How to Fall in Love with Food Again: Special Interview

How to Fall in Love with Food Again: Special Interview

The key message that I share through my blog and my work is one of empowerment. I want to show you through my stories and my research that there are more things you CAN DO for your Endometriosis. This is a place where “limitation” is not in our vocabulary!

So, I have decided to start a series of interviews with women who have beaten the odds and demonstrated how they became empowered by their choices, gained knowledge and now experience a completely different life than they ever imagined. One of the key messages that these stories share is that they didn’t simply accept that sickness or limitation was part of their life. They didn’t just listen to what doctors told them, on what was their fate. They wanted and insisted on more for themselves, their body and their lives.

I hope these stories give you hope on what is possible and show you that you have far more power within your own body than you ever imagined.

Introducing Lana Vernon:

Lana Vernon runs a website ( which serves to empower others about their food choices. The thing that I love about how Lana presents things is that she focuses on the food in a way that makes us all want to eat more of it! The added bonus: It is all healthy, nutritious food!

After a long struggle with digestive health issues, Lana finally discovered that the Paleo diet was a key determining factor in her regaining her physical health. She had been through countless operations for her Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory non-curable disease, which left her embarrassed to even leave the house!

In this interview, hear Lana’s personal story and her message of hope and excitement around food.

Lana has also given us a FREE bonus:

10 Secrets to falling in love with food again. Get yourself a copy quick!

Lana is a shining example of how we can use the challenges of life to turn it into something positive. How have you done with your Endometriosis recently? How have you transformed your health because of Endometriosis?

Feel free to share your questions or personal stories in the comments below…

Big hugs and healing,

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