I know many girls, who look at the Endometriosis Diet and instantly dismiss it. It feels impossible and when food is the only remaining pleasure, to many of these girls, it feels like a whole chunk of their life’s enjoyment is now taken away. No more ice-cream, chocolates and warm hot bread with butter? You gotta be kidding me! I can’t have meat or anything sugary?

It feels like a whole bunch of things are just being taken away. Like they are being deprived of all the good stuff in their life. I can understand that…. as for a little while I used to feel this too.

When the pain took over though, each time I ate bread or meat and my stomach ached so much that all I could do was spend my weekend in bed…. I had to make a commitment to change something. So, I gave myself a timeframe. I said, I would give it 3months. No more, no less. If changing my diet didn’t make any difference after 3months, then I would accept that my pain was inevitable, no matter what I ate.

As I began my journey on the Endometriosis Diet, I started by simply using gluten free replacements. I wanted to still have the biscuits and the bread! I tried all sorts of different brands and none of them really gave me the same satisfaction I got from “normal” cookies. I explored different milks and ice-creams and even tried weird vegetarian burgers and sausages. One day, I got an email from Foodmatters and in it, it expressed how many hidden toxins are in our foods. It had a long list of ingredients, which they illustrated as being harmful and that they would cause an inflammatory reaction in the body. I started to read food labels and it quickly made me realize a massive mistake I had been making. I was eating gluten free and trying to be healthy, but I wasn’t actually paying attention to what I was really eating! All those gluten free products and replacements, were filled with unrecognizable ingredients, oils and sugars! All of these were directly contributing to my inflammatory reaction in the body.

I started to really think about my diet. I started to really think about what the Endometriosis Diet was really all about. What I came to realize is that the purpose is to reduce inflammation and toxic load.

What it didn’t give me, was any real answer on what I should be eating. Sure, it mentioned eating fruits and vegetables but why? I started to recognize that my real goal wasn’t just to avoid inflammation but to supply my body with tools to allow it to heal. Things that made it heal, were foods that reduced inflammation but more importantly, gave it a huge amount of nutrients, in small doses. They should be foods which are nutrient dense!

Things are quite different now. I get excited when I find foods which contain large quantities of minerals and vitamins. I get excited when I can find something that provides long lists of beneficial stuff, in a simple leaf or mushroom or singular food. There are heaps out there and I keep finding more!

It does make a difference. It makes a huge difference. I notice when I am not getting my nutrient dense foods. I notice when I eat nutrient poor foods and feel tired and sore more easily.

The key to this journey is never to look at what you can’t have, but rather at all the amazing foods that exist out there, that you haven’t yet found. Food that contain huge amount of healing power!


Here are my favorite food sources:

- Chia Seeds

- Moringa Leaves

- Goji Berries

- Raw Cocoa Powder

- Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms

- Sprouted foods

- Spirulina and other algae plants

- Kale – I know this one took a little getting used to but I genuinely miss this one now!

- Maca Root Powder

- Propolis from Bees


What are your favorites? Which ones have you found that give you amazing healing power?

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