Cristal’s Story: Her Discovery of Endometriosis, Pregnancy and her beliefs on Healing

Cristal’s Story: Her Discovery of Endometriosis, Pregnancy and her beliefs on Healing

This story is shared to encourage all the women out there who are desperately trying to conceive, even though they have Endometriosis. There is always hope and there is always a way. We have to believe in the possible and focus on moving forward.

I was born in 1975 on the Eastern Shore of Delaware in a small, small town where everyone knows your name. Traveling around the country you’ll see nothing but industrial chicken houses, soybean & corn fields. I didn’t live the country life, just in a nice development bc my mom is a city girl from Philly & my dad is a city guy from upper New Jersey. Mom has decades of family from DE & have no idea how Dad ended up there.
So this begins my story. Growing up where convenient foods & the microwave rule the kitchen. Both parents work & Mom is an okay cook, not really relying on fresh foods though. Coke & Doritos were a staple in the house, along with various bright colored cereals, sides that come in a can or box & microwavable foods. The older I got, the more fast food places came into play, bc it was quick & convenient. I was a late bloomer, starting my period not long after my 14th birthday in 1989. For the 1st year at least, it wasn’t reliable, missing months but when it came, it was painful…so I thought. It would also last about 7 days, heavy at 1st but would linger til about day 7.
I’ll fast forward 5 years to Feb 1994 where I met my hubby to be. Jan 1995, I moved out & moved in with him near Baltimore where we both worked & I kept the cooking lifestyle I/we grew up with. (Let me just say, that it should have been a lightbulb moment when I knew I was in a sexual relationship & not on birth control…ever.) In Aug 1998 we tied the knot & I knew we wanted to have children. With help of our sister in law & my OB/GYN, we were trying to figure why we weren’t getting pregnant. In April of 1999, I went in for my 1st laparoscopy where I had confirmation of endo & cysts that were removed. I also went on a yeast free diet for a few months to try to clean my system. In Jan of 2001, I found out I was pregnant! My sister in law just finished her training in The Bradley Method & a certified Doula, so I was in good hands (she was crunchy before crunchy was cool). In Sept I had our son at a birth center with no interventions. It was hard work & painful but worth every moment. I was determined to give him the best in life, so I became at stay at home mom, I breastfed for 18 months & I would shop just for him at Fresh Fields (Wholefoods), making my own organic baby foods. My sister in law gave me Rx for Nutritional Healing bc I was more interested in healing with herbs when sicknesses would occur, esp for my son.
We knew we wanted more children & esp for our son to have a sibling, so we started trying again. “So why is it becoming more difficult for me to get pregnant again?”, began raging in my mind. I asked my OB/GYN what options there were & gave me a Rx for a round of Clomid. I also started reading in those health magazines I picked up at Wholefoods & found out about Parabens, how they are estrogen mimickers. I started buying products that didn’t contain Parabens. The round of Clomid didn’t work, so in Jan 2004, I decided to have another laparoscopy done, bc 9 months after the 1st time I got pregnant, right? Our diet really began to change & were full organic (but still eating nasty foods, just bc it says ‘organic’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you), shopping at Fresh Fields esp since our Preacher’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer & got rid of it by diet alone. I needed ways to save money & a friend introduced me to Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan, making my own cleaning products for pennies. I did another round of Clomid in Feb 2005 & March I found out I was pregnant only to have a miscarriage at 6 weeks. Devastated.
In June 2005 we bought a house, after fixing & painting & decorating I got back into me again. About this time, the same friend mentioned above, also introduced us to raw dairy (just for our son….so far), but I hadn’t yet read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon Morell. May of 2006 I had a work up of food sensitivities & took eggs, oranges, chocolate & bakers yeast out of my diet. I found out that soy is a phyto-estrogen, another mimicker & cut soy out as much as possible (that stuff is in just about everything!) of my diet. I also wanted to increase my chances of conceiving so I started acupuncture. The round of Clomid didn’t work, neither did acupuncture. In the meantime my periods started becoming more unbearable, with spasms on my left side which were my warning signals that it’s coming. I consulted my OB/GYN, he gave me a Rx for Tylenol 3 & asked what options there were bc it’s was getting worse. I wasn’t able to get out of bed without being in excruciating pain for at least the 1st 24 hours. I could barely take care of myself let alone my 6 yr old, so he had to take care of me & himself. Of course he said, ‘Hysterectomy’. One night, Jan 2008 I was suffering from endo pain (stabbing in the right side of my lower back), the 800 mg Ibuprofen & a dose of Tylenol 3 weren’t cutting it & the spasms were the worst I’ve ever experienced & I gave birth…naturally!! (The only time I wished my husband was a dentist to give me a shot of Novocaine!) I woke my husband & told him to call the ambulance. After a horrific 5 minute ride (which felt like an hour) to the hospital (yes, I know my husband could have driven, but the pain was so unbearable & I needed to be seen right away!) Finally, after squeezing the life out of the nurses hand & able to communicate in between spasms, they finally gave me Valium. Hallelujah!  I told my GYN & he gave me a Rx for Valium. So here I am taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen, Tylenol 3 & Valium & it still didn’t cut the pain. This was my wake up call! After reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Enhancing Fertility Naturally, & The Fertility Cure, in March 2008, I went to Tia Sophia for better acupuncture & Chinese herbs & tracking my cycles for months.
I finally got my hands on, a brand new Nourishing Traditions at a local used bookstore (you’d be amazed at what valuable resources people get rid of!). The more I began reading it (mostly at night in bed), the more my husband’s ribs started to ache & the less sleep he got. It’s all about ‘Listen to THIS!!!’ And having your gross factor rise to the sky. It’s dumbfounding what the USDA & FDA allow for us to consume, but then try to take away our rights when we find nature’s way to eating. It always points to $$. They could care less. Research became my way of making real use of the internet, social is a far cry. Knowledge is Power, Research is Key. Food Inc. also helped tremendously especially for my husband. We started raising our own chickens, which was easy because the previous owners raised chickens. We really jumped on the crunchy bandwagon & started getting a reputation as ‘Hippies’. Fine by me! Even my 7 yr old was telling everyone who would listen about what he learned in Food, Inc. I also came across Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, on page 214 in the section for women is a recipe for ‘Womb Tea’. I began buying herbs through our Frontier Co-op, purchased a French press & began drinking this tea everyday…well, at least I would try to every day. I would make a lousy addict, I would forget to take whatever I was supposed to be addicted to! It took about a year of drinking this tea to finally get some control over this endo pain every month. Being able to function on 1st days & lowering my in take of pain killers. By the time we went on our 45 day trip across the US, visiting 23 National parks in June/July 2009 was actually bearable enough to enjoy the trip & not be laying up somewhere until it passed.
A few days before & a few days during my cycle, I drink GT’s Gingerade Kombucha. Not only does it contain enzymes, probiotics, & detoxifiers, but also ginger fights inflammation, cleanses the colon, reduces spasms & cramps, stimulates circulation, headaches, hot flashes, & nausea associated with menstruation.
These past 4 years have never been better as far as endo pain is concerned. I’ve taken control of what goes in & on my body. I eat chocolate but only good chocolate that’s at least 75% or more dark. I eat organic (I follow the Dirty Dozen list). I do eat eggs, but only from our own chickens. We watch as many documentaries as we can, educating ourselves & others about food. Food matters, Fresh, Farmageddon, Genetic Roulette, Forks Over Knives, King Corn, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, & many more.
Last Aug, with help from a wonderful friend who encouraged me to open up my own shop on Etsy, selling body products using pure, natural & minimal ingredients. I also give credit to The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep for inspiring me to make my own & sharing it with others.  
Looking for the cure of Endo, like many other diseases, is like getting on your bike & start pedalling backwards, you’re focused on curing it, but you’re not getting anywhere. Does anyone see where this whole ordeal stems from? Why don’t we look at the CAUSE?! It all comes down to what you put into & onto your body. I tell my son, “You are wonderfully & naturally made. Don’t put anything in or on your body that you don’t recognize as something that is produced naturally.” You consume, breathe, clean, & put onto your body a plethora of chemicals & guess what? Your natural body is going to reject it either right away or eventually. Eating the way nature intended will fuel a natural operation of bodily systems.
Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food. ~Hippocrates. Guess what? You rarely get sick. 
When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need. ~Ayurvedic Proverb.  

Christal Brock


Thank you Christal and all the hope for the future. I am sure you will conceive again :)

Big hugs and healing,

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