5 Reasons Why I Am Hesitant to Try Fibrovan or Endovan – What Are Your Thoughts?

5 Reasons Why I Am Hesitant to Try Fibrovan or Endovan – What Are Your Thoughts?

One of my readers thought I should look into Nattokinasse and potentially try it for myself. It is the main ingredient in Fibrovan and Endovan. It sounded quite good to me, when I first started researching it. Fibrovan is known to dissolve scar tissue.  More specifically, Fibrovan dissolves the fibrin in the blood clots that form Endometriosis. The idea is to thin the blood and thereby dissolve the Endometriosis. There is more information available at http://www.fibrovan.com.


Here are 5 reasons I am hesitant about Fibrovan or Endovan supplements in particular.

1. The Marketing is deceptive.

The website is designed to sell us on the product. It has a logo of the FDA, which says “We follow the guidelines of the FDA”. This is misleading. It  makes us think it is FDA approved and only if you read the fine print at the bottom of the page, can you tell it isn’t FDA approved. This is dishonest to me.


2. The Endovan product contains Vitex or Chasteberry.

Now I know my research is not conclusive but in my opinion this is not a good supplement for girls with Endometriosis.


3. Endovan says there are NO side-effects

Sorry, that can’t be, especially when the supplement deals with thinning the blood. The whole body is made up of blood and thinning ALL of it just for Endo carries some risk, in my opinion.

When I researched Nattokinase as a supplement, I discovered that there are in fact side-effects:



4. Endovan contains Green Tea Leaf Extract.

I never thought this could be a bad supplement as Green Tea is actually really good for us. However, upon further research, I discovered this article:




Essentially (if you don’t feel like reading all of that), Nattokinase actually can cause more damage to the liver in a Green Leaf Tea Extract form. Interesting!

We know the liver is a massive organ that helps heal us from Endometriosis as it flushes out excess hormones and fats. We certainly don’t want to place any further strain on the liver.


5. Endovan is created using the Soy Bean

I know, the poor soy bean does get quite a bit of slack! This is just a fear thing I have with soy now, but perhaps that is where my hesitancy comes from. How do we know they are not using genetically modified soy beans? Also, soy is just not good for endometriosis… so I am just a little hesitant there too.


I did read heaps of stories about it though and there seem to be girls who say they had a dramatic improvement with it. It seems to be particularly beneficial for girls with fibroids. Maybe I should look into other brands containing Nattokinase… your thoughts?


Now, I must just say that I did spend a couple of hours trying to research Fibrovan. If you have tried it and can share your thoughts on it, please feel free to share! I am certainly open to persuasion!



Big hugs and healing,

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45 Comments to 5 Reasons Why I Am Hesitant to Try Fibrovan or Endovan – What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. I am looking at the ingredient list on Endovan and it says Nattokinase NSP-2 (which contains no soy), Cramp Bark, Astaxanthin (an antioxidant), EGCG Green Tea Extract, Lycopene, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, and that’s it.

    I’m not seeing the soy or vitex. Maybe they changed their ingredients?

    BTW, anybody worried about liver function when taking nattokinase might look into milk thistle

  2. I have stage 4 endometriosis and I tried a bottle of Endovan. It did nothing for me so I returned it for my refund but they never gave me my refund. I’ve sent several emails and no one has responded yet. I think the 100% money back gaurentee is a scam. Don’t count on getting your money back.

  3. Endovan saved my life as well as my uterus. All 14 of my fibroids are gone. The cyst is gone on my left overy. I had over 4 blood transfusions with in a year. The MRI showed the fibroids are gone!!

  4. Hi,

    I just came across this post, 5 years later!

    What do you think of Pycnogenol? Some people recommend this too. From what I read; people with endo have been recommended to take Serrapeptase, Nattokinase or Pycnogenol.

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  6. Has anyone had their liver counts checked when taking any of these herbal remedies for Endometriosis?? I am looking for a healthy solution that is natural and not a chemical created in a lab. I am at a crossroads of being forced into bc or finding a safe herbal remedy as I have always tried to do. My only other concern too is I was told ten yrs ago I have very thin blood genetically, like someone on blood thinner. So it makes me fearful of a lot of the remedies up here. But taking nsaids all the time for pain isn’t good either…and they haven’t killed me. I tried Endovan for a few mths…with no ill effects…but stopped due to expense. But I have no choice now. HELP….stuck between a rock and a hard place here. My principles say…go with your gut…my gut says natural remedies…not bc. Even the bible states God gave us plants for medicine and I believe this whole heartedly…thank you for any insights ladies and God Bless….

  7. I have stage 4 endometriosis and my uterus is fused to my intestines so they don’t want to do hysterectomy, too risky. Anyhow I have been using endovan since Feb 2011. I swear by this product. I had so much pain in the past I thought I was dying. But now have no pain. No side effects either.

  8. Did everyone tried this ? ” Blockbuster AllClear” from Natural Health ? I read about it and I think to take it istead of Endovan. It has more powerful enzimes I think that help with inflammation and pains . And containing the 2 same ingredience from Endovan plus more others but less Nattokinase. Anyone tried it ? Thanks !

  9. Hello again from China ! I posted here before and I am back now . I stoped the Chinese herbs and continued on endovan ( the Chinese herbs cost much than Endovan for 1 month) . I am free 100% of pains , but I am feel very bad before period come ( 2-3 days before , but WITH NO PAINS AT ALL !) . In this time when I was absent from here :), I have done a surgery for gallbladder and I advice all girls/women with Endo, this should be a must in Endometriosis , as the gallbladder is so much influenced by hormones , estrogens in special ! My doctor told me this and doing research, I also saw this. Now, after surgery and no gallbladder , I am free of pains, I can eat anything and even pork meat, which I forgot about it for many years…. when I had gallbladder…. The surgery was already 2 years ago, but with all this, I don’t know why I am still feel bad ( tired, feel nausea, and weak ) before period. I guess Endo is in pancreas too…..
    I have no any cyst, I have nothing in pelvic area, all my test are perfect ! but I still feel bad before period. Sometimes feel nothing, even no feel when start bleeding. As I said, I am free of pains .
    I stoped Chinese herbs for many reasons : 1. I do not know read Chinese and is hard to understand what herbs contain that all medicines. 2. I read that some herbs damage the liver , so the risk is more than the benefits in this case.
    I am still on Endovan, but I take a break of 1-2 months every year, to let the liver relax a little bit 🙂
    I am 35 this year, I am not married, no kids, no pregnancy history . I don’t know why since this winter, my period becomed shorter. 24 days instead of 26-27. And some also other effects, like gums inflammation at ovulation, which I never had it before. I am wonder if this is from too much Endovan … I am already in use of Endovan since 4 years, almost 5.

  10. This is an up-date! I’m still taking Fibrovan (since 2009) and is still my miracle supplement. With no side effects in all these years.

  11. I’m looking into Fibrovan and other holistic ways to help with fibroids. I am headed to a fibroid specialist on March 4th to go over alternatives to a hysterectomy. All of this information is very interesting and I am doing a lot of research before I make a decision. I just ordered Nature’s Fibroid Control by House of Nutrition and am going to try that before trying Fibrovan. I also read somewhere there is a link between fibroids and thyroid. I do have low thyroid and take vitamins for it (no meds) and I started back up on my Thyroid Vitamin recently to see if it will make a difference.

    This site has been very helpful and informative, thank you everyone for the input. I found it all very interesting.

    • My wife have extremely horrible days of unending painful periods to the point of total dibilitation. Doctors, specialists, MRIs, and horrible progression of this disease. Then we found Endovan. I can say with certainty that it is working. She tells me little pulls in her wonb here and there. Her period came without the knifelike pain. She is definitely progressing, sleeping well for the first time in many years. And for me as a husband, I hung around to see her progressing agaist this disease. We take every day with hope and joy. We just wished we found Endovan earlier.


  12. When my doctor diagnosed me as being vitamin K deficient I remembered reading in the book “the Arthritis Cure” that one should never be vitamin K deficient. The body would make all the vitamin K it needed from pantothenic (Means universal) acid. I took pantothenic acid supplements for a while and my bruising stopped. Many of the foods touted as being high in vitamin K are high in pantothenic acid.

    I came on the site while researching nattokinase.

  13. Hi ladies I just came upon this drug while looking up things to help my endo. My reasoning for wanting to try the medication is I am 27 and have no children. And very badly would like one. And the cost of invetro is outta the question for me. I am stage 4 and they say my chance of getting preganet are silm. Is anyone else taking or trying this medication for that reason. Or could you just give me some advice on options or what to do. I don’t know anyone personally with endo to talk to. Anything would be appreciative thanks ladies.

    • Hi Tarrah,

      You can only try things and see what happens. I wasn’t sold on it but then I know many girls loved it. You can get pregnant and you can beat this thing! Don’t believe everything your doctor tells you!

    • I’ve been using Endovan since 8/12 and I can’t tell you how great I feel. I suffered for 15 years with horrible periods, digestive issues and was completely miserable before during and after my period. Was diagnosed with state iv endo in ’98 which explained a lot. It’s your choice not to take Endovan but I can tell you from experience that my quality of life has improved ten fold since taking this product.

  14. Sorry I also take sea kelp tablet most of the time which I know helps with blood clotting. The main thing I am experiencing is brusing vey very easily.

  15. Hi Melissa,

    I eat quite a bit of spinach and brocolli but think that I am quite possibly vitamin k deficient.
    I have just had a little search and some information came up on it saying its helpd to clot the blood and also that if we have excess in our bodies this is stored in the liver. Do you think this would be harmful to the liver if there was? I dont want to take it if I’n going to be getting too much.
    Any advice appreciated 🙂

  16. I see there are people who have not had the good results I have had with the Endovan. All I can say is that everyone is different, even everyone’s endo is different. The Endovan is working for me, amazingly. I promise to stay up-to-date with you as I continue on it, and I will let you know the status. I am hopeful 🙂 Like I said, I was MISERABLE and scheduled my hysterectomy. I am at a place where I don’t even think about it anymore. We will see how the next few months go! Thanks for your encouragement!

  17. Hello again to you all !

    As I said in my previews message , I am on continuous usage of Endovan since almost 3 years. It is working, but not always ! Since I stopet to take Ankun Zanyu Wang ( the chinese medicines which helped me more than perfect ), imediately 2 months later, all the most worse siyymptoms was back to me !!! I was ready to die, I got a big cyst and it was broken, big infection in all my peritoneum, etc etc.. I realised that Endovan is not working much, but that chinese medicines made me time of 1 year to forget completely of endo . I never got any episode of rupture cyrst or something like this as always got before use it. I was need stop them as they had no more in stock . Now they made a new stock and I can find them , I ordered again today and I am so happy to start again to live !… Ankun Zanyu Wan is about 10 times stronger than Endovan , contain lots of herbs and nutrients that a woman with endo need . I would recomand it to anyone who suffer of endo. It is worth ! you need take it from day 5 or day 3 of your menstrual cycle till day 25 or 28. If your cycle is longer than 28, you can take them in same schedule, but longer , till day 30-35 , depend how long is your cycle.
    The effect is visible instantly , for me was happened this. I was in pains, once I eat one of that pill , I felt my body warm and pain disappeared. Chinese medicines cure blood stasis , regulate menstruation, no pains, purify the blood, recover the liver and kidneys.
    I am from Europe and living in China since 6 years , at begining I didn’t believed in Chinese medicines also, but once tried them, I rarely apply for western medicines now . And take care, herbs medicines from West are never so pure as the Chinese medicines. West factory add chemicals even they say there are only naturals ingredience , but is not true ! The simple exemple is the capsule of a pill, the pills in plastic capsule are not healthy for the liver . That plactis contain a color ( depend of the color they make color the capsule) , contact plastic , even is comestible, is not natural ! I still take endovan but minimal dose , 2 pills per day.
    For those who want to try, see this link : http://helpofchinesemedicine.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14&products_id=82

    Wish you all , good health !

    • Hi Aylin,
      Thanks for your message. I don’t think the Endovan is good for you. The chinese medicine might have helped curb the effects. Endovan contains too many phytoestrgons which I believe have caused you to developed a cyst. The chinese medicine works on different principles and not on hormones. This chinese remedy sounds perfect! I will reasearch it some more and share it with the girls in a seperate blog. Totally agree with the plastics being bad for our liver 🙂 I would get off the endovan completely and try Vitalzym or Exclzyme instead. It contains the Serrapeptase which is the main ingredient you want!
      All the best and let us know how you go 🙂


  18. I realize this was posted awhile back & my comment comes late. But, I could not pass this up. I was, very hesitantly, scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy this year 2012. I have been blessed with four amazing, healthy kids, and I am grateful. Also, my endo has gotten worse over the past 2 yrs, even while being on the birth control pill. So, the only choice I seemed to have left was a hysterectomy. I always prefer to do things “naturally”, and I am a big believer in nutritional & overall wellness. I eat right & take supplements, but nothing helped my endo, the pain, the bleeding, you know…….
    As a last ditch effort, I scoured the internet for anything I could find for natural remedies for endo. I came across Endovan. I read everything I could about it” the good, the “bad”, and testimonials. I read up on the ingredients in Endovan. I vowed I would take it for one month, the beginning of a cycle to the end. It was more expensive than I was comfortable with, but less of a risk than undergoing major surgery removing my female organs, the recuperation, the cost, the side effects, you name it. All I had to lose was $50. To me, it was worth it.
    I have never regretted that decision.
    I have been taking it for 4 months now & have improved TREMENDOUSLY. I want to tell everyone I know that has suffered from endo about this product. Because I have been there. I realize everyone is different & responds differently to different things. But before you do anything drastic, I encourage you to give it a chance.
    Personally, as someone who experiences side effects from things as harmless as TUMS, I have not had any side effects that I know of. And I get my blood drawn regularly for an unrelated health issue so, nothing new to report there. I am so grateful!

    • Hi Kellie,

      That is wonderful to hear and thanks for the positive feed back on Endovan. I would love to follow your progress with it and see how it goes from here. Some products offer fantastic instant relief and don’t always give us the same effects over a longer period. Have you made any other changes to your lifestyle, diet etc?
      I am super excited to hear about this working for you and I will have to explore it a little further! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • I have been suffering with Endo since my early twenties–before several doctors even knew what it was. Over the years, I have had 3 Laps and Endo always came back. The doctors have suggested a hysterectomy and seriously scary drugs like Lupron. I resisted and used natural products…. Red Raspberry Leaves, Primrose Oil, natural progesterone etc. etc. changed my diet. I’ve red MANY, MANY books on the topic and tried pretty much everything. What I was doing helped somewhat but nothing completely got rid of the pain. It just reduced the pain so I could function a bit better… until the next surgery.

      I was hoping when I reached menopause, that I would finally get permanent relief. That didnt happen. In fact, within 1 year, the Endo pain got MUCH, MUCH worse…. worse than I think it has ever been. I couldn’t even function at work because the pain was so unbearable…. and it screwed all my other organs as well like bowels.

      I am assuming the pain got worse because is the massive drop in Progesterone that we experience with menopause. I am going to a doctor who prescribes natural hormones, so I increased the progesterone to help with pain. It helped a little, but I was taking so much that it made me drowsy.

      My doctor’s office recommended Endovan. The nurse said she had seen it shrink a golf ball sized cyst. I was at my wit’s end and finally considering a hysterectomy, so I ordered it ASAP. IT WORKS.

      I am truly amazed at how well this stuff works. It is totally worth it to me. If the ingredients have an estrogenic effect, then it does not affect me negatively. Last year, my doctor had prescribed natural estrogen, but I had to stop taking it because it caused cramps. Endovan does not cause cramps. This is pretty much the first time in my life since I was 13 that I haven’t had cramps for several weeks out of the month. It is wonderful.

      I say if you are as miserable as I was, try it. I believe it is better than the harsh drugs or a hysterectomy. I believe that they even have a money back guaranteee.

  19. Here is an answer from Gena , up. I am wonder if you took all this 3 producs in the same time and which one gave you the good effect ? Or cannot obtain the good effect if not take all 3 ? I am on Endovan since 2 years and 3 months already , for me worked good, but not perfect anyway. In last year I think I had endo on spine on vertebral column also , I try see every month when appear the pain on vertebal column and it is associate with ovulation or the end of menstruation. I had MRI , it said 3 disk vertebral hernias ! But there they can’t see why .. I was felt so strong pain when happen this in my back ( L4-L5-L6) , 3 months cannot walking…. I feel all my back muscles like something keep it so strong , the abdomen all including stomac, same, I feel something keep my skin … I am sure is endo and maybe got worse with Endovan ? Is possible Endovan just help for pain and inflamation but Endo to grow up more ? I am afraid and I don’t know what else to try. I also have my opinion, I am in China and I am on some Chinese herbs which help to pains , reduce PMS to 0 and regulate your period, it is called Ankun Zanyu Wan . You can find in google also and can order online. I think work good but not sure how interacting with Endovan…. Chinese medicine have many for help pains and endo, but I read somewhere that most of the Chinese herbs are oestrogenic influenced . I don’t know if this is true or not, but it is worth to try anything and see what is ok for you. For nothing for me is working something and for you not …. We are all different. Good health wish you all !

  20. Hi,
    I’m glad that you are researching Fibrovan. I’ve been taking it for 2+ years (6 caps. per day) and I consider it my miracle cure for endo. I also know that it doesn’t work for everybody.

    Regarding point # 3 in your article. From what I read about nattokinasse there are not many side effects when taking this enzyme alone. On the other hand, there can be serious interactions if you are taking it with blood thinners drugs or drugs for your blood pressure.

    Point # 5. I avoid unfermented Soy products like the plague. Now, there is a huge difference between nonfermented soy products (eg soy milk) and fermented soy products (natto, temphe). Fermented soy products contains tons of vitamin K2 and Nonfermented soy products contain phytic acid, which contains anti-nutritive properties.

  21. Hi, There is a product that is safe and works very well to eat away at the scar tissue and also help with inflamation, there is alot of information out there on this product and it has worked very well for me and the pain the endo causes, it is called Wobenzym N also Serrapeptase by Source Naturals works the same, kinda like a pac man eating away all that scar tissue from the endo. I have been in pain for years and these products along with Dim-Plus by Natures Way are the best I have tried and actually gotten relief, Oh also I started taking Candex by Pure Essence Labs it is for the yeast associated with the endo but it is the best ever!!! No die off, it is a formula like no other PLEASE everyone with endo look into taking this product!!! Ok that is what I have been doing for about 2 months now and it is the only protocal that has ever worked on giving me some pain free moments, I am 45 and will soon hit menapause and I never thought I would say this but cant wait, at least the endo monstor wont continue. Good Luck and have a wonderful day!!

    • Gena, thanks for this information. I just tried to order some more Endovan and it looks like it is on backorder for 2 weeks! Arg. I will be in serious pain again if I don’t take it for 2 weeks. I will try to your suggestions. I’ve got a move coming up in a week and cannot afford to be in pain during tha time.

      I also wanted to say that, like you, I could not wait for menopause. Mine started at around 46 and I was SO happy that it started relatively early. I wanted this Endo stuff to be over with. After about a year of no periods and relatively no pain (still had some cramps now and then, but not too terribly bad) suddenly the pain got really, really bad. Absolutely, unbearable. I had to lay on the couch constantly because being vertical made the pain much worse. I increased progesterone a lot to get “some” relief, but the high dosage made me very sleepy. The back pain was also excruciating and bowels and digestive system were constantly messed up…. and it was not letting up. I went through several weeks with NO relief. After refusing doctor’s suggestion for hysterectomy for 25 years, I was ready to do it.

      All of that to say, don’t be surprised if menopause does not relieve your symptoms permanently. I read Dr. John Lee’s books regarding progesterone and he said that although our estrogen levels drop at menopause, progesterone levels drop 100 times more. So, it is no wonder that my symptoms got worse—-because my estrogen to progesterone balance suddenly got farther unbalanced than before menopause.

    • Hi Gena,
      I was doing research about SERRAPEPTASE and WOBENZYM (I just ordered both), and wondering if they really work.
      I have endometriosis for 11yrs.
      My period is normal(no heavy bleeding) for around 3-4days with 3-4days pain and more scary one is the pain on second week of my cycle until my ovulation.
      So, basically it means when on second week of cycle, estrogen goes up my pain goes up.
      I have to take ibuprofen for 2weeks of the month.
      I am 39 and want to get pregnant in the future. So I also think about having laparoscopy surgery.
      Please let me know how they worked for you.
      I’m looking forward to hear back from you.
      Thank you.

      • Hi Sherry,
        Endo is a complex condition – which I am sure you know by now :). Taking Serrapeptase and Wobenzym can most definitely help and will definitely alleviate many of the symptoms and pains you are experiencing with endo but, and unfortunately there is a but…. it is not as simple as just taking some natural supplements. What you eat and the other aspects of your life also need to be balanced. I have found huge relief in changing what I eat – please keep reading more of my posts and you will discover so many better food choices for you to try 🙂 Let me tell you though, pregnancy and having your little one is definitely possible 🙂 Hugs,

  22. Hello,

    I tried Fibrovan and it did not do anything for me… 🙁 I was on it for a long time and it was so sad that it did not do anything for me. I have pretty severe endo and fast growing and what seems to help are herbs from all over the world and diet(gluten free). I hope this helps and I hope to hear from all of you girls!! 🙂

    Only hope is Faith in God!! 🙂

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