Can you Read your own Body Language?

Can you Read your own Body Language?

When I read through several books about diet and healing, they all suggest various different foods we should be avoiding, what we should eat and some even indicate, what we should eat with what, and when we should eat something. It leaves you wondering: “is there anything I can actually eat?”

How come we can’t decide what to eat? Animals seem to know what they want to eat? Why has it become so challenging for us? Perhaps we just have too much to choose from!

It gets to a point where we have to go back to basics and learn to read our own body and what it is telling us.
I find the easiest way to learn how to do this is to go back to a really basic starting point with eating. This means, we eat very little and very plain foods for a period of about 2 weeks. This could be just eating rice on its own or going on a pure vegetable diet for 2 weeks. Whichever way you decide to go, the goal is to get to a state where you are not combining anything that might clash or anything that might be causing a reaction in your body. I personally found having my stomach ulcer a few weeks back a great guide! – well I had to get something out if! 🙂 I ate mostly oats, rice and a few vegetables. I didn’t eat anything that required a big amount of digesting or anything complicated or to be honest particularly tasty!

I have then gradually added things back into my diet and I make a careful note of how my body reacts. It is important to notice any correlations between a specific food, combining of foods or any ingredients within foods that might be a factor.
The signals our body sends us are actually quite obvious when we pay attention. Many of us are used to just popping a tablet when things aren’t right or trying to remedy the messages with a different cure. The point is, the body is in fact struggling to digest whatever you have given it and any struggle it faces is going to affect our health and our wellbeing.

Here are a few signals to watch out for and to make a note of:

• Feeling hazy in the head
This is the best description I could come up with! Essentially you feel light headed and somewhat “fuzzy”. I notice this one when I eat bread.

• Feeling a buzz
This is incredibly noticeable when you eat MSG. I notice it with stuff that contains a lot of sugar. I get this buzz and then the drop that follows. Not a good buzz for the body! It is also combined with heart racing feeling and sometimes heart palpitations.

• Gassy, bloated…
This one is only noticeable after about 2hrs of eating. If you get gassy, it is common to be food combining that can cause this. Fruit with meals can be a big culprit for me!

• Headaches
These are common when the food you are eating is not right. This is also a big warning sign that something else is out of balance. If you get many headaches, really look at a doing a huge diet change as it is likely affecting your whole body.

• Nausea
I get this almost instantly and even get like a “warning nausea” when I look at certain foods. My body is almost telling me before I even consider eating something that I am likely to get nauseous. I find this with cake. I just can’t even eat it anymore! Great as a diet remedy! Get me to feel nauseous before I even want any!
Nausea is an indicator that what you just ate was not good. It was either too fatty or contained something your body didn’t like.

• Feeling tired
This one is a funny one. I know when I get tired, I want more sugar to give me the buzz. The buzz drops and I feel more tired. Feeling tired is also a sign that you have got too much for the body to digest and process. Cut back on the fats and sugars and you will feel heaps better in a couple of days.
I know it is a downward spiral for me sometimes. I have something sweet, feel tired and then want more sugar. Or I have a big meal which makes me feel tired, so I want dessert and then it is all over! Be aware that sugar is only exacerbating the issue.

These are just a few little signs being sent by your body that it is not happy. The sooner you can connect the dots between your body signals and the food you eat, the sooner you can find the right diet for you. You will recognize what makes you tired and what makes you get headaches etc.. It is always easier to start with nothing and add a new thing at a time to really test this theory.

Are there others that you have? Do you know how to read your body? What connections have you made with specific foods? Have you tested any specific foods? Would love to hear it!

Big hugs,

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