I finally made the connection between our diet and our Endometriosis…. what do you think?

I finally made the connection between our diet and our Endometriosis…. what do you think?

We are currently staying at my boss’s house, while they go overseas to visit family. Well, they have this very cute dog called Trigger and when we got here, we were told about how poor Trigger has had to have his balls chopped off because he had problems with his prostate. Well, this really got me thinking…. why do pets get sick, while animals in the wild don’t seem to suffer from things like Cancer, being overweight or any of those other “human” conditions?

As we unpacked the house and discovered the notes on what to feed the dog, during our stay, it all became really clear. See, poor Trigger lives on Homebrand biscuits, a meat roll which is made up of Poloni and other fake meats and cheap dogs meat. He is a fairly young dog but has already developed issues with his prostate. What does this express to you?

A few posts ago, I considered that perhaps our condition of Endometriosis was partly in our heads. That perhaps our emotions had triggered our condition. Though I do believe dogs and pets have developed some kind of “personality”, I certainly don’t believe they manifest strong emotions in their bodies – though some friends of mine would disagree with that statement. 🙂

I do know that our emotions play a part in our healing as they create a certain level of stress in the body, which prevents natural healing but perhaps this connection that is staring us all in the face, is a more scientific and to be honest, much more controllable than simply healing the emotional side?

Here is another more complete picture. Perhaps the food that we eat can create a weakness in the body. Not just a physical weakness but an emotional weakness – have you ever noticed how much harder things are in life when you are feeling tired? This physical weakness due to poor diet, makes our emotional strength lower. We therefore feel life’s struggles much harder, which then manifest in our psyche and ultimately our subconscious. If  we were feeling physically fit and strong, chances are these life’s emotional issues would probably not affect us in quite the same way. I know for me, I was emotional and I think it was because of the endo, rather than the other way around.

David Wolfe actually said that once. Something about, if we all ate super rich, nutritious foods that there would be no more anger and hatered in the world. This actually makes alot of sense.

So, coming back to Trigger (the dog) and my connection between our diet and our health…..

What I believe has happened is that we were already in a weakened state from a poor western diet when Endometriosis came a knocking. Yes, an emotional trigger might have brought it down to a deeper level or perhaps chosen where this disease would manifest itself in our bodies but ultimately the weakness already existed. I know for me, I suffered with a weakened system since I was quite young. I had Jaundice as a baby and to me, this weakness was never really fixed growing up. I was always cold, struggled with nausea and motion sickness and just seemed to get sick quite abit.

Okay, so this being true, what is a our strategy for healing?

To me, we still need to release the emotional triggers in our bodies as they are now manifested in there and until they get let out, will keep bringing up unnecessary stress when we think of anything that relates to these emotions. Secondly, we need to work doubly hard to replace and make up for lost time. All those years of eating foods that weren’t super nutitious and advantageous to our bodies has done enough damage! It is time to replace the over-processed, refined and pesticide ridden foods with organic, pure and highly nutritious foods!

James had a cat, years ago and he fed this cat nothing but Kangaroo Meat and Chicken necks. This cat had the most shiny coat and the most loving nature. Draw your own conclusions…. are we what we eat? Could it all just be that simple to solve?

Would love your thoughts girls…. do you agree, disagree? Think there is more to it than this? Have we not considered other factors in the equation?

Big hugs,

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  1. About your story. My family has 4 dogs. 3 of them were fed traditional, western dog food for the part of their lives, while 1 has been fed a clean diet since birth. Note: they all eat clean now, it’s just only 1 has had it since birth. Dog food here in the US is said to be made of whatever they can put it in it, and often includes carcasses and other non-food items. All of my past pet dogs have had tumors and cushions disease, utis, and end up dying or end up becoming so debilitated they can no longer live.
    Because of the clean diet, my parents 4 dogs are remarkably more healthy, and happy. The one dog, has never had any health issues, while the others’ are cured.

    It’s amazing to see the connection between diet and health!

    I may not have full blow endo, but I can add my thoughts about diet and extremely painful menses. I am a long time sufferer of extremely painful menses. (since I was 12..now 29) For me, this only happens at onset of it, and the pain typically lasts for about 6-8 hours. Some months, I get very lucky and only experience, sharp pressure in my back, as opposed to the pelvic pain. I recently went over 5 months without ridiculously painful menses! A feat to which I cannot explain… Associated symptoms also include, irritability and heightened emotions/bloating 2 weeks prior, IBS at onset, hot flashes/chills and vomiting (3 + times) with slight relief afterward (no nausea). This of course, makes me dehydrated, which worsens the pain.

    Well, over the past year or two, I have been attempting to pay attention to my diet around the start of my period. I took notes and long story short, concluded that any foods with whole wheat, high sodium or high protein and sometimes dairy, are ones that I need to avoid a few days prior to my menses. Staying hydrated is also important. However, no matter how much water I drink prior to day 1, I can still become extremely dehydrated in a matter of 1 hour of onset. I still haven’t found the key to keeping water down, while in pain for those ~6hours. And generally, the only way I can find any relief, is by laying on my left side, while practicing Lamaze breathing techniques. (I have no children, btw) Heat helps sometimes and anyone or anything that typically is a cause for frustration, should just stay away, because that makes it worse. To mitigate the bloating/ high emotions 2 weeks, I have found that drinking water in ounces equivalent to or higher than my weight, helps. Now, my bloat only happens in my chest and emotions are only rocky for just a few days prior to starting.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I have had a similar history of being born with jaundice, and having a weak constitution growing up. My mom was always concerned about me not gaining weight well enough, and thin brittle hair. My first job was working @ a Baskin Robins 31 flavors ice cream store when I was 15 yrs old. I was allowed to eat as much ice cream as I wanted while I worked, and I ended up leaving that job because I was getting sick all the time with one cold after another. That began a strong habit of enjoying ice cream on a daily basis for about 4-5 yrs. I started having severe pain with my menses @ age 17, and was diagnosed with endometriosis @ 27y/o when I no longer had cramps with my period….but pain ALL the time. After the laparoscopy 6/2011, I had worse pain, and that is when I found your blog. It has brought me a lot of hope. I started making changes to my diet, and even used a fertility cleanse through naturalfertilityinfo.com. After 3 months, I didn’t notice any benifits, so I got discouraged, and gave up. I went back to my old eating habits (minus ice cream and cow’s milk) and felt fine for a couple months. Then…I started having pain again, and I’m starting to see things more clearly. I think that diet changes take time to present themselves. I think I started feeling better from the good changes, just as I gave up, and started eating crappy again. And now that I have been eating crappy for the last couple months, I’m starting to have pain. So…It’s back to the good endo diet guidelines. No refined and processed foods, and no candy. I can’t swear off chocolate completely bc it just makes me happy, and helps me emotionally balance the stress in my life. I do go for the organic dark chocolate though. 🙂

    • Chocolate binges all round… glad I wasn’t alone in that one!
      It is sooo hard to stick to the endo diet – especially when there is chocolate and ice-cream out there to temp us! Thing is, we know it works and it makes a difference and why put yourself through pain, just for the single pleasure…. I know I regret the chocolate more than not being able to do things cos I am in so much pain!
      I found this awesome Molasses smoothy which has cocoa in it – I will post up the recipe for us…. it really helps with my chocolate cravings!

  3. I was also a preemie baby who was jaundiced. This is an interesting idea. Perhaps our immune systems didn’t fully develop in the womb and so we are dealing with the consequences now.
    I’ve been on the endo diet for about 7 weeks now. And I thought I was doing really well – very little pain and discomfort. Until two days ago when the pain returned. Now I am feeling very down and don’t want to get out of bed because of the pain. Perhaps this is what I get for straying from the diet for a week while on vacation. Then I had my period and went on a chocolate binge for a couple of days. Maybe this pain is the price I pay for being self-indulgent. Of course, feeling down makes me want to eat more chocolate and other sugary treats. But I am trying hard to resist the urge. Going off sugar is one of the hardest things I’ve done. I wish there was a “sugar rehab” to go to – to help get past the first 1-2 weeks of cravings and withdrawal symptoms (ie. mood swings). After a couple of weeks without sugar, I don’t crave it as much. Any hints to deal with the cravings and pain would be very helpful. Thanks for your website. I love reading your posts!

    • I can soo relate! Did you see my posts on chocolate? Boy, did I loose the plot there for a few days! Chocolate addiction out of control! I found reading the ingredients, really stopped me. Pick each one and research what it is doing to your body and that will soon put you off! I then replaced the craving with Raw Cocoa beans, cocoa powder blended smoothy drinks, dates, heaps of fruit and funnily enough drinking heaps of water seemed to help…..
      As for the pain, I would go for a Castor Oil pack as a great starting point. Naturally, diet and lifestyle and all that other stuff too but Castor Oil packs are fabulous!

  4. Hi Mel 🙂

    Snap- I was a premature baby, I too had jaundice as a baby and struggled with a weak immune system my whole life. I think if I feel poorly in my body, I am moody and irritable. However, I think it’s true that if you let the irritability get carried away, this in turn, will effect the body. I know my mum was pretty stressed when she was pregnant with me and when she gave birth. Unfortunately that stress has expressed itself in my body, but I do also believe that this can be reversed with good nutrition and stress reduction. I do believe: you are what you eat! I’ve been on the endo diet for nearly year and my body shape has changed and I feel calmer.

    • Hi Tani! Awesome that we share the same journey! I was also premature and I reckon my mom was pretty stressed out too! 🙂
      Me too! On the diet and body shape front! Glad it is working for you too 🙂

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