosis. We know more about our intuition and are able to eat for nourishment, rather than just to fill ourselves up.


2. We have an instant pain gauge

Endometriosis rears its ugly head every month with our period. We can determine how well we have done in our previous month by measuring the pain levels of that monthly. We can also know when something isn’t agreeing with us by experiencing pain outside of these times. This is not just food related but also with our emotions, our stress levels or anything we do. We can measure how effective a new alternative therapy has been, we can measure how exercise has helped or not—everything we do will show its success or failure by that monthly or even pain during the month. Most conditions don’t have this. They might only reveal themselves in a scan for something else, or once a condition has developed to a very extreme level. I know not all of us experience pain but in a way, if you do, it is a good thing—you have this source of measurement.


3. Just having met everyone and having this blog

I am incredibly grateful for having met such lovely women from all around the world—YOU! I am grateful to have a fabulous facebook group, where we can all share our most personal stories and questions and I am grateful to have such wonderful support for the work that I do.


4. I have found a way to feel better

I have learnt so much about endometriosis and my personal journey to try and find a cure. I feel heaps better and I am incredibly grateful to be a in a space where I have the physical and mental energy to share what I have learnt with you.


5. There is hope—not in the video

There is hope, girls. That is one thing this journey of discovery has taught me. Once you start delving into different forms of natural healing, you will discover so many different ways of healing. There are a lot of methods out there to try—just start digging! I know that there is hope that we can get there, we can feel better and we can ultimately get rid of endo.

What are you grateful for? Do you agree with any of mine? Never thought about being grateful? Feel free to share your thoughts…


Big hugs,

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