Could Candida Actually Be One of the Causes of Endometriosis Pain?

Could Candida Actually Be One of the Causes of Endometriosis Pain?

I know you think candida is just that thrush thing you get, down there. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Candida can be sitting in our whole bodies and be affecting everything within the body, including our brains! Candida can cause yeast infections in our bowel, digestive tract and even our mouth!

Let me clarify. Candida exists in our system naturally anyways and should be there in normal amounts. Unfortunately, when we eat a diet high in sugar, gluten, grains and then add antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and painkillers into our bodies, we inevitably land up with a build up of candida or what is called candida overgrowth. It becomes systemic, which means it leaves the bowel area and moves to other parts of the body.

Now, what is really interesting is how this candida overdose in the body affects, if not directly attributes to, Endometriosis getting worse. Let me explain this as simply as I can…

So, we have candida and possibly don’t realize it. Because your body has this candida in it, it is on “fight alert” and we develop allergic reactions. We know the common ones: eczema, hay fever, food and chemical allergies… what we don’t know is that this allergic reaction causes a production of histamine in the body. These guys then trigger macrophages to produce… well here is the cruncher… PROSTAGLANDINS (remember those guys that cause us so much pain?) Please read this article on prostaglandins if you don’t know what they are: endometriosis-pain-bodies-pain-message/

These prostaglandins cause MORE inflammation and clotting of Endometriosis! It is an allergic reaction caused by excess candida!

To make matters worse, our bodies struggle to fight off candida as the prostaglandins inhibit the correct immune response to candida and we are not able to get rid of it! SCARY!

I hope that all makes sense because it took me a while to get my head around it!

So, we have candida, these guys make more prostaglandins, which make more pain for endo…

Not good!


Well, the conclusion is obvious! We need to flush out the candida. Now, this is a nasty sucker so you need to take care on how you do this.

  • Take a good digestive aid, eg. acidophilus/probiotics
  • Expect the sucker to give you trouble—likely to experience worse symptoms while it dies off
  • Replace the bowels with heaps of fiber to get things moving out as quickly as possible
How can you tell if you have candida? Check out this article I did on candida a little while ago. Please don’t believe in the saliva test as it doesn’t prove anything! A white slimy tongue is probably a more effective measure. I have found some alternative treatments which might be a little easier to stick to and guarantee results:
1. Serrapeptase: yes, it heals more than just clotting and adhesions for endo!
I did some research on a particular product which was suggested by one of the girls on the comments—thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, I didn’t find good things about it. It is called Threelac and it is owned by one of those multi-level marketing companies, which means we will inevitably find heaps of positive websites pushing its sales—very believable testimonials and telling everyone they have severe cases of candida and must buy this product as it is the only thing that really works. I found some sites which indicated a lack of evidence and potential danger:
I have created a Candida Cleanse for us all to follow, which successfully gets candida under control within 30 days!
You can find out more on
Know much about candida? What has your experience been?
Got questions? Feel free to share in the comments below…

Big hugs,

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  1. Omg!!! I seriously had nightmares about yeast overgrowth destroying my cells all night last night, & just found this tonight!!!

  2. Love your website Melissa!! Thank you so much for providing us with such great information. It is so nice to know that we are not alone and have others to share stories with.

    I have suffered from endo probably 20 years (35 years old now) , only discovered after 10 years of horrible pain. 2 lapro sx later I still suffer. Mostly exhaustion and endo pain for a few really bad days.

    An interesting observation I will continue to explore. I am doing a mild liver cleanse as per my naturopath after I used Grapefruit seed extract and starting having BAD symptoms of Candida die off. I stopped the GSE i was so sick. Anyway started taking the cleanse and MILK THISTLE (along with too many other vitamins, but) mainly TUMERIC and MAGNESIUM. I am still taking my painkillers but amazingly have not had my usual HORRIBLE period. I have been able to function without any crippling pain attacks. SO I will continue to explore this theory. The only other time I have experienced this no pain was in the Spring when I was on another liver cleanse and also I have been eating mostly gluten free.

    Thanks again for the website and helping me to explore different ideas

    • Total pleasure Elle and glad that you have found a Naturopath who clearly knows what to do. You are in good hands sweetheart 🙂
      Tumeric and Magnesium are fabulous for the liver 🙂
      The liver is the key to all of endo – so keep going with it sweets.

  3. Increase of acidity in the body = risk of growing of candida

    Increase of acidity in the body = increase of inflammation = increase of pain due to endometriosis

    Presence of candida = imbalance of hormones = risk of increase of endometriosis

    Too much sugar or to much stress = Increase of acidity in the body

  4. I’m currently fighting candida. It’s so awful! I think I got it because I was in a very stressful job and not eating properly plus I was taking anti biotics.

    Sadly for me it’s affecting me everywhere, everyday I have new symptoms. Today I woke up and it had spread to my lips!!

    I also got my period today and I feel terrible, it’s definitely worsened since I got the overgrowth.

    Anyways I’m attempting to cure myself naturally with diet and anti fungals but I’m finding it all very depressing, just need to be positive I guess.

  5. I’ve had some flare-ups of really bad candida issues, including the “brain fog” feeling that makes it really hard to concentrate. Giving up sugar and taking daily probiotics helps. I never noticed thrush in my mouth, and at times did not have full-blown yeast infections, but I could tell my body was reacting. I have terrible allergies, and I agree that it is all related to endo and prostaglandins. Some people report that when they treat their candida, their endo symptoms improve. My allergy doctor believes I am actually allergic to yeast (I’m not sure I’m convinced of that, since sugar seems to be the problem for me). I am wary of all of the internet marketing of cures. I think it’s best to start with the basics: reduce sugar and carbs while adding probiotics (taken on empty stomach). I eventually had to take prescription Nystatin and Diflucan, but I’m on the right track now.

    • Hi Melissa,
      It is amazing how much it can take over without even knowing it. I can’t believe the difference now that it is leaving my body! Probiotics helped me a little but it was still quite dominant in my body. The Vitalzym is definitely the one I would recommend – does heaps of other stuff at the same time. 🙂

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