I have an interesting theory about back pain and muscle pain with Endometriosis. I am not a massage therapist or anything like that, but there seems to be a certain logic to this, that I thought I would share.

So, as Endometriosis sufferers, we have a tendency to hold our stomachs back a little. I do anyways. I think it is like a protective thing. It is an area that we feel is sensitive, so we hold it back a little and don’t stick it out too far, incase it gets hit by something. I personally know that my posture reflects this. I think it is this posture, which then creates other imbalances and pains in our back. I know my posture has never been great and I tend to hold my head quite abit forward. This causes me pain in my shoulders and down my back.

I have also noticed that I used to hold or clamp my stomach muscles quite abit. I believe this weakens the lower back muscles and this means when we then have to do any heavy lifting, they just don’t cope with it.


So, what can we do to improve our posture and our weakened lower back?

I have personally found, focusing on my posture and recognising that the spine needs to essentially be aligned and hold us up. We shouldn’t need to use muscles to hold ourselves up or sit up right. When we use muscles, we tire and they get tense and sore.

I also noticed that by building the lower back muscles, through specific back muscle exercises, it has helped me to reduce holding myself up with my stomach muscles. The interesting thing with this is that since I am not using my stomach muscles to hold myself up anymore, I have less pain in the lower abdominal area, from tensing those muscles all day. This has helped me with Endometriosis pain too.

The best method I have found for building my muscle strength in my lower back and my stomach, has been with Yoga. It is impressive to see and feel the difference in my stomach. It is flatter but also more shapely than it ever was before.


It would be interesting to see what sort of back pain we share. Do you have lower back pain? Do you pull your back out easily? Do you notice a correlation with your posture and pain? Do you get sore shoulder pain?

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