One of my readers thought I should look into Nattokinasse and potentially try it for myself. It is the main ingredient in Fibrovan, which now also make a similar product called Endovan. It sounded quite good to me, when I first started researching it. It claims to dissolve Scar Tissue or a better explanation, the fibrin in the blood  clots we have, that form the Endometriosis. The idea is, to thin the blood and thereby dissolve the Endometriosis. Here is the website for the it :


Here are 5 reasons I am hesitant on Fibrovan or Endovan supplements in particular

1. The Marketing is deceptive

The website is designed to sell us on the product. It has a logo of the FDA, which says “We follow the guidelines of the FDA”. This is misleading. It  makes us think it is FDA approved and only if you read the fine print at the bottom of the page, can you tell it isn’t FDA approved. This is dishonest to me…..


2. The Endovan product contains Vitex or Chasteberry.

Now, I know my research is not conclusive but I don’t think this is a good supplement for girls with Endometriosis.


3. It says there are NO Side-effects

Sorry, that can’t be – especially when the supplement deals with thinning the blood. Hey, the whole body is made up of blood and thinning ALL of it, just for endo is potentially risky, in my opinion.

When I researched just Nattokinase as a supplement, I discovered that there are infact side-effects:


4. It contains Green Tea Leaf Extract.

I never thought this could be a bad supplement as Green Tea is actually really good for us. However, upon further research, I discovered this article:



Essentially (if you don’t feel like reading all of that), it actually can cause more damage to the liver – in a Green Leaf  Tea Extract form. Interesting!

We know the liver is a massive organ in our healing of Endometriosis as it flushes out excess hormones and fats! We certainly don’t want to place any further strain on the liver :)


5. It is created using the Soy Bean

I know, the poor soy bean does get quite abit of slack! This is just a fear thing I have with Soy now, but perhaps that is where my hesitancy is coming from. How do we know they are not using genetically modified soy beans? Also, soy is just not good for endometriosis…. so I am just a little hesitant there too.


I did read heaps of stories about it though and there seem to be girls who say they had a dramatic improvement with it. It seems to be particularly beneficial for girls with fibroids. Maybe, I should look into other brands containing Nattokinase….. your thoughs?


Now, I must just say that I did spend a couple of hours trying to research Fibrovan. If you have tried it and can share your thoughts on it, please feel free to share! I am certainly open to persuasion! :)



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