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7 Benefits of Vegetable Soup


A wonderful Sunday afternoon task that can set you up for lunch for the winter!

Vegetable soup offers heaps of benefits:

1. We know vegetables are good for us but often when they are boiled or steamed we don’t always get all their nutritional content. By preparing a soup we get every little bit of nutrition right inside the very liquid they are made in!

2. The soup is easy to digest. It is in a liquid form which means the body will find it easier to absorb without having extra work in breaking down large chunks. The good stuff can go straight to where it needs to.

3. It is warm. As we know warming ingredients in the form of tea is really beneficial for us. Soups will naturally warm us up from the inside out!

4. Mixture of ingredients. One can use up to as many vegetables as you enjoy in one soup – this means we are getting a whole bunch of different nutrients from all the different vegies!

5. Easy to prepare. Making soup is easy and fun and a great thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. It will take you about an hour and the soup will last the whole week.

6. It is cheaper than buying lunch everyday. If you buy vegetables that are in season and go to your local market or fruit store, you will find fresh and affordable vegetables. It will work out much cheaper than buying lunch every day and it has all the other benefits!

7. It keeps frozen. Yes, you can freeze it and it will keep all the nutrients in there for you. This makes it easy on nights when you get home late and don’t feel like cooking to find a nutritious meal or to prepare in advance.

How do we make it then?

Go to your local market and buy heaps of vegetables. Always get Carrots, Celery, Onion and Garlic as a base. Buy what is in season as it will be fresher and cheaper.

Some other options:
Sweet Potato

Start with a base of chopped up: Carrots, Celery, Onion and Garlic. Pop this in a pot with a little liquid. Allow to soften. Add various other vegetables that you have bought. Potatoes and pumpkin can be “squished” against the side of the pot to give the soup extra thickness. Top with a vegetable stock and add Chick Peas – they add a delicious crunch! Cook for 1hr. Add salt and pepper or spices to taste. Spring onion can be added at the end for a nice fresh taste.

This is truly delicious and so good for you!


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