Do you have a Dog in your life? I think they are just great for Endo girls! 5 Reasons why I think they offer such benefit!

Do you have a Dog in your life? I think they are just great for Endo girls! 5 Reasons why I think they offer such benefit!

I actually grew up with dogs. Being in South-Africa, we kinda always had dogs for protection. We had so many different varieties, I lost count but for every moment of my childhood there was always a favourite friend to share my life.

We are looking after a little dog for my boss at the moment and I forgot how much fun having a dog is! I think they are just fabulous for us Endo girls… here are my thoughts:

1. They are always happy to see you

It is great to come home and have someone be excited every time that happens. Dogs do that! They get so excited and are so happy to get a little bit of attention. You can’t help but feel happy when you are around a happy little fluffy friend 🙂

2. They kinda make you go out and exercise

I came home tonight and having had to go to the dentist, felt a little tired and a little grumpy. Well, the poor little Trigger was so excited to have some company and some entertainment, that he was really excited to see me. I was happily sitting on the couch, chilling out but he kept giving me that sad look, like “play with me” or “take me for a walk”. I felt sorry for him, sitting around all day in his little garden…. so it made me go for a walk. I walked for an hour and dogs always ensure you walk at a reasonable pace!

3. It makes us have some stability in our lives

I know I am one to talk – this is my 3rd home this year! When you have a dog, you have to settle somewhere fairly permanent – mainly because it is hard to rent places that take dogs or you need a house, that you own….

According to Deepak Chokra, one of our personality traits is that we lack routine and stability, which causes our Vata to become out of balance. This is one way to get some stability in our lives.

Hmmmm something for me to think about getting 🙂

4. You need to live somewhere, where there is abit of land or garden space. 

Well, for most larger dogs anyways :). Land or garden space is really great for us endo girls as we can grow some of our own vegetables and herbs. Growing your own stuff is so much better than buying it! You know where it has come from and you can spray it whatever you like. It is always heaps cheaper than buying organic stuff and really rewarding to pick your own dinner!

5. It gives us something to love and nurture

I know for many of us, our goal is to fall pregnant and have a baby. I know dogs and babies are not the same but at least you can let out some of that motherly nurturing out on something! It is rewarding to care and love dogs. They respond so well and give back so much. It is always great to learn how to discipline something – I know I am a complete softy with dogs! Kids needs heaps of discipline and when you are ready, at least you would’ve learnt some of the skills by having a dog.


I know I am totally want a dog right now! 🙂

Just gotta figure out a way that I can get the garden, stability and discipline side sorted! ha ha

Do you have dogs? What type? What are their names? Do you hate dogs or don’t see the benefits?

Feel free to share 🙂

Big hugs,

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I don’t have a dog…yet..but I have the most precious cat …named Ashes..
    She gives me so much love…especially in the morning while lying in the if she knows how much pain and suffering I endure and shes there for me to ease some of it…
    It really is amazing how much love a pet brings into your life…and I truly believe that they bring strength when you need it..endless love and support..
    I know Ashes will always be there for me when I’ve had a bad ‘endo’ day and it’s because of her I laugh and play everyday!!

  2. My husband and I have 3 cats and I believe they can also give us (pets in general) so many benefits. All 3 of our cats have different personalities. One of our cats likes to play tag. He’ll tap you on your leg and go run and hide and then I go find him and tap him on his tail and then go hide and he comes along and finds me and so on. It can go on for 10-15 min. Granted we don’t walk the cats. Have you ever tried to put a cat on a leash? Ya, that doesn’t work very well. So, the exercise is limited, but they cuddle with you and they love attention and they make us laugh all the time. All of our cats are rescue cats and it also makes us feel good because we’ve given them a second chance. Cats also need a stable home and they are just as much in a routine as I am, which helps a lot. Plus, since my husband and I have been unable to have kids, our cats help fill a void. True, it’s not entirely the same, but it helps. I love our quirky, soft, cuddly cats.

    • How cute! I can just imagine you running around after your cat! No can’t imagine a cat on a lead – kinda funny looking 🙂
      Glad they have such benefits 🙂

  3. Hi Melissa!
    I have 2 dogs one Poodle/chihuahua named cookie(Girl) and one shih tzu named Bear(boy) they mean a lot to me,,they make me very happy,,when i feel lonely and sad they are always there next to me, making me feel loved, they follow me everywhere they are like my shadows…. they really think I’m their mom,,,the most important thing to me is that they are happy now, they got another chance cus they were rescue from negligent people..I’m glad they are part of my life

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