Book a Time with Mel

I am excited to be catching up with you personally. I am based in New Zealand and found this to be a much easier way to make appointments.

Please note: appointments are generally held on Skype rather than on the phone.


Follow these steps to make a booking:

  1. Choose the type of appointment we are having.
  2. Pick your timezone and pick a time that suits you.
  3. Enter in your details.

Please note: in the phone number field, please put your SKYPE NAME instead as we will be having our chat through Skype.

If you are wanting to connect with me for a collaborative meetings, please visit this page.

The calendar will automatically add your appointment into my calendar and send you reminder emails so we both attend at the scheduled time.


Looking forward to meeting up with you.

** My time is important. Please cancel appointments prior to our scheduled time, if you are not able to make it.

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