Do You Suffer from This Symptom of Endometriosis? Or Is It One Only I Have?

Do You Suffer from This Symptom of Endometriosis? Or Is It One Only I Have?

My pain has been a little worse since I got back, which I know is partly due to the emotional stuff going on with my dad but also because I am really trying to do too many things all at once—new job, finishing old job stuff and also wanting to carry on with this blog. I just wish there were more hours in the day at the moment and that instantly illustrates that I am a little stressed out! Never good for endo!

Anyways, so I have noticed a new symptom which I never necessarily associated with endometriosis and wanted to ask you if you have it too. It could be part of having interstitial cystitis or endo or the mix between the two. Often we have both!

I find that when I wake up in the mornings, I have this strong urge to go to the toilet to pee. It is not like, “Oh, I need to pee, I will go shortly.” It is more like, “Ouch, I need to pee, now!” It is really sore if I wait and it takes about 30 minutes afterwards to calm down again. It is cold here in New Zealand, so my desire to get up is not really there. So, sometimes I just lay in my warm bed and don’t get up, convincing myself that I don’t really need to get up yet. If I lay there long enough, my left side gets really sore. I know it is because I need to pee but in the past I wouldn’t get this sore from not going straight away. I know it is not a bladder infection because I have none of the other symptoms. I find that I also have a strong urge every morning to pee. I find that if I drink more water the day before, it is much better but it is still there, most mornings. It also hurts slightly actually going to the toilet. It is not severely sore but it is quite sore if I push while my bladder is still full.

The funny thing is, I used to always think this was just interstitial cystitis, until I learnt that the bladder is located in the middle, under our belly button and not on our left side. I honestly always thought my bladder was on the left because it always hurt there the most when I got bladder infections.

I know we all experience endometriosis in different locations, depending on where they grow. I know we do experience pain when we go to the toilet, which I guess makes sense as there is extra pressure down there, but I wasn’t sure if you also had it when you need to pee and if so, if you experience it on your left side or where?

I am going to get back onto my natural bladder healer, which helped me heaps in the past with this one and drink more natural diuretics like dill seeds and parsley. I am hoping this will alleviate it and it is just interstitial cystitis playing up and not too much of endo.

Would love to hear your experiences and if you also have this pain or anything similar with going to the toilet.

Big hugs,

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  1. I am so glad I found this site!!! For months now, I’m guessing going on a year sleeping is an issue b/c I wake up and go pee 3-4 times a night-Often I stop drinking water at 9:00, but I still have to get up and pee, and it’s just a little bit but it feels like I will pee a gallon! I feel pressure on my bladder all the time, and when I’m done peeing I feel like I didn’t get it all out-

    I am so bloated and when I push on my bladder it’s like a balloon with jello in it-I had my annual last month and she felt nothing, I may go in for an ultrasound-

    I am thinking this is endo b/c for months now my lower back aches all the time, I also have cramping feeling in my lower abdomen area, I call it mini “thunder storms” I am fatigued and am tired of this peeing thing-

    I have decided to try the pill again, non-stop in order to relieve my pain and symptoms-I can’t tell how much I just want to break down and cry b/c of how exhausted I am, I never get a full 8, 7 or even 6 hours of sleep b/c I wake up with the urge to pee all the time, an ache-

    Men have it easy, they really, really do 🙁

  2. I have been dealing with bladder issues on and off since 2010! I just had laparoscopic surgery last week on an ovarian cyst and endo that was near bladder wall and pelvic area. It’s true that stress really kicks it up. Mine is more just the pressure, I can almost feel it coming on as soon as I urinate. It then takes what feels like forever for the bladder to relax! Sometimes what I call “flare ups” can last from hours to weeks to months! I’ve been to a uro/gyno and he immediately diagnosed me with pelvic floor disorder after examining me. He explained it like, ur in spasm when u should be relaxed and visa versa. My urine tests are always clean with no protein or bacteria. I’ve found drinking water really helps and using a heating pad. Since the surgery last week I’ve been battling some pretty severe bladder/pelvic floor spasms to where I have pain and low back pain. I’m sure surgery has stirred up the entire pelvic floor. Which natural remedies do you recommend and where can I purchase them? Thanks for any input! It’s great to know I’m not alone!

    • Hi Renee,
      It sounds to me like you have got Interstitial Cystitis and yes, the operation has probably made the whole area kinda inflamed. I would recommend getting yourself some UTI Clear. It is an amazing product to really reduce inflammation in the bladder. Also try my new tea with Nettle, it does wonders 🙂

      • Hi Renee,
        Depending on where you live, you should be able to find Nettle in a Park or even in your garden. It stings the skin when you tough it, so wear gloves 🙂 Otherwise, just get them from a healthshop or online.

  3. Thanks Melissa,

    What i have found is that supermarket cranberry juices can be full of sugar hence why we probably get more acid in our urine, but pure cranberry tablets do help me flush out toxins/bacteria in my bladder and provide pain relief. Drinking warm water with lemon slices or squeezing lemon into the drink helps to make the body more alkaline so this helps me with my bladder troubles as well. It also helps in the morning for digestion. I have also been doing some research about the effects of coconut oil and how good it is for immunity and can help with weight loss and i know you have mentioned in some of your blogs that this is important. So i thought i would add this. I will look into Inflammatory Cystitis as well, thanks for your help!


    • Interesting 🙂 I have a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in a glass of water every night and that makes it all go away. I find that the best alkaliser 🙂 Coconut milk, oil and water are all fabulous. I have coconut milk in a smoothy most mornings and it does wonders 🙂 I even use the coconut oil as a cream for my face. Please and hope you find heaps of info on my site.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    i have a lot of drama with my bladder. When i had my laparoscopy i found after that my bladder was never tha same, i was in a lot of pain directly after surgery and found it excruciating to urinate. it did get better but when i have my period and sometimes randomly throughout my period i would have trouble going to the tiolet as well. and yes, a weird pain on my left side more than right, also the area where my endo pain was always the worst when i was a teen. i think it is all conected. i had a bad bladder infection a few months ago that had spread to my kidneys and i ended up in hosiptal. since then, i need to pee a lot and have pressure on my bladder too. especially in the morning. it is very hard to know what to think, so i try and take Ural sachet (bi-carb sort of powder) and cranberry tablets which do help a lot.

    Your website is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you very much!!!!

  5. Hello Melissa! I have been facing this problem both before and after my only surgery.. The morning journey from the bed to the loo and thereafter is a nightmare.. both sides feel like they will pop out of the skin any moment.. Intuition says it is the bladder pushing against the endometriomas.. a struggle for space basically.. which is why the pain in the sides recur when I have eaten wrong food, too much water, less water or am bloated.. the key i guess is to eat and drink right 🙂

    • Hi Madhumita. I have found that there is totally a connection with Intestinal Cystitis. I have been taking Uroplex ( a natural chinese medicine for Urinary conditions) and it has made a dramatic improvement. I have also been taking Passionflower to fall asleep with and avoiding drinking any teas late at night. The pain has substantially subsided and I only feel it now, when I really press on that side. See if you can find a natural option to heal the bladder and see if that helps it 🙂

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I too have experienced this type of pain before, but for the love of me I cannot remember the exact details of this situation. But what I can say for sure is I did go to a urologist and had a a cystoscopy, 2 actually (ouch!) and all I was told was I have interstitial cystitis or endometriosis on my bladder and was given a 6-week course of antibiotics twice which didn’t help help much at all. In my country alternative/complementary medicine is quite expensive and limited but I decided to give it a try even if I wound up broke, so I began using herbs and diet after that to help and it is a lot better now. All the best when you visit your bladder healer, oh yea and don’t forget to drink plenty fresh water :).


    • Thanks for sharing Crissi. I have done the “reduce acid” on my body and have done the Bicarb and water suggestion plus also some bladder drops from Native Remedies and it seems much better today. I think the most important thing is to maintain the water drinking in the day 🙂

  7. I don’t have this particular problem, but after my surgery in ’08, I ‘leak’. I go to the bathroom then usually have to change my undies again ‘cos I have a wet spot. They always say to drink more water to help the bladder function better. That could be why you feel better that way. For me, it was after my surgery so I think they ‘nicked’ something. The surgery after that one (this was my hyst) I asked that doc to see if something was wrong there & they didn’t find anything. Oh well. Just something I have to live w/! Doesn’t hurt; just annoying.
    Hope your bladder healer helps!

  8. Dear Mel,

    Don’t have to run in the morning but sometimes when I’m stressed find it hard to sleep because I keep feeling like I need to pee.

    I just had to take a course of antibiotics for a chest infection and ( I don’t usually take them), I’ve noticed that this symptom has returned. I had adhesions and endo removed from my bladder in March,


    • Funny. I notice it gets worse when I take pain killers too! I take sleepy time tablets now – Passionflower and Valerian – I sleep really well 🙂
      It is all just inflammed. I found water, hot drinks with ginger and bicarb are working wonders!

  9. Hi Melissa! I have exactly the same problem. I’ve had this for over 5 years, especially flank pain (like you aggravated by stresss).I was diagnosed with unspecified kidney infection a few years ago. And then, severe endo. I personally feel it’s endo in the urinary system, but I don’t know how to communicate with the doctors to take my symptoms seriously….. 5 years and still no luck!

    • I think it would be pretty severe to be endo in the bladder. Endo usually sits on the outside, not on the inside. I think it is just inflammation of the bladder, which triggers the same feelings as endo – Intestinal Cystitis. I am feeling better today – drinking Bicarb with water and heaps of liquids – no red teas or juices – they seem to make it worse. Try some Bladder stuff from Native Remedies – it works wonders! 🙂

  10. I don’t know if this well hlp anyone but a Dr. I see that has reasearched endo. an amazing amount, talks about the whole Gi tract spasaming including the bladder.Stess is a hudge trigger. I know that when I am stessed I have problems. He encourges his patients to listen to the area.I is a bit wired but you can hear it happening (oh brain freeze lol) with thta thing they listen to your chest and heart with lol. I guess trying to keep up laughing is good. Maybe try some relaxation before bed…
    On a funny note I would love some cold cuz hot water bottle feelsgreat on the belly!!I is so hot where I am! Hang in there!
    I am trying some new things but too soon to tell one idea is a pill free pain killer 🙂

    • I would love the heat right now! The closest I am getting is sitting next to the fire 🙂 I will try and calm down and reduce it. I reckon I know what it is now – intestinal cystitis. Much better today as been taking heaps of my bladder care stuff from the guys at Native Remedies.

  11. Hi Melissa,

    I experience something similar actually. Mine is a constant bladder pressure which worsens around ovulation and feels sore/tender when I pee. I never really feel like I am completely emptying my bladder.
    Having a diagnostic laparoscopy next week for endo and have told them about the bladder symptoms, so it will be interesting to hear what they find.

    Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there and take some time out for yourself!

    • Thanks Dena. It was my indicator years ago that I even had Endo. I got a bladder infection and took anti-biotics and it still didn’t clear. That is when I thought it might be something more. I think it is also Intestinal Cystitis, which often comes with Endo 🙂

  12. I have this for sure, constantly. After my daughter was about 9months old, this was one of the first things that told me my endo was starting back up again…
    I do know that my endo is ALL OVER my bladder tho, so that might make it worse for me.
    I cannot have a full bladder without a lot of pain. I have to be really careful to go whenever I can when out and about and still often end up in pain.

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