3 Reasons Why the Endometriosis Diet Might Not Be Working for You!

3 Reasons Why the Endometriosis Diet Might Not Be Working for You!

I am lucky to have a wonderful group of girls on a private facebook group, which I only recently created. In that group, women able to share their struggles with endometriosis and gain the valued support of natural methods to help their bodies heal. It also provides me with a wonderful insight onto the struggles that you might be having too.

One of the struggles which I have heard a few times is where women/girls have gone onto the endometriosis diet and are following all the parts of eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar and meat, along with highly processed foods and they are still experiencing pain. You might be experiencing this too and I thought I would offer some possible explanations and suggestions, which might help.


1.    Too much being taken out, without anything good going back in

The endometriosis diet’s focus tends to be about elimination. We want to eliminate the foods that cause us inflammation and discomfort. So, we cut out all the foods that create this. What we are doing is only reducing one side of the equation, the added pains from food. However, the body reacts with inflammation and we also need to reduce this reaction. We therefore need to add good stuff into the body to help it do that. There are some great natural additions which you can add back into your body, which will reduce inflammation. Try ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, coconut oil and pumpkin seed oil. Increase your omega 6 and take as many superfoods as you can. Aloe vera, Spirulina and Moringa are fabulous for these.

The best foods to add back in are fermented foods. They provide incredible immune supporting properties and are loaded with vitamin B, which most of us Endo girls are lacking.


2.    Cutting out foods doesn’t totally detoxify the body

The underlying reason we experience pain and inflammation lies in the level of toxins, which are within our bodies. By following the endometriosis diet we are only approaching this element on a surface level. It is kinda like throwing out the rubbish that is stinking up your kitchen but not cleaning out the rubbish bin, where all the stinkiness remains!

We need to give the body a good clean out! There are different ways of doing this but the main ones involve some kind of fasting or flushing out—yes, I know it sounds nasty but they do actually work. Check out the detox category for more ideas.


3.    Creating indirect stress from the diet

It can be quite stressful to follow the endometriosis diet. So many restrictions! Right? Thing is… It is all about how you look at it. I took it as an opportunity to finds foods that no one else was eating that tasted and made me feel amazing! Explore something different, besides the run of the mill Western diet! Try Asian style or Indian style, made from scratch of course. Explore wild foods, picked in nature or superfoods which you could even grow or find yourself! I personally love goji berries, bee pollen, different mushrooms (some of which I found in gardens!) and weeds—yes weeds! Take it as an adventure, a discovery of foods and healing that you can explore. All new and exciting stuff is happening all the time. Get online and explore what you CAN EAT, rather than just on what you can’t.

There are of course other factors why the diet might not be enough for your body. Your job might be too stressful, you might be holding onto too much anger from the past, you might just be constantly thinking that you are going to be in pain, so you are. Any number of reasons but it is an adventure to explore and find out.

You can get better. It just makes sense. Give your body what it needs to heal and it will. If the diet isn’t enough and my suggestions above aren’t enough… do more! Find a good ayurvedic doctor or traditional Chinese doctor that can give you really potent and powerful herbs. Research them and find a good one!

I know it feels like it is all too hard and you just want to give up and go back on the pill or some other treatment that has been masking your symptoms up until now, but you and I both know that ultimately that is not the answer. Stick with it… You can get there!

If you want support and need some help with where to start, what to do… Try the Newbie section on my blog and join the Natural Endo Girls Group on Facebook. We are all here for you and want you to feel better.

Big hugs,

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