Are You Making Endometriosis Worse With the Products You Use… Down There?

Are You Making Endometriosis Worse With the Products You Use… Down There?

I know you think I would know this… and that I would’ve figured this one out a heap of a lot sooner but to be totally honest with you, I just never considered that it would make that much of a difference. I am talking about any products you use in your genital area. No, not just tampons and pads but anything you use.

I have a funny thing about hair. I know it should be all “natural” but I just feel dirty when it is all bushy and stuff, so I used to use Veet or any kind of hair removal product almost twice monthly to get rid of the hair. Until I came across this article by the girls over at Natural Fertility.

What I didn’t know is that the genital area is incredibly absorbent. It is made up of fatty tissues and glands which are highly absorbent and the fat in the area is known to store chemicals. It is the most delicate area on our whole body and here we are putting nasty chemicals, bleached tampons and pads near the area. What was I thinking?

All typical products we are currently using are so bad for our little friend…

Tampons, pads and creams which contain nasty chemicals such as Dioxin, Polyacrylate, Polypropylene and Polyethylene. We know about Dioxin and how that has been directly linked to Endometriosis but all of these chemicals also affect our estrogen levels and would add to the long list of xenoestrogens we are adding to the body. Read about xenoestrogens in this article I did yesterday:

Anything that is bleached white should be avoided… as a simple rule.

Here is an interesting one: I have a friend who recently converted to using the Moon Cup. Her intentions were to be nicer to the environment. She was initially really scared of the whole thing but seemed to work it out after a few months. A few weeks ago, she was caught unaware and was forced to use pads again. There was nothing else around but the usual highly bleached, “chemical rich” stuff so she used that. She had instant cramping which she hadn’t felt for months on being on the Moon Cup. Interesting…?

The reality is, these products do actually get absorbed into our body and especially in that area we want to heal and protect. We may think, “Well, I only use them once a month” but over many years, you are accumulating those toxins and eventually over 40 years they amount to a whole lot! Besides, do we really want to add to the toxicity levels in our body, especially in our most absorbent area of the body?

So, what is the alternative?

Here is where it gets tricky…There are pure, organic cotton pads which would probably be my first choice. Make sure they are organic, as cotton is the most chemically sprayed product there is.

There are also some other inventions including the Moon Cup and reusable menstrual pads. I am going to go and experiment with these because personally I find them a little overwhelming.

Also, I got myself a lady shaver yesterday. It is really cute! It is from Remington and it is pink—what’s not to love?

I got it at Farmers and they had a sale on so it only cost me $24.00! It has this plastic protector bit so you can’t cut yourself and you can also take it off for a closer shave. I feel so much better.

Well, I am off to the health shop to explore these other alternatives for my little friend down there. If you have experience with any of them, I would love to hear from you.

Oh, here is a video from the girls over at Fertility Shop about them and how they work and stuff, if you have never heard of them.

To buy them, you can visit them at: Natural Fertility Shop.


Big hugs,

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    What do you think about using vaginal wash such as Summers Eve?? If you don’t recommend it what do you suggest as an alternative? I have to wash my vagina with some type of’s a must, lol, but I want to make sure what I’m washing it with is safe. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Chann,
      You could make a mix of 1:3 ratio of apple cider vinegar with water and splash that on. I don’t know of Summer’s Eve – might be an American product? There is a delicate balance goin on down there so take it easy with too much washing 🙂
      If things are too stinky it might be a sign of thrush or something else going on.

  2. What about bladder control pads (a touchy subject for me) since I have to use them everyday because of endo on my bladder giving me incontinence? I honestly never thought about this before now….thanks for the article again 🙂

  3. I had bled way too much to use ‘just’ pads. I had to use the Diva AND pads & I STILL leaked thru! I had to be sure I wasn’t out & about whenever I had my period ‘cos I had to be sure I could get to a toilet every hour to change.
    Once you get the hang of a menstrual cup, it really is quite easy. There was a tip I read awhile back ’bout making that ‘hole’ a bit bigger (the ones that are pinprick size for air). That does help it go in better. Another thing is to squeeze it origami style. That worked best for me to ‘pop’ it in LOL

    • Thanks for sharing Wend. I just found it a little awkward to use. I will get it another go – no chance of taking it back – haha! I guess it was the same when I started taking tampons! 🙂

  4. Nice post!

    I’m 37 and until last summer had only used ob tampons or “The Keeper” (a reusable tampon). I switched to Gladrags (reusable cotton pads) and have been experiencing less cramping. They wash up better than I expected and are better for the environment than the load of tampons I’ve used in my life.

    • Hi Jaye. That is great to hear. I am going to opt for those I think. I got the Diva Cup and felt a little akward about using it, so reusable pads sound like a much better plan for me 🙂

  5. I use cotton pads – have been for two years now – and it really seems to ‘help’: less bleeding, less cramping, no irritation down there. I thought it was hippie talk at first, but I gave it a try and I will never go back!

  6. Debra I feel for you!! I won’t see regular docs anymore ‘cos I’ve had back to back surgeries & STILL in pain. I only see a naturopath now. They help the body heal as a whole. When one part is ‘sick’, it affects every other part. They even help deal w/ the emotional & mental ‘cos our emotions, our feelings can create physical probs too.
    I wish you the best on your new lifestyle!

  7. Melissa,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog. I have endometriosis that I just found out through a laparoscopy is “extensive”, according to my doctor. I’ve known that I had this for years because endo. was found to be the reason that I had to have an appendectomy. I have just ordered a Diva Cup and a bunch of cloth menstrual pads. I made the switch because of my endo. and I had read that the dioxins in my feminine products were most like a contributing factor. I am now also in the process of beginning the endometriosis diet. I have been on birth control on and off for years, but my husband and I want children, so it is time to ditch those. I like that you are willing to discuss pretty much anything, because honesty is something that is all to often in short supply. I am losing faith with doctors when it comes to treating endometriosis because I have seen so many of them, and nothing has improved. First, insurance wouldn’t pay at the time I had a doctor willing to do something. Now, I have a doctor that did a laparsocopy, put me through all that, and did nothing while he was in there but put dye in my tubes (they are open, thankfully, but one of them is “glued” at an un-natural angle, “kinked” as he put it), and snap pictures. Ok, rant over, LOL. He said that I would have to have another laparoscopy or just deal with the pain. Um, I don’t think so. I choose the third option. I am to going to change my lifestyle so that my body can heal, and I am going to do that with nutrition/natural remedies. My body and my usage of it got me into this mess, and it’s gonna get me out of it. Thank you. You have given me more info. and insight that my Dr. ever did. 🙂

    • Hi Debra and welcome! So glad you found me too 🙂
      The first thing you should do is cut out sugar or fats in your diet. Whichever you are most attached to is usually the culprit. Then go through each organ and find natural ways of healing them. The most important one is actually your digestion. If you can get this right,your body will be able to absorb all it needs from the superfoods you give it. Aloe Vera Juice is my recommendation for that one!
      I hope you get heaps more answers and please feel free to ask any questions you might be having 🙂

      • Thank you! I think it’s probably sugar, as I find it hardest to cut, so I’ll start there! Thanks so much! 🙂

  8. Melissa, I like how your articles invoke some good, honest talk.
    Kortney, In your blog, I love what you said ‘bout you can’t pee w/ a tampon in. I was the same way!
    I used the Diva Cup too. Was a bit odd getting used to but when you do it right, there is less mess. Some people don’t like touching their own blood & frankly, I’m not too fond of my own blood either LOL but I liked that it was a cheap, green alternative to tampons. I had a hysterectomy so don’t need these anymore.
    I found I had cramps w/ the Diva in when it wasn’t in properly. So that was my indication I had to re-adjust it.
    I also used literal rags for my periods. I would wear a pad & end up having to use a rag for ‘added protection’ anyways ‘cos I bled so stinkin’ much. I had bought years ago some bladder control pads & they worked well as they were thick & could hold the blood better. Again, just like w/ the menstrual cups, have to be ok w/ your own blood ‘cos to be green, you DO have to rinse them out. I’d just do them in the bathtub after my bath. Then launder as usual.
    And… while we are on THAT topic LOL I was using ‘rags’ for my periods then was thinking, why not for other bathroom things? I had searched & found a TP-free site where it was about cloth diapers & how the moms raised their kids on cloth diapers but then went to ‘paper’. I guess hey, if I could be okay w/ washing them out for blood, why not for other things? So I’m TP-free too!
    So think ‘bout this one girls LOL
    ‘bout the shaver part, I just use a nice trimmer. I love how this was in there too! People tend to shy away from topics like these but I don’t know why. It’s nice to talk ‘bout it w/ others.

    • Thanks for sharing Wend! Yeah it is fun to share – even on these very womenly topics 🙂 I was even debating posting this one but I am glad I did!

    • Hi Kortney. Awesome blog post! Fabulous for sharing and great detail – I am a little blood squemish but I might try it anyways 🙂
      Interesting that it reduced your cramping!

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