How to de-stress, re-connect to yourself and find peace in one simple place!

How to de-stress, re-connect to yourself and find peace in one simple place!

Our lives have become so focused on material possessions. We surround ourselves with things that are made of plastic, steel and various man-made objects. Our lives become an endless race to gain more of these material possessions which are hollow in their meaning and their status.

Have you ever noticed how you cannot feel stressed, when you are simply sitting along a lake or a beach? When you walk through mountains or just to the park? There is something soothing and fulfilling about nature that calms our minds and our spirits.

Nature is such a wonder and yet we fail to recognise its true healing powers on our bodies. We are so focused on healing through cutting things out, eradicating or taking things that will heal us when perhaps all we need is to stop and slow down and recognise the nature that is all around us. Nature holds within it the wisdom that we seek and need to learn to heal our bodies.

Whether it is meditation or a simple walk, allow yourself to soak in nature and it will soothe that inner most tormented voice. Allow it to slow your mind and relax your body.

The answers you seek for healing lie in the very essence of nature and your own bodies ability to heal. Allow it to do this with nature and it will bless you with many years to come. Seek out pure and wondrous sources of nature for healing.


Here are 5 tips from nature that can teach you to heal:


  • What you put in is what you get out.

If you give your plants the best soil, water and air, you are going to have a fast growing beautiful plant. The same applies to your own body. Give yourself the best healing foods and you will also grow and heal.


  • Watch the cycles of life and adapt to fit into them.

Many of natures creatures create life and die in much shorter cycles than we do. Watch them and enjoy them as they are created all around you.


  • Learn to breathe

Breathing calms the mind and the body. Take it in. Learn to breather deeply and properly, inhaling the energy of oxygen.


  • Take from nature’s natural sources of healing

Herbs, foods and water all provide the essence of what we need to heal. Learn and try them as within them you will find many wonders.


  • Don’t take life so seriously and just enjoy this moment

Perhaps it is in our nature to always worry about the future or the past. I don’t see animals worrying about these things. We shouldn’t either. Make the most of this day, right now.



I have always felt that nature gave me the real answers to healing myself from Endometriosis. Once we understand and appreciate the complexity of our bodies and how they are designed to survive and heal, we can find ways to do that.

When was the last time you enjoyed just hanging out in a park or took a walk in the forest? Even just lying on a bed of grass can have amazing effects!

Lap it up and enjoy it. It is such a big part of where we have come from!


Big hugs and healing,

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