Help! I Am Addicted to Chocolate! I Know It Is Bad for My Endometriosis!

Help! I Am Addicted to Chocolate! I Know It Is Bad for My Endometriosis!

I was really debating publishing this video as I know I am always telling us all to avoid chocolate! I am totally freaked out by this sudden addiction and to be honest, I have no idea where it has come from!

Would love any advice you can share or if you are going through a similar experience at the moment!



Big hugs,

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  1. I love a cocoa, almond milk and a couple of slices of ginger.!! Melissa do you think that cooca has the sam effect as coffee???

  2. i just found out i have this condition and am going through some major changes
    i found “Rice Dream” ice cream that has none of the bad stuff in it, not even sugar, just agave nectar

    so i asked my husband to pick me up some maybe in vanilla, and he comes back with chocolate fudge something or other
    so i looked, and it has a special form of choclate that is made with agave nectar and other stuff we are allowed to have so.. yay!

  3. Maybe replacing chocolate isn’t the answer. Try making your own out of better ingredients. The chocolate itself has antioxidants, but typically things are added to it that are bad for us. I’ll see if I can dig up some recipes, but using organic cocoa powder instead of presweetened is a start, but almond milk rather than cows milk makes for a very tasty treat. By making it yourself you can avoid the massive amounts of sugar by using just a touch of agave nectar, honey, or molasses. I’ve tried chocolate made with these substitutions and it is better than anything that can be bought in a store.

    • Thanks Renee,
      I have since figured out a great smoothy that seems to reduce the craving quite well. It has real Cocoa powder, Molasses, Almond Milk (made myself), Coconut Milk, Honey and Berries. I add some nutritive stuff in there too, to get the best for my bod!
      Recipes are always appreciated, if you have them handy:)

  4. Hi Mel!
    I used to be addictive to chocolate. I ate it everyday, probably for 20 years or so, before I started the endodiet. It was very difficult to stop eating it. I had to replace it with rawfoodcakes/balls. There are so many nice dessert-recipes out there. And as Uma wrote, try raw cacao! It´s great! And i´ve also heard it´s a superfood! Good for us chocolate-“junkies”!

  5. Hi,
    I’ve found whenever I’ve been insatiably craving something abnormal for me that it’s more of a craving for a vitamin that I’m lacking in. Maybe your body is crying out for calcium through the milk or some sort of mineral. The other thing I’ve found is that by completely denying yourself of yummy things tends to lead to crazy cravings where I cannot stop eating whatever it may be. I suggest trying to eat chocolate past the point of it being enjoyable and that’ll cure the addiction quickly. lo l

    • Hi Olivia,
      That is totally true! I have since done a follow up on this video – me coming to my senses! The quickest method was ….. reading those horrid ingredients 🙂

  6. Hi Mel, Look into RAW chocolate it has amazing health & detox properties (its actually very GOOD for you ;-), regular chocolate has all kinds of horrid things added like refined sugar, milk stuff etc… and the cooking process destroys a lot of the really beneficial stuff 🙁 there is some really great raw chocolate out there, OmBar is my favourite. xx

    • Thanks for sharing Uma. I shall try and find some raw chocolate. I got the actual cocoa beans and ate one of those but that didn’t seem to taste quite as good.

  7. Relax Mel, I guess we all have these phases of minor addiction. I’m sure you will get over it soon, enjoy the chocolate until you get there 🙂

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