What I Discovered Today about the Pain on My Left Side. This is So Cool!

What I Discovered Today about the Pain on My Left Side. This is So Cool!

Well, it has been five days since I did the big liver flush and I since then, my pain on my left side has gotten considerably worse, each day since. Well, I started to worry that I had somehow made my endometriosis worse by doing the liver flush and that perhaps it was just all too much for my body to handle. So, I decided to do something about it. I went to see a naturopath… here is what I discovered, which is sooo cool!

The naturopath explained to me that there will be a few days after the liver flush where your body has to adjust to its new environment but that it is more likely that there are still toxins trying to escape from my body. I didn’t quite understand what she meant, so I dug a little. Essentially, my body has done a liver flush, which means it has released the gallstones, which have previously slowed the liver’s ability to break down toxins. Without the gallstones there, the liver is now processing through a massive amount of toxins in a short amount of time. This means, it is going to flush them out in whichever form it can. This includes the bowels, the skin (my skin had been breaking out) and the kidneys. It is obvious really, considering we let stuff out of all of these parts.

Well, this pain on my left side always seemed to be closely connected to my bladder. For a long time, I actually believed that my bladder was located on the left side, as it always hurts there when I get bladder infections or when I desperately need to pee. This morning I woke up to that old familiar pain on my left side and when I went, let’s just say there was little pressure in my flow. I never thought anything of this, until I connected the dots with what my naturopath was saying. My kidneys were struggling to flush out the toxins!

It all makes sense now. The “liquid form of extraction” was on the blink and hence the pain and inflammation in the area. I actually think this is a possible reason why we suffer from interstitial cystitis, which I know many of us endo girls also suffer from.

The interesting thing was how we dealt with my poor kidney function and it worked wonders!

  • Got some cornsilk. This is an age old remedy and is best used for anything to do with cystitis, inflammation of the bladder or even bed wetting!
  • I took additional cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is naturally high in vitamin A. Vitamin A reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Got some geranium oil. Geranium oil is fabulous! It works so well against inflammation and it smells beautiful! It also is a natural diuretic, which will encourage the natural flow in the bladder.
  • Made some horsetail, nettle and chamomile tea,

Now, I have done all these things and already the pain on my left side has reduced! The real test comes in the morning, when I wake up and see how urgently I need to go!

So, if you suffer from interstitial cystitis or even if you just have this permanent dull ache in your lower abdomen, these remedies might help.

Good news is that all the toxins are hopefully finding their way out of my body… more space for all the good stuff to move in!

I have ordered a whole bunch of superfoods to explore and then share with you! Can’t wait for them to arrive!


Big hugs,

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  1. I´ve got stage IV endo and I´m on a seudo menopause so everything can “heal” and I won´t get another huge chocolate cyst anytime soon, and according to my OBGYN (a fertility specialist) this way it would be easier for me to have children… I’ve been having the same pains as you describe, I try to eat as well as my work circumstances and my celiac desease allow me. I’ve lost a lot of weight because one thing came after the other, and I used to eat a lot of gluten. I’ve been researching about liver cleanses, and I would like to try one, to see how it goes, can you recommend one that doesn’t involve epson salts or something like that??? BTW you’re website has been the most comprehensive I’ve found.


    • Hi Leonora,
      Celiac disease will cause a heap of deficiencies in mineral and vitamin absorption – or shall I rephrase, before you knew it was Celiacs disease. The likelihood is that you have developed a type of Candida overgrowth or fungal overgrowth in your bowels. This will create havoc with your hormones, digestion and will also inhibit the liver from doing it’s job as it needs certain vitamins (vitamin B), folic acid and minerals to work it’s magic.
      I would look into doing a type of bowel detox or a Colonic before doing a liver flush. I did this before doing the liver flush and felt amazing from it. There are heaps of different liver flushes around. I am exploring another one at the moment. It does involve epsom salts – I think this is to flush out the colon properly. I will be doing more of them in the future but going in London in 2 weeks so not really a good time at the moment. Keep subscribing to my blog and you can follow me as I do them – I will be sure to include the instructions for you 🙂
      How long have you been gluten free and what “seudo menopause” are you doing?

  2. I get that pain in my left side often too. I get it at night and it wakes me up. I usually go to the bathroom then, but the pain is the annoying thing.

    • I have figured out that it seems to relate to the bladder being full cos it goes down within a few minutes after going to the loo for me 🙂

  3. Thank you for all your articles, it saves me alot of trouble learning this on my own. Your a Godsend

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