Private Coaching

Do you feel like you already know 70% of what you need to do but either lack the motivation or specific details on how to really manage your endometriosis effectively? Do you want to skip the bits you already know and have me design a personalised program just for you? 

I offer private coaching to only 2 women at a time. A commitment of at least 3 months is required to see results. Packages are created together with you, based on time and financial considerations. 

To find out if we are a good fit to work together, book yourself in for a free "work together" session. 

Private Consultation

Are you currently feeling stuck with what to do and are fairly self-motivated along your healing journey? Do you want to get ideas and strategies to help you move forward? Is it all just feeling hard, confusing and limiting?

Allow me to guide you and open your mind to some new ideas and give you the tools and motivation to help you move forward. 

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