I know you think Candida is just that thrush thing you get, well down there. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Candida can actually be sitting in our whole bodies and be affecting everything within the body – including our brains! Candida can cause yeast infections in our bowel, digestive tract and even our mouth!

Let me clarify. Candida exists in our system naturally anyways and should be there in normal amounts. Unfortunately, when we eat a diet high in sugar, gluten, grains and then add anti-biotics, the contraceptive pill and pain killers into our bodies…. we inevitably land up with a build up of Candida.

Now, what is really interesting is how this Candida overdose in the body actually affects, if not directly attributes to Endometriosis getting worse. Let me explain this as simply as I can….

So, we have Candida and possibly don’t realise it. Because your body has this Candida in it, it is on “fight alert” and we develop allergic reactions. We know the common ones: eczeme, hay fever, food and chemical allergies…… what we don’t know is that this allergic reaction causes a production of histamine in the body. These guys then trigger macrophages to produce….. well here is the cruncher…. PROSTAGLANDINS (remember those guys that cause us so much pain?) Please read this article on Prostaglandins if you don’t know what they are: endometriosis-pain-bodies-pain-message/

These prostaglandins actually cause MORE inflammation and clotting of Endometriosis! It is an allergic reaction caused by the excess Candida!

To make matters worse, our bodies struggle to fight off Candida as the prostaglandins inhibit the correct immune response to Candida and we are not able to get rid of it! SCARY!

I hope that all makes sense, cos it took me a while to get my head around it!

So, we have Candida, these guys make more Prostaglandins, which make more pain for endo…..

Not good!


Well, the conclusion is obvious! We need to flush out the Candida. Now, this is a nasty sucker so you need to take care on how you do this.

  • Take a good digestive aid – acidophilus/ probiotics
  • Expect the sucker to give you trouble – likely to experience worse symptoms while it dies off
  • Replace the bowels with heaps of fiber to get things moving out as quickly as possible
How can you tell if you have Candida? Check out this article I did on Candida a little while ago. Please don’t believe in the Saliva Test as it doesn’t actually prove anything! A white slimy tongue is probably a more effective measure :)
I have found some alternative treatments which might be a little easier to stick to and guarantee results
1. Serrapeptase- yes it heals more than just clotting and adhesions for endo!
I did some research on a particular product which was suggested by one of the girls on the comments – thanks for sharing :). Unfortunately, I didn’t find good things about it. It is called Threelac and unfortunately it is owned by one of those Multi-level Marketing Companies, which means we will inevitably find heaps of positive websites pushing its sales – very believable testimonials and telling everyone they have severe cases of Candida and must buy this product as it is the only thing that really works. I found some sites which prove it’s lack of evidence and potential danger: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=818608
There are actually heaps of ways to naturally beat an overdose of Candida. Diet is a natural and easy method, plus drinking heaps of ginger drinks…. just think DETOX and Digestive Aids and you will probably be healing your body of Candida already.

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