Can we really “Cure Endometriosis”?

Can we really “Cure Endometriosis”?

The word “cure” can often provide misinformation and a false sense to people about its meaning. When I use the word “cure” what comes to mind? Do you think it will get rid of Endometriosis for good, having it never return? Is this considered cured?


What about the pain? Would you consider it gone if there was no more pain?


Do you believe we can simply “cut it out” and it will somehow be gone forever? This is the danger with Western Medicine. It describes disease as something that is like an infestation in the body. It is a foreign matter, that shouldn’t be there, that either needs to be removed, cut out or eradicated. It is described as some, ugly alien that has invaded the body. These invaders are in the wrong place, so we have to cut them out, stomp them out with drugs and hormone treatments and they will then just shrivel up and go away!


The reality is, disease within the body is actually caused from the cells within the body. They are not a foreign invasion of cells, the cells already exist, they are simply in overdrive or in the wrong place (as is the case for Endometriosis). The body’s ability to cope with disease is dependent on how strong its state of balance is.


Here is an explanation by a brilliant blog for Traditional Chinese Medicine:

When people talk about “a cure for cancer” I don’t think they mean that cancer would never happen. While a vaccine for cancer (or the common cold) would be nice, usually that doesn’t seem to be what people are discussing. What we want is a way to avoid prolonged suffering and/or death at the hand of the disease process in question. We want, in essence, to reduce the illnesses duration and severity to minimal levels. We want to get better fast and suffer few lasting negative effects from our experience.

I think one other essential piece of the idea of curation involves the ability for the cure in question to be always and everywhere applicable. We wouldn’t call something a cure that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. That may be the info behind the claim that no “cure” for the common cold has been found. That being said, under the care of a competent Chinese medical practitioner, I do believe that rectification of cold and flu symptoms can be reliably achieved. If under such circumstances a person still suffers from their symptoms or, perhaps, even worsens (developing phlegm deep in the lungs, for example) this is likely due to some misunderstanding on the part of the practitioner about the pre-existing state of the patient’s body constitution. This is the case, I think, with any medical therapy and any disease. Consider any disorder we consider to be “cured” in modern medical practice. If a person displays with that illness and the therapy is inappropriately applied or some pre-existing condition of the patient renders the therapy ineffective, we don’t cast shadows on the ability of that therapy to be curative for that disease.

For Chinese Medicine, curing a disease simply involves a restoration of the body’s natural balance. Yin and Yang come into appropriate relationship with one another and all the seasons of the body come in their course with a typical expression. The body responds easily to normal daily stresses and no symptoms of blockage (pain, pathological products) exist. Chinese medical therapies, when applied consistently and competently, rectify the state of health for many conditions for many people.

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To re-iterate: A cure is a process whereby we restore the body’s natural balance. We achieve this through a variety of elements. These include reducing stress in our lives, eating a balanced diet, providing the body with sufficient rest time and aiding the immune system and healing process.


The body wants this natural balance to occur.

Depending on what we have done to the body in the past, is often an indication of how long our journey is to finding that “cured” state. For some of us, this can take years due to using drugs and hormonal treatments within the body, which actually create further imbalance within the body.

We were all created with the same organs and the same ability to lead a pain free life. Why is it then that some of us have a harder time with disease and conditions than others? It all comes down to balance. Some of us are simply better at adhering to balance and recognize when our bodies need time out and rest.

So, the reality is that Endometriosis is simply an expression of the body of an imbalance within us.

Don’t think that at any stage, we can simply go back to eating junk food, not exercising and leading a highly stressful life and that we will be okay. We need to maintain balance throughout our lives, as disease and conditions only occur within a state of imbalance.

You may notice other imbalances in those around you. They are all expressions by the body that there is a problem. Our bodies just express them in different ways. Some of us will get heart conditions, lung conditions or arthritis. It is all an expression of imbalance. The thing is, we need to fix the imbalance early to prevent it from developing into more severe conditions.

Within the Chinese Mythology, there is a sphere by which disease travels. When we ignore our body’s warnings of pain and imbalance, it will simply move to the next organ and cause further damage within the body. You may notice them within your family. My family has a history of bowel cancer, Crohn’s disease, acne and kidney stones.

I don’t want to develop all of these nasties so I am making sure I treat my body the best way possible to avoid these complications later on. Overall health doesn’t just mean focusing on Endometriosis but the whole body!


Question: what would you consider a cure? What defines a cure to you?

Big hugs,

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  1. It would seem that if the brain and mind control the body, keeping that balanced would also be beneficial. If the mind is right the body usually follows. And sometimes even though we think we believe we are on the right track with our remedies, a part of us doesn’t believe and causes internal conflict. Neuro-linguistic Programming tools have been developed that can resolve this internal conflict. In many instances, healing takes place faster.

    I also would like to give an anecdotal story about endometriosis that may be helpful. Its not my site but I am a distributor. It is a good story though.

    Good Luck.


    • Thanks for sharing Kel and a great point about our minds being ever powerful on it all!
      I think we can correct our cells memory by focusing and releasing all that anger and resentment so many of us hold onto.
      I had a look at the Herbalife products but unfortunately the ingredients list kinda put me off. There are things like Soy Licithin and Vegetable oil which are just not great for endo. I am sure it can help some women though 🙂

    • It looks interesting! I have heard heaps of great things about Acai Berries. Not sure it will be the total solution but it will certainly help boost the immune system some 🙂

  2. Really a very fine explaination of endometriosis. I agree that it is expression of the body of an imbalance within us.I don’t know why but reading this blog has relaxed me a bit. I am suffering from endo for the last 5 years. Got a lapro done but it reoccured within a year. They dint tell that ( about re-occurance) at the time of surgery. So I was quite depressed when I found them back. I still have them . Doctor suggested another Lapro. I instead chose a hompeopathy treatment. But after two years of treatment there is no respite. After reading your blogs I am once again hopeful about getting cured if I follow a balanced lifestyle.

    • Hi Shiana. I am so happy my blog has made you feel better. I know it is so rude that they don’t tell us these things. They didn’t tell me either! I really thought that was it! Unfortunately natural healing does take longer but stick with it and you will feel the changes coming together. Try getting into juicing. Make your own from fresh fruit and vegetables. I found this was a real turning point in my healing 🙂
      All the best, Melissa

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