Can’t have Babies!

Can’t have Babies!

One of the first ways many woman discover they have Endometriosis is when they try and have a baby. After many months of trying, they go to a Gynaecologist and try and investigate what the problem is. In many cases Endometriosis is discovered. Some of these women would have had very few symptoms of the condition and the Endometriosis may have spread to the ovaries and inside the fallopian tubes.

Or, you have the other side of the coin where you have period pain and abdominal pain on a monthly basis; you go for a Gynaecologist visit. You are told that you have Endometriosis and that your chances of having a baby are very slim or nonexistent. The irony is they often suggest that the best way to “cure” the condition is to have a baby…????

Here is my advice to you…. Don’t listen to these assumptions! As it is woman are only fertile for 5 days of a month – yes FIVE DAYS!

Here is what you need to do to allow yourself to have a baby with Endometriosis:

1. You are not your baby

Since we have an incessant need to be important and want to have everything life, we believe that having a baby is just as important. Try and establish your real reasons for having a baby. Is it for your own self worth? Do you feel more complete by saying you have a baby? I am sure many women believe they are “more women” for having a child but perhaps are not really ideal parents. Consider the real reason you want a child and really think about whether you really want one. It is often a feeling of being told “you can’t have a baby” that we perhaps want one even more…..

2. Make the decision that you want a baby.

Just mentally creating a strong feeling of having a baby, will already dispel the negative thoughts doctors have placed that you can’t have one. It is a light thought and by no means a heavy thought. Visualise it and feel what it would feel like to have one. Make this a simple decision but not a focus of your daily life. Don’t obsess about having a baby as this will make you miserable. Accept that perhaps your body was either meant to have a baby or not. Perhaps you are not ready or your body is not ready. Make the decision mentally and just let it go. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts but focus on your health and what you do have.

3. Create a safe haven for your baby.

Babies need a safe and healthy environment to grow. If you give your body all it needs then it will be ready to grow. Feed yourself well and give yourself all the boosting nutrients you can. Include Aloe Vera, Noni Juice and other boosting juices in your diet. Exercise to give your body balance and expel disease more easily.

4. Heal yourself

Find alternative methods to heal yourself from the inside. Not using operations to remove cysts and Endometriosis cells but fixing the imbalances in your body. Fixing the reason your body has retrograde cells through homeopathic and Chinese medicine. Your body wants to heal itself. You just have to show it how. Hormonal treatments only disguise symptoms and create more imbalances in the body. There are many alternative methods for having a baby. Try others and you will find one that suits you. Western medicine is not your only option.

5. Enjoy making a baby

Don’t make this a stressful time between your partner and yourself. Enjoy making a baby and take the pressure off yourselves. If you have had a light thought that it will all happen, you can let the stress go and simply enjoy your time together.

Note: Statistically only 20% of woman that suffer from Endometriosis are not able to have children. That means 80% of woman are able to conceive who have Endometriosis. Yes, your chances are not as easy as if you didn’t have Endometriosis but they are definitely possible!

Question: Have you got a success fertility story to share with us? Are there things you have done that could help someone else? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Big hugs,

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Niki, my husband and I wanted to have a baby, and after a few months it turned out, that I had an endimetrioma in my left ovary. I was devastated, but I choosed surgery. Ewerything went well, my tubes were OK, and after the surgery I got pregnant, ad now we have a lovely baby girl.
    Doctors never told me, that I never have a child, although they warned me, that my progesterone level was a bit low.
    Sadly my endo is back again, after 2 years, but I try ewerything now, don’t want a surgery anymore.
    I would suggest to everyone: don’t beleive everything, what doctos say, try ewery way, method! Before my surgery i took serrapeptase, I did a vegan diet, and now, I do the same. Best luck!

  2. i have Endometriosis and have heavy bleeding and pain during my period and im 20 and im afraid i cant ever have a child i have been trying for almost a year and i still cant i doubt i can ever have my baby 🙁

  3. i have endometriosis and we have been trying to have a baby for 5 months with help of homeopathic treatment. what you wrote made me feel better about myself. it is what i believe in, but often i do have doubts and thoughts start to circle. you helped me let those go, thank you 🙂

    • Hi Mandarine, I am glad I was able to make you feel better! You can have anything you want in life. Just believe and take steps towards your goal each and every day. Every decision will help get you there 🙂

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