Pain makes us tired. It makes us angry, frustrated and reach for the Nurofen as quickly as possible! So, why does our body experience pain with Endometriosis? Well, we can blame it all on a messenger that exists within our body.

They are called Prostaglandins and they are hormone like substances found throughout our bodies. They perform some of the most important duties in our bodies, including jumping when we might hurt ourselves. They are incredibly important to us but….they are also responsible for causing us pain with Endometriosis.

See, you get good prostaglandins and you get bad ones. The bad ones are called Antagonistic Prostaglandins and they cause:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Blood clotting
The good ones do the opposite of the bad ones…. plus heaps more. They also protect our stomachs from burning by protecting the stomach lining.
Now, typically when we experience pain with Endo, what do we do?
Well, we reach for the Pain killers! Right? Well, the reason pain killers work is that they stop the production of ALL prostaglandins – including the bad ones. This is why you might experience a sore tummy if you take them on an empty stomach :)
What can we do naturally to reduce the PAIN signal we get from Endometriosis?
  1. Cut out the source of bad prostaglandins in the body. The Antagonistic Prostaglandins are found in animal products like milk, butter, meat and refined oils.
  2. Good prostaglandins are found in Fish Oils like Salmon Oils, Krill Oil and Omega 3 & 6 Oils. Chia Seeds contain massive amounts of Omega 3 &6 too!
  3. Increase your intake of Nuts and Olive Oil (organic and in a dark bottle). They contain Oleic Oil which inhibits the bad Prostaglandins.
  4. Eat more Coconut Oil in your diet. Coconut Oil will supply you with heaps of the right oils to help reduce inflammation and is also a natural anti-bacterial for the body.
Now, the problem with prostaglandins is that they are short lived in the body. So, my theory on this is that when we are about to experience pain or there is potential pain coming – usually around ovulation and menstruation…. we should increase the dosage of Omega 3 & 6 items in our diet. Well, that makes sense to me anyways :)
I have discovered a really awesome connection between Prostaglandins and Candida, so I will share that soon – just thought I better explain Prostaglandins first!
Please ask me any questions if anything doesn’t make sense :)

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