My first experience with having a Colonic done….today! What happened and how does it feel?

My first experience with having a Colonic done….today! What happened and how does it feel?

So, I didn’t want to tell you that I booked myself in for a colonic today, just in case I wanted to pull out of it. I was actually quite nervous about the whole thing and it took some serious guts (excuse the pun!) to actually go!

First off, I might explain what a Colonic is. So, basically a colonic is a process where your colon is cleansed, using water. Essentially, it flushes out the excess debris that is stuck in your colon. The idea behind it, is to ensure that your “elimination organ” is clean and that all the nasty stuff can be flushed out.

I actually had no intention of doing this until I visited a health shop the other day. I went into the health shop wanting to do a detox package. – you know the ones that you buy in a box and follow a program for a week or whatever. Next thing, I was telling the girl in the shop all about how I want to clean out the liver toxins and endo and my blog and well…. you know how it goes. Anyway, she suggested I contact this lady who does detox programs on the body. I was actually going to go for a Coffee Enema, which to be honest, I have been a little scared to do on my own… I gave her a call.

Well, Sarah (the lady from the detox clinic) explained to me that there was little point in doing a liver flush or coffee enema or any kind of liver focused clean without getting rid of the stuff in my colon first. As she put it: “if there is stuff in the way, the toxins can’t get out properly and they simply get re-absorbed into the body”. Okay, so basically if my colon is full of crap, the toxins can’t get out? Makes perfect sense 🙂

Okay, so what do I need to do to clean out the colon?

It is called a Colonic and essentially a tube is put up your bum, which runs water into the colon. The water loosens the matter in the colon, allowing it to come out more easily. The water manages to reach into places easily and soften stuff, which may have become hardened over years. Now, I know what you’re thinking….this sounds horrible!

It did to me too! I was scared it was going to hurt, that I would have cramps or poo going everywhere or who knows what…but thing is, I was quite nervous about the whole idea. Thing is, I wanted to finally do something BIGGER towards my healing and I knew that getting toxins out, was crucial to getting there! So, I booked myself in for 3 Colonics.

Well, Sarah told me to eat a little less yesterday to allow us to really focus on the “older matter”. I ate mostly raw food yesterday and had a plain vegetable soup for dinner. My appointment was at 10am this morning and the minute I got there, I felt heaps better about the whole thing.

Here’s why:

  • The water is warm and has no pressure on it at all
  • You stick the tube up your bum yourself – totally private
  • The room looked like a massage room – candles, music, soft lighting and everything that you could possibly want, was provided.
  • Sarah left me to it most of the time and only popped in to see how I was doing every 15minutes or so.
  • You lay on a bed like thing which has a hole where you poo into. I know it sounds gross but it was totally hygienic and I didn’t feel yuck at all. You have a towel covering you and it is all made of plastic with a channel where the poo goes. It is specially designed so the poo can just escape down a tube.

Okay, so what does it feel like? – please don’t read this if you are squeemish! 

The initial stage was totally fine. The water fills you up and you can push it out really easily. (the tube stays up your bum as your bum contracts around it) It is warm and there was absolutely no pain with it. This stage of the treatment, Sarah used 30 degree water, which apparently the body doesn’t hold onto as much.

The next stage was a little more challenging. Sarah suggested I try and hold the water in my colon for longer to really allow it to seep into all parts of the colon – especially at the top part. The water was much warmer during this part. I held it on and initially this was quite uncomfortable – kinda like when you have diarrhea and need to go but can’t. Sarah explained that much of the discomfort was gas and that I should massage my abdomen and it would ease. It worked and I was able to hold the water for much longer. This was really good and I was able to let heaps more stuff come out….that is as much graphic as I am going to share…promise!


Would I recommend it?

To be honest, it might be a little early to say how I feel about it today. Sarah says I need to do at least 2 within close succession to really get the benefits of it. I did feel instantly lighter and clearer in my mind. It also feels kinda emotionally cleansing to get stuff out – if that makes sense.


I am going back on Thursday and Friday to have two more done and I will give you a full review then. To me, the concept of it makes total sense. We need to clean out the gunk in our bodies before we can really get the benefits of adding new stuff in!

Have you done one? Two? Three? What results did you get?

Would you like to do one? Scared? Thoughts?

Big hugs,

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  1. Whoa! Thanks so much for posting your experience. I have really wondered what it would be like but have been totally scared of doing it. I love the idea of cleaning house but the mental pictures got to me…this makes it less scary!

  2. Melissa,

    Great website. Though I have never been officially “diagnosed” with endo, I am almost positive that I have it, as all my symptoms point to it. I have struggled with severe menstrual problems for nearly 10 years, starting when I was 15 years old. Really the only options that allopathic medicine has offered me is the pill (which I absolutely refuse to take) and naproxen, which, like all pharma drugs, has nasty side effects. I soon realized that they would not be much help to me in my journey for healing.

    My interest in natural medicine and healing began leading me down a path of hope. So much so that I am currently taking courses to become a holistic practitioner, with special interests in the Gerson Therapy. About 5 years ago I was lead to Julia Chang’s site, and used several of her tinctures, primarily Chinese Bitters and Coptis. These were the best things I had found so far, but I felt like I couldn’t be hooked on them forever, because I was relying on them every month. I continued searching for a method that would promote long term healing. I have done colon cleanses, progesterone cream, magnesium oil, dry skin brushing, diet changes, accupressure, yoga and a variety of other things. Things things have all helped tremendously and I believe many of these should be part of a healthy lifestyle, whether endo is in the picture or not.

    But what I really wanted to mention, that has been of GREAT value to me, is coffee enemas. I wasn’t sure if you were quite open to this idea until I read the blog on colonics and then I thought “well.. I might as well share my extreme success with coffee enemas!” Some people are disgusted by it or think it is a “hoax” or that it is harmful to the body. This cannot be further from the truth.

    As you may already know, coffee enemas are a crucial part of the Gerson Therapy to heal cancer naturally, as they aid the body in dumping toxins by opening up the bile ducts. Because my journey at one point had led to me really be focusing on my liver, I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

    And I am glad I did. I CANNOT say enough good things about them. My health improved drastically. The most drastic improvement was as long as I did them diligently before the 1st day of my cycle, not once did I have what I refer to as a “crisis” period (this consisted of being in EXTREME pain, hot/cold sweats, nausea resulting in vomiting bile, weakness, inability to walk, etc). I have much more to say about them, but if you haven’t tried them already, I encourage you to! I have been doing them now for about 3 years and I have to say it is the best decision I have ever made for my health. It will be something I continue throughout my life in order to stay healthy and detoxified.

    Anyways, hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us and for all the time and love you are putting into this – I am really grateful.

    Just wanted to say that I too have tried colonics after reading about it in many detox/diet/health books and watching various movies about healing cancer (my mother got sick a few years ago. In researching and trying to help her, I helped myself too)

    Back to the topic, I did the colonic at home with a kit that I ordered online ( Must say that I was terrified first and had pretty much the same feelings as you describe in your article above. After the second time though, I found it easy and I now do this once a month before I get my period to avoid the bloating and the pain related to endometriosis. It really helps a lot! and I too feel much lighter and clearer in my head and really detoxed.

    Thanks again & sending you lots of positive healing energy!
    GG from France

    • Hey GG! 🙂
      Well done for doing your Enema all on your own! I wasn’t keen to do that one by myself! The Colonic is a little easier cos I go and see someone and she can make sure I am doing it all right 🙂
      Glad it is helping at your endo. It might even work even better if you do a Colonic before the Enema. That way the toxins can escape easier 🙂



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