20 Associated Symptoms of Endometriosis. Could you have the condition? Do you suffer from these? Any I haven’t mentioned?

20 Associated Symptoms of Endometriosis. Could you have the condition? Do you suffer from these? Any I haven’t mentioned?

Here are some distinct associated Symptoms of Endometriosis that many women share who have the condition of Endometriosis. You may not have all of the symptoms with Endometriosis. If you have at least 7 of them, it is worth researching further to find out if you do.

1.Period Pain

This is the most obvious symptom of Endometriosis. The period pain will generally be severe on the first two days and will generally not go away with just a pain killer or two. Your period pain is likely to be set amongst other symptoms such as digestive issues, emotional mood swings and irritability. Some women get such severe pain that they cannot walk or even go to work. When the pain is every single month then this is not normal. Women with Endometriosis often also experience longer periods or heavier periods but this is not always a definite indicator of Endometriosis as some women still have the condition with very little bleeding.

2.Digestive issues

When we first go to the doctor with “lower abdominal pain”, their first point of reference is going to be our digestion. When they ask us the usual questions, what is your digestion like? Do you have diarrhea? Constipation? Cramping? Well, yes we do…. all of the above. The problem is, these are actually a symptom of Endometriosis as well as other digestive issues. One of the ways to work out which is which, Endometriosis digestive issues are very closely related to our hormone fluctuations. We generally get an extreme (diarrhea or constipation) just before or during our period. Our digestion is closely linked to our hormones, so naturally they will interlink. This article will help your digestion immediately.

3.Lower Back Pain

This isn’t always a definite one but definitely worth a mention as many women suffer from lower back pain and don’t make the connection to Endometriosis. The Endometriosis can develop in the lower area of the pelvic area and settle on the Pouch of Douglas. This sits very closely to the nerves on the lower back and can therefore cause lower back pain. This can lead to pain running down the legs and hip area.

4.Feeling Emotional

PMS is one sign of Endometriosis but generally we have PMS X 10! We get such extremes with our emotions. It can be so extreme it causes friends to leave, boyfriends to break up with us and all sorts of nasty results. We feel everything in extreme. Extreme anger, extreme depression, extreme happiness. It is a heightened sense of emotions and they are not always during that first week of our period. They can occur at any time, for no logical reason (until you make a note of them and notice the trends). I have done a few article on PMS, which you might find useful.

5.Back aching and tension in the shoulders

The upper area of your back is likely to tense up and become stiff, especially around your period time. There are a number of theories as to why this is but many believe it has to do with a lack of minerals which your body requires for your monthly cycle, which it draws from other parts of the body, such as Magnesium.

6. Feeling cold often

This is based on a Traditional Chinese Theory that women who have Endometriosis have “caught the cold or damp” in their body. They believe we can chase out the cold from the body and thereby heal the Endometriosis. One of the symptoms I noticed was that I get cold easily and that my feet are often cold, even in summer. It is not a definite one either but it does show an imbalance in the body, which should get some attention. This can also be attributed to a close correlation with Thyroid imbalances in women with Endometriosis. 

7. Nausea

I personally don’t get much of this symptom anymore but I remember when my Endometriosis was extreme I would get it on the day of my period or a few days before. I would get it so bad that I would have to literally get sick to feel better. It was bad during the month too, especially when I was younger, in my teens. I would struggle to eat anything without feeling somewhat ill or queezy afterwards.

8. The love of sugar

A strong dependence on sugar is a big one. I noticed this once I went off sugar and how much I was actually addicted to it. I didn’t think I could live without sugar and when I did, I would get incredibly depressed, hollow like something major had happened in my life. I was incredibly dependant. Women with Endometriosis often express this love for sugar. I think it has to do with wanting to boost their energy levels but it is often an emotional comfort food.

9. Sore Breasts

Having sore breasts a few days before your period is due, is also quite common with women who have Endometriosis. It can be so severe that you can’t stand the idea of walking anywhere and is caused by water retention in the body. Cutting out coffee is one of the easiest remedies to get rid of sore breasts.

10.Headaches, Migraines

Headaches are actually a sign from your body that is it not entirely happy with you. If you get them on a constant basis, this is a sign that you should listen to your body and change something! Both headaches and migraines are closely linked to hormone imbalances in the body.

11. Feeling tired when you get up in the morning

You should feel rested when you get up right? When you have Endometriosis it is common to feel tired often and it is especially hard to get up in the morning. This is because the body is still working through toxins in the liver.

12. Other inflammations in the body

Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition. This means the body is essentially “in repair mode”. The body will often display other inflammatory conditions in other areas of the body, such as an inflamed bladder, called Interstitial Cystitis. Other areas of inflammation can include your gums, your bowel and any organ that can become inflamed easily.

13. Poor skin health

No matter what cleanser you buy or how hard you try, your skin is still breaking out! You try natural things, you try stronger things and yet somehow your skin is never perfectly clear. The skin is a natural toxin release of the body. Endometriosis is closely linked to toxins in the body. When our skin is unhealthy it shows an imbalance and toxins are sitting in the body. Please note: there are heaps of reason why one can have poor skin but it is common for women with Endometriosis to have poor skin to go with it.

14. Puffy eyes or eye troubles

I never made the connection that when my eyes got all gritty and sore that it was related to my Endometriosis. It is only now that my condition is heaps better that I recognise this as a symptom. Puffy eyes are also a sign of toxins sitting in the liver. They can be an indicator of gluten intolerance too. Our eyes are incredibly sensitive and show so much about our health!

15. Allergies

It is common for women who have Endometriosis to also suffer from Allergies, including an itchy nose, sore or watery eyes and an itchy throat. This is yet another overreaction by the body to defend you. Endometriosis women generally have a lowered immune system which is the same reason we get allergies.

16. Pain during sex

This is one of the first symptoms I recognise as being related to Endometriosis as you can feel it instantly. It is a dull ache for me but for many women it can be quite severe and they can also experience it afterwards, in waves of cramping pain. There are ways to alleviate tenderness during sex. I have found these tips useful. 

17. Bladder infections

It is common with Endometriosis sufferers to have an inflamed bladder and thereby also getting frequent bladder infections. If you are having bladder infections more than 3 times in a 6 month period, this could be a sign of Endometriosis. I use a completely natural product for my bladder infections. No more anti-biotics!

18. Bloating in the abdominal area

This is obviously going to be one of those that could be part of many other conditions but with Endometriosis it feels like you permanently have this extra weight sitting in your abdominal cavity. You try and go to toilet to get it out but it is permanently there! It feels swollen and sore. It can be only at certain times of the month but many women with Endometriosis have this feeling on a permanent basis.

19. Thyroid Conditions

It appears that many of us with Endometriosis have an under active thyroid function. This is also largely connected to the liver and hormone function.

20. Frequent Thrush or Candida Symptoms

Do you have a constant issue with Thrush or Candida? Have you experienced thrush in the past? You could have underlying Candida with Endometriosis.


These are the 20 Associated Symptoms I have recognized through my own journey with Endometriosis and which many of my clients now seem to share too. If there are any I haven’t mentioned, feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Many of these symptoms and associated symptoms are instantly relieved when we follow the REACH Technique©, which I share within my special Endo Wellness Retreat. This is a space created specifically for Women with Endometriosis who are willing to try a new approach for their Endometriosis. The success rate has been amazing for so many women. Find out more about it here. 

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About Melissa:

Melissa is a Writer, Speaker and Natural Medicine Consultant for Women with Endometriosis. After having suffered with Endometriosis for over 15years, she now lives a completely pain & symptom free life. 

She believes that all women with Endometriosis should be given the same opportunity and has shared her knowledge to truly Empower Women with Endometriosis.

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  1. I was wondering what other people experience with endo in the eyes/nose? I have pain in my eye if I touch it just right and it feels like something is in it. Typically gets worse closer to my cycle. When it started I saw an eye doctor who said he saw white things in my eye but just suggested a lid cleanser. My nose also gets sore and runny/bloody right around my cycle. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and have already had two surgeries. I mentioned these symptoms to my gyno and she suggested skipping periods with my BC…any other suggestions?

    • I used to experience this and can totally relate! It is nasty! I found for me, it was only happening when I was on the pill. A strange side-effect but it dries mucous linings. I would reconsider it :)

      • Yes it is so annoying! Can I ask what pill you were on when it was happening? I’ve never had this before and I’ve been on the pill for over 10 years. I am on Mononessa now. I am getting married in October so don’t really want to go off the pill until after then! lol.

  2. Hi guys….
    Hope your all pain free!
    I’ve been going to my doctors the last 3 years after having my 3rd child! I experienced every single symptom on here and also have had h-ployri! I had a scan which picked up a ovarian cyst and a problem with my pouch of Douglas! I had a translational scan last week and my results are at the docs! Which I will be seeing Friday this week! This doctor told me it was all in my head I have at least over a 6 month period uti’s and found myself on anti-biotics every week! As it just wouldn’t go and if it did it would sure come back 2 weeks later! My it is have calmed down and ive only had one infection in the last 2 months could I have endo?
    Also had low iron and only one period in 6 months which took me 2 my knees! And thank you so much for putting this up its helped a lot to understand!

    • Thank you Hayley. It certainly sounds like you might have Endometriosis. It is hard to get a proper diagnosis. I would transform your diet and see if it supports your body. HPylori is surely also inhibiting your bodies natural ability to absorb nutrients so I would flush that one out. Big hugs and hope you get some relief.

  3. The problem with endo symptoms is that they’re very vague and can mimic symptoms of literally 20 other conditions. Diagnosis requires invasive surgery, and even then the treatment options are shit. Hormones that induce early menopause or more surgery? No thanks!

    If endo affected men, they would’ve found a cure 50 years ago. Just sayin’.

    • Endo has been found in men. The cases are very rare but it has happened. They cant find a cure to something they don’t understand. There are plenty of things that we don’t have a cure for that do effect men that scientists do understand.

  4. Lately i’ve been reading up on all of this stuff because i’m very concerned and this word “endo” keeps popping up as a possibility. I’m 21 years old and for the past 2-3 weeks i’ve noticed my stomach being more bloated than usual. A pain in my lower right side started to appear about 5 days ago and it stays around but isn’t to uncomfortable. I work a job where I stand up all the time and i’m running around waiting on customers and making foods, and sometimes i find myself getting just a slight bit dizzy. Not to often, but it has happened a couple of times and I thought it was strange. When i make quick turns, i will get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen for just a second…and lately i’m able to go “number two”, but when i try to push out to pass gas, it feels like i’m constipated…like something needs to come out but my body just cant get it to.. when i try, it really hurts my lower abdomen..The pain was so bad once that I felt my hearing go numb and I got really dizzy and started to overheat..I thought I was going to get sick or pass out, or both. The stomach area near in between my ribs and underneath my boobs is very swollen. I’ve never been a skinny girl, but it protrudes out and the belly does as well. Its also been 3-5 days passed my period date. I’ve been reading forums after forums, they say I should check for pregnancy which i plan to do in a week if nothing changes…but i haven’t had pregnancy symptoms besides the missed period. Forums tell me it could be that i’m pregnant, have endo, have ovarian cancer or a cyst…and its all got me really scared. I’m terrified of surgery..and well, hospitals in general. Are there things that I can do to help my body if I do have endo? Perhaps I could try those things and see if this condition gets better

    • When I was younger is have bad “cramps” and it literally felt like my uterus was going to drop out. Little did I know, that’s basically what was happening.
      Now that I’m 21, I know I have it and it hurts during sex, you feel nauseated afterwards and feel like you shouldn’t move or you’ll be sick. Lots more symptoms but!
      I try to eat a pure diet of farm fresh poultry and fish for meats bc red meat is like a pain increaser, and fresh fruits and veggies. I’ve found out that soy is very very bad for you. Sad thing is it’s in basically EVERY food. Even bread!
      You should refrain from wheat/grain, dairy, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, soy and sugar! Those are all foods that have pain increasers in them.
      Even if you don’t have endo, I think it’s good to try to eat this diet bc of all the crap that’s out there now a days. Oh and you can only have water to drink unless it is pure juice. No additives or anything!!!
      Anything that says it’s in there for freshness or to keep it’s color etc etc stay away from. It’s all chemicals were eating.
      You are what you eat so remember that! Make sure you take your vitamins since you’re not getting the same diet and make sure you level out your fibers. Too much rice and your constipated, too much fruit and your butt gets tired of visiting the toilet.
      (For some reason watermelon seems to effect endo women)
      Hope I gave you a little bit of help.. I’m still learning myself and trying to stick to this diet. It’s a hard change to make.

    • Could be ovarian cysts. I get them frequently its harmless unless its really big. Usually with every period they break down on its own or with taking ibprofen

    • I am routinely up to a week late. Just seems to happen. Dr says stress and hormones will do it. When was the first time you noticed any symptoms? The first time I had Endo suggested I was 14, after 3 years of trying to convince my mom something was wrong. I was diagnosed at 22. My dr at the time stopped wanting to get the diagnosis cause I was “handling it so it probably isn’t that bad” so I went to a gyno office and told them I needed my diagnosis cause my dr wasn’t doing anything. It’s been 2 years and not all my symptoms are gone but I’m in way less pain and were still working out the kinks in my treatment, everyone is different you know :) good luck on your journey

  5. I live in Ontario and trying to get help has been so hard to say the least. Im a 28 year old single mom and have been suffering with 18 of the symptoms for the past 4 years. I had a really hard time getting pregnant. 2 and a half years and one miscarriage later I finally got pregnant with my son I have today. But since his birth I’ve had issues with my body. It started out with breastfeeding issues. I wouldnt produce enough and then I would have too much then back to too little every month. Then my period was very irregular. Then my period wouldnt stop. It honestly didn’t stop for just over a year then I had 2 weeks of a break then back at it. I went to emerge whe I was bleeding so bad I fainted when I stood up. They told me its nothing and im just dehydrated. Been to 2 gyno doctors.The first told me it must be cancer because im too young for endo and pcos (which we all know isn’t true) the second told me he was going to put me on Lupron shots at $400 a month. Being a single mom… yeah right. Im on the nuva ring right now which has helped a bit. The bleeding stops for about 2 weeks each cycle now but its never a full cycle and it didn’t treat the pain. The doc actually asked me what I wanted to treat the bleeding or the pain. I guess it was funny when I said both please. So I picked the bleeding as it was making me more miserable than the pain its self. But for the past few months ive been getting more pain and its all the time. It hurts to bend certain ways or sit for a while and when im digesting food… dont know what to do now. I know I need surgery to see whats going on but I dont know where to go or who to see. Its been like pulling my own teeth to see the two gynos ive already seen so where do I go to get someone to help me? I cry myself to sleep all the time because im past desperate and tired of feeling like nothing can be done. :(

    • Biggest hugs Leanne. Your journey sounds like a long and painful one sweetheart and in much need of finding a good doctor. I would recommend seeing a Naturopath or Chinese Doctor as it sounds like there is alot of hormonal imbalance going on. The Nuva Ring is only a symptom solver but doesn’t actually get to the root cause. You need to look at your hormone levels, balance them back and also look at your thyroid and potentially if you have some kind of Candida overgrowth. You need to see someone hun. I am sure you can find a good Naturopath or Chinese doctor to help you. Glad you couldn’t go for Lupron – that stuff should be taken off the market!

  6. It’s insane, I’ve literally got every single one of these.. and like many people have said – I’ve never put them all together under my endo. I just thought I suddenly had turned into a cold person! ha. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and its pretty much been hell ever since. I’ve just started a little blogspot which is going to be my way of venting, and maybe helping other people too. (heyimzana.blogspot.com) but this post has really helped and made me realise I’m not alone in these ‘ridiculous symptoms’ people tend to think if it isnt a pain in my abdo, that it cant be anything to do with my endo. I think I’m slowly losing it now though.
    Thank you for posting this :)

    • I think we put up with heaps that we perhaps don’t realise. The body is complex though and endo even more so :) We can cross off all of these with a holistic approach to healing 😉

  7. Hi

    I have suffered with pcos since I was 16 and have recently been suffering with a large majority of the symptoms that are listed especially water infections every gp I have seen has fobbed me off. I am now waiting for a gynae appointment and I am on a waiting list. We are still chasing the hospital and doctors even though I took myself to a and e with the pain. I am currently of work which is a job I love as I can’t physically do it as I have no energy and I struggle to eat normal food. I am currently eating soup and yoghurt. It is a comfort to know that i may not be going mad as one doctor told me to learn to live with pcos and prescribed anti depressants which I am glad to say I have stopped taking as I now realise I know my own body.

  8. I’ve been so scared that I might have this, and reading through these symptoms makes me even more scared, sense I have pretty much all of them. I have been to so many doctor appointments, and have been placed on the pill and told it’s just a really bad period. Im not satisfied with that, i’m 17 and I feel like i’m missing out on so much because i’m always in pain. Do you have any advice on how to talk to doctors, I really hate going, they make me feel like i’m crazy, but I can’t take this anymore. I really appreciated this article, and I think you’re amazing!

    • Hi Hun,
      I would perhaps go and see a gynaechologist or a naturopath and explain your symptoms. Find a doctor that doesn’t make you feel silly. You have every right to figure out what is going on :)

    • Hello,
      I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. I have Endo and it started as early as 11 years old for me. It took doctors 4 years to figure out what it was and I am 28 years old now. I have been on almost every treatment out there. Currently I am on Aygestin.

      I have an aunt who was told by doctors that her severe pains and other symptoms (mentioned above) are normal. I told her they are not normal, gave her an endometriosis brochure and she took it to her doctor. After giving it to him, they decided to give her a laparoscopy (like I had) and see if it is indeed Endo. And it was. She had such severe Endo that all of her organs were webbed together and she had to have a hysterectomy. Thankfully she had already had children (my 2 cousins) and she didn’t want any more of them. She was in her mid-late 40’s when they found this.

      The point I am making is that maybe if you download an endo brochure, print it and bring it to the GYN then maybe they will get on board. The Endometriosis Association has free downloadable brochures that you can use.

      Wishing you luck and sending hugs,

  9. Hey! I would also add shortness of breath. I always feel like I can’t breathe with the endo. It’s not because of the pain, but more a problem with feeling a weight on my chest. What sucks the most is that I’m a vocal teacher and a professional singer, so I need to be able to breathe better than most people.

    • If you feel like that, you can do this,close your eyes & say this words it will make you lots of calm & relax your self. Say. “SUBHANALLA” – keep saying this without thinking anything else it will help you a lot. I think it should be help a lot.take care of your self.

  10. Incredible! Tears came to my eyes. I have endo and had never put a lot of these things together (bad skin, itchy eyes, eczema), but I have every single one. Thanks for putting this up. I can sleep a little better knowing that I probably have only one thing wrong with me instead of a million little things AND endometriosis.

    • I can deal with all the pain.. it’s been going on for so long but I don’t like that i gained 10lbs of water weight in a month, a year and half after my partial hysterectomy. I have on ovary left.. that one never caused pain and now it’s acting up because I guess it’s missing its buddies. But this disease sux. I am the point where I think there is nothing you can do.. The Endo diet.. ya whatever.. workout? sure.. then I’m in pain for a few days after.. and I’m not a quitter but part of me is giving up. :(

      • Big hugs hun. There is more to what we eat to rectify the imbalances (water retention and hormone imbalances). Look at how to really provide MAXIMUM NUTRIENT :) The endo diet is often just about cutting foods out but we need really put heaps more back in. Look at superfoods, wildfoods and smoothies of goodies :)

  11. Thank you so much for posting this information. I have gone doctor to doctor and no one can figure out what I have. Every single symptom listed I have and I can’t believe I finally found something that could be the answer to my nightmare. Thank you so much! God bless!!!

  12. Hi guys just wondering does it sound like I have symptoms of endometriosis. ..im going to list my symptoms that iv been experiencing lately. ..my doctor has referred me to gynaecology ror a laparoscopy. …
    Loss of appetite. …urine infections. ..constant pelvic pain….numbness and tingling in pelvis….aching and heaviness in right hand side which feels worse when I need the toilet and when I empty my bladder or back passage the pain is bad….iv got excema recently aswell…lost two stone. ..im so so tired I feel I have no energy or life at the minute! !!!!
    Any responses would be extremely appreciated girls

    • Lauren,

      I am no medical expert but I have been suffering with Endometriosis for 9 years.
      Before I was aware of having it, I spent two years nearly screaming in pain from bowel movements. I’ve never been numb in my pelvic cavity – that would be a blessing. But every single day consists of exhaustion, fatigue/weakness, dizziness, nausea, dark bags under my eyes, constant severe pelvic pain, to include lower back, extremely tender breasts two week before my cycle until it is over with, painful intercourse (I’m so thankful to have an understanding husband). Before my first surgery, it was painful stepping on my right foot. It sent unbearable pain to my right pelvic cavity and that is when I went to the ER and they found a huge mass. This led to my surgery which provided the Endometriosis diagnosis. Although every person is different and symptoms will vary, most will be present with most women. Only you know your body, how it feels, if something is wrong, and how it’s supposed to feel. My biggest piece of advice is to LISTEN to your body and take it up with your GYN. Endometriosis has so many symptoms that it flies under the radar as something else so often. It is always possible but this doesn’t mean it will happen. I listed a portion of my complications just for you to examine so you know what you need to look for. I pray that everything turns out to be okay for you.

  13. I am 32. For the past 8 months I started experiencing pain on my hip and leg durin and after my period and the pain remains for 2 weeks after my period. I have a friboid and my gynologist says the pain can be because of that, should I get tested for endo?

    • I wake up during the night and take pain killer, standing, sitting, walking and lying down is painful. The pain is on my left side. I have always had bad period cramps, I mention endo to my gyno and she said to monitor the pain. I seriously think something is wrong with me. Sometimes pain killers don’t even take the pain away. It is very depressing to be living in pain day in day out. Please help

      • It sounds like it could be Endometriosis but there are other conditions that can cause this reaction. I would start by looking at your diet. Does it hurt more when you eat Pasta for dinner versus just a vegetable based dinner? Try it out and then look more closely at your diet. It makes a huge difference :)

    • It certainly sounds like it could be endo but the approach to healing the body is the same, regardless of what you call it :) Get onto a super clean diet and destress your mind :)

  14. Three years after having my first and only child, I had my tubes tied as well as an oblation due to complications. Since then, I’ve been living in hell. Period type cramps ALL month long, sometimes having several periods a month, being lethargic, craving sugar like mad, nausea, vomiting, unable to walk some days, dealing with the pain others, and the constant migraines are unbearable. I have yet to be diagnosed with anything, but, after reading this and several other pages, I’m going to get checked out.

  15. Hi everyone, I need help I’ve been in pain for 4 years now with no answers I have pcos but surely just that wouldn’t cause the symptoms I have alone….. It’t starts between day 11 and 24 it last for around 8 days between cycles I have intense abdominal pain up to my left ovary I can barely move touch my belly or anything it’s so sad I’m crying writing this for 10 days atleast it’s to painfull for me to have sex and I’m infertile :( I also have terrible mood swings and heavy periods that make me anemic. Some times I experience small amounts of gush of bloody water between periods after a sharp cramp to the abdomin/ovary area I don’t know what this is due to endo or ruptured follicles?? Ian always tired and have low back pain!!! Please someone read this it’s ruining my life I’m only 27 and so depressed. Thanks x

    • Hi Robin,

      I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Know that you have come to the right place :)
      I would start with your diet and what you are eating. Eating more iodine rich foods like seaweeds will definitely help you.
      You can get better sweetheart. Just keep reading and maybe join the Food Healing Journey. Enrolments end in 10days. Big hugs,

    • Hi Melissa thanks for your reply the doctors just keep putting it down to my pcos but its not normal to feel how I’m feeling tho I forgot to mention I suffer from ibs aswell this surly has to be linked to a more serious condition for all these pains??

    • Hi Robin, I have had endo for over 10 years I am 37. About 2 years ago I had surgery for it and felt great for a few months. Within 9 months it was back. I understand your pain, I am sorry you are going through this too. One thing that has really helped me with my abdominal pain is Doterra’s Clary Calm it is an essential oil. I never thought it could do as much as it has but it works. You just roll it on the affected area twice a day. I know it seems silly, but I was willing to try anything. I am sure glad I did.
      Good luck!

  16. Hello, I’m 29 and 2 years ago I had normal periods. Then one day I had crazy Pms emotions that made me want to dump my long term boyfriend and cry or scream. The next day I got my period but I was so sick with cramps, nauseous, diarrhea, back ache. It felt like I had food poisoning until I made my self puke and a hot bath. By the afternoon I felt better. The next month I was fine, but the one after a few I had one like that again. I started to notice a pattern in every other month with my period. I went to the My Dr. For a pap, went to a fertility specialist, got acupuncture, herbs, (medical marijuna really does help) Not one person suggested I could have something wrong with me! I have had cyst on my overies before and acupuncture really helps but I’m wondering now if they are related. Could my symtons just be from my cyst or hormone imbalance? The last time this happens was two cycles ago and I really felt like I was going to pass out I was so dizzy. I can’t be away from bed at all. The next period was normal and now I’m expecting my period in a week. I have the worst cyst I’ve ever had right now that is getting better with castor oil packs. Cyst run in my family so my mom suggested castor oil. I have noticed that even with a regular period I get diarrhea right before I start to bleed. I tried to get pregnant earlier this year for about 5 months but no luck. I eat healthy, organic, avoid gluten. I am realizing that I need to focus more on my sugar intake. All of the info I know is from listening to my body and doing my own research. I don’t think western medicine listens or fully understands the link with nutrition and health. At least not in the case with any of the doctors I’ve been to.

  17. I was diagnosed with endo in 2010 since I was having trouble conceiving. Had a laparoscopy and had stage 3 endo.
    Since then went through 3 cycles of artificial insemination and 2 Ivf cycles.
    Have out beautiful son who is now 2.
    Over the last 6 months have had more endo symptoms. Am booked in for another laparoscopy hopefully within 5 months.

    Been experiencing pain in upper abdomen like bloating, gastric pain, uncomfortable after big meals, feel bloated, belching, lower back pain.
    Comes just before period and during.
    Then ok after period.
    Never had this last time, but now it’s pretty horrible. Also have very bad psi on my right ovary to the point where I can’t walk. Was admitted to hospital awhile back with an ovarian cyst.

    My specialist is convinced my endo has returned so am now just hanging out for surgery.

    Also have our next Ivf scheduled for may ! Exciting but endo gone would be good.

    • I had that same problem but mine ended up being my gallbladder. My gallbladder wasn’t functioning at all. They took it out right away. It’s hard when you have endo because (at least for me) I am always wondering what is the endo and what is other issues with my body. I would see if they could do a HIDA scan to rule out your gallbladder first. All of my ultrasounds came back normal but when they did that test it showed that my gallbladder was only functioning at 27% I think. Just an idea.

      • Hi Debbie,
        The body is one whole unit and the organs all work together. The liver and the gallbladder are very closely linked to endometriosis. It is best to focus on cleansing and healing the whole body :)

  18. Hi Melissa.
    When i was in high school my period didnt stop. I would go for weeks and went home so many times because of leaks on my clothes. It was the worst time of my life. I went on the pill and it went well! For the first time i was feeling normal not only did my period come the right time it helped with my skin problem too! Being in high school kids can say the meanest things! After getting married we decided that i would leave the pill to have kids… We have been trying and got to the point of giving up! for more than a year after leaving the pill I have not had my period once… I had all pregnancy symptoms and wasted tests one by one. from Gyneas to doctors, testing everything they keep telling me nothing is wrong! Now im stuck with about 9 of the symptoms mentioned above and my lower abdomen hurts so much when i need to go to the toilet i cant walk up straight. Having sex with my husband hurts so much… My breast hurt so much too… For more than a year i have been nauseous, emotional, getting stomach pains and my breast are sore. I am so tired of doctors saying im normal and nothing is wrong! I have cut out caffeine from my diet completely as my skin breaks out of it! I even went back on the pill again and doctors say all the symptoms is because i am back on the pill. Please help I am sick of moaning and groaning! Luckily I have a very supportive husband!

    • Doctors also say its stress as i just lost my job after a big fight with my employers almost going to court. I worked ridiculous hours 06:00 to twelve at night and doctors kept telling its because of that! We decided to open a business… and still “it could be stress” Pill after pill… On a day im taking 7 pills!

  19. hello my name is Mary I am 28 years old. I have endometriosis and PCOS. I’ve been experiencing a lot of lower abdominal movement after I eat and drink. I have not had my menstral cycle in 6 months. I’ve taken many pregnancy tests to rule out pregnancy. I have had a laparoscopyto have endometriosis tissue removed through out my abdomen years back I’ve had a hysteroscopy and I know that it could also just be bloat. I’m asking if it is possible that the movement is the endo tissue tugging on my bladder and lower intestine. I do not feel bloated. I have not had any positive bladder infections but I do have bladder pain. The movement honestly feels like the begining of the second trimester of pregnancy. It is that intence. There are even times I can feel it with my hands if they are on my pelvis. I have been through the obgyn ringer for the past 10-15 yrs. They all have different treatments and solutions. All of which have been painful or not productive. I’ve been put on numerous bc and meds but none have helped. I have even considered a hysterectomy but have been denied because of my age. (Even when I had my uterus so solid with tissue that they were concerned with cancer being an issue) I am at my wits end and to my boiling point with stress and pain. I have two girls and I fear for their future seeing as I lost 5 babies due to misscarriage and my mom also had many of the same problems and had a hysterectomy at 38. I cancelled my last ob appt because my ob wanted to give me an iud to shed the extreme amount of tissue. He said I’d bleed up to 6 months!! I couldn’t bare the thought. My last cycle started in may amd lasted til aug. And I haven’t had one since. Please if you can untangle my mess of a story tell me what you think. Should I consider ANOTHER abdominal sugery? Could this movement be from endo tissue pulling on all my organs? I also forgot to add that I had my gallbladder removed a few years back and I had endo tissue all the way up there. It had moved my stomach in the wrong place and fused my galbladder my liver and my stomach together. So I know its atleast that far up into my body. Please any feed back is MUCH appreciated! Thank you !!

    • Hi Mary,
      First off, I wish I could give you a massive big hug. You are incredibly strong and have been through so much. What I can tell you is that there is hope. Our bodies are incredible at healing :) We just have to give them the right tools to allow them to do that.
      Have you seen my new course? It might be the perfect thing for you right now. http://www.endowellnessretreat.com

    • Mary,
      I have yet to be diagnosed with anything!
      I am living the same life as you with less answers…. I personally experience 19/20 endo sympotoms regularly…i have 2 girls and a boy….and i feel the phantom baby! Even with a tubal ligation…
      If you solve the mystery of the strangly haunting kicking rolling vibrating…please post it…or email me…snicklefritz84@gmail.com
      Im losing my mind…my body and my faith in humanity….
      Hoping for answers for us All.

  20. Hi Melissa,

    I was diagnosed with enodmitriosis in July 2013, after an emergency laprocopy surgery due to a degenerating fibrioid that needed to be removed. The OBGYN informed me, after the surgery, that I had mild endomitriosis that she removed completly. My husband and I were present at the visit when she encouraged us to try having children sooner than later. I informed her that our plan originally is to wait until I was 30 years old; I am 26 going on 27 shortly. She informed me that if I waiting my chances would be less over the years/ or I would need to get another laproscopy surgery again in order to attempt surgery.

    That surgery was not fun to go thorugh and I prefer not to have to get surgery again, given the fact that I have had two brain surgeries in the past, four hand surgeries, and several other medical issues. For this reason, my husband and I decided that we will try sooner than later. Howver, I have a few questions for you.

    Do you think I would not be able to conceive? I looked at your list and I actually have every signle symptom. What is the best way for my to take care of myself from this day forward? Since my surgery, I have been in so much more pain, which my doctor tells me is normal.

    She mentioned that the pain that I receive from eating sugar/ salt foods causes me signficant cramping (even when I am not menstrating.) The pain has caused me to eliminate several foods from my diet and I actually have lost a signficant amount of weight due to this. I actually lose 28 pounds and I am already a thin woman. I am just seeking advice from others who have gone through this expierence and who can lead me with more suggestions/ insight. I appreciate it ahead of time.



    • Hello Eileen,
      I am super excited that you found my site and that you have found my listing of symptoms that often come along with Endometriosis.
      I know that it can be super scary to visit doctors who tell us these things and my message to you is that there is hope and no, there is no pressure. You need to get your body ready to carry a child. If you aren’t ready, it can lead to other complications. I would focus on your diet more and eliminate more of the foods that might be inhibiting your health and your overall well-being. I would also look at doing some detoxing for the body. With your prior history, it is likely that you have some heavy metal toxicity within your body. Have you had the mercury filling removed from your body?
      Let me promise you that you are not alone and that there is hope for you sweetheart. Many women with endo are able to conceive, even in later years. It might be a good idea to join the support group on facebook for some extra support aswell :)

  21. This is a fantastic find for me. I suffer from 15 of these symptoms. I have believed I have endo since I was 21.I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now and have had no luck at all. I have even had 2 iuis. No doctor even cared about the pain I was having every month. Every doctor I have been too just shoves pills my way for the pain. I have take everything under the sun to get rid of the cramping. Nothing ever works. Have had terrible acne since I was 13. I am now 28. I just recently moved to Belgium from the US and have found a doctor who immediately thought it was endo. I just had my mri last week and go for my results later this month. He said it is my choice to have the laproscopic or not. I am going to do it I think. Dealing with this pain for the last 15 years has been terrible. I just want to have children so badly. I hope I can get to the bottom of all of this.

    • Im 27 and I’ve always suffered terribly with period pain. I can’t even put into words how much it hurts. On the first day of my period i suffer from severe/excrutiating abdominal pain. I start sweating and have to take very trong pain killers or i believe I would pass out. Im starting to get symptoms the week before, I’m moody and emotional. Could i have endo? Is this pain normal?

  22. HI, I had a hysterectomy in my early 20’s (thankfully after I had 2 boys). then several years later I had ovectomy due to cysts. both though were related to endo. I am almost 50 now and I have had cramping in lower area of stomach. lately I’ve had leg pain and more cramping which is constant. is it possible to still have endo even after the surgeries? I’ve asked dr. before with no answers. its terriable to live with pain like this. like having a constant period even though I don’t have one. ugh.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing symptoms after all you have been through. It certainly is possible to still experience pain and even endometriosis after having it all removed. Removing everything doesn’t get to the reason why you developed Endometriosis in the first place and those imbalances need to be fixed. Take a look at your diet and consider my new online course to really educate yourself on the foods that truly heal. It is far more complex than it may seem :)

  23. Ok… So I’m 14 and not to be mean but I don’t want any lectures. I’m just wondering. I started my period a year and a half ago and ever since the first one, it has been pure torture. I get excruciating pain during my period and just a dull ache that comes and goes durin the rest of the month. My period is light though and only last 2-4 days. A couple of months ago, I went to the ER thinking I had appendicitis but it turned out to be a ruptured cyst on my ovary. Also, my periods aren’t regular at all which I know might be normal for my age but still. I counted and just of the 20 symptoms above, I have14 of them. I’ve done research that my mom doesn’t know about because she thinks it is normal because she has pain every month ( has never been tested for endometriosis) but my aunt( my moms sister) has it and my grandma on my moms side had it too. I don’t want her to know that I know all I do, but I strongly feel like even if it isn’t endo.something is wrong and it might be simple I just want to know. I’ve spent multiple days in the school office in tears because of the pain and can’t afford it since I’m in advanced class. I can’t go home when this happens because they only let you go home if you have a fever or are puking. My mom and I don’t have a good relationship so can’t talk to her. Any advice at all would help but PLEASE no lecturing( telling me to talk to my mom anyway, don’t worry bout it your too you g, ect.) because I’m just curious and need help

    • Hi Justagirl,
      I am very happy that you found my site and that hopefully we can figure what is going on within your body. Period pain is definitely not normal, even if our society deems it as normal! Nor is PMS. With Endometriosis we can often face a horrible situation where the only way to know for sure that we have Endometriosis is to have a Laparoscopy done to confirm that it is 100% Endometriosis. Considering your family history, it sounds pretty likely that you do though.
      Also, if your symptoms are the same as you indicated, you could just take the necessary steps to heal your body. The hardest one, especially at your age is going to be what you eat. Sugar, Gluten and processed foods are going to make your pain worse. You should also avoid common Vegetable oils as they are inflammatory on the body.
      The main thing is to really replenish your body and provide it with some real healing tools – that means, you need to eat really good food! That means eating so you really provide the most amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements your body needs to heal. This could be challenging if your mom is also suffering from pain as it is likely that the whole family diet is not that good. I would highly recommend having a look at my new course, which illustrates everything you need to know about how to eat right: http://www.endowellnessretreat.com. It would educate your whole family on food and how to reduce pain and inflammation in the body naturally. Maybe you can get your aunt to recommend it to her?
      I think it is great that you are worrying about things now. It is great to take action while you are young and not just listen to the same horrible solutions often offered by doctors. You are strong – I can sense that :)
      Great to see you taking action and no, I am not going to lecture you! You ultimately do know what is best for your health and body – happy to help you on your journey though 😉

    • You mentioned your Grandma & Aunt have Endometriosis could you perhaps talk to them about how your feeling? In my opinion you are taking brave steps to help yourself which is wonderful! However at your age you should talk to a trusted adult about your symptoms. That is not meant to be a lecture but advice from a Mom that doesn’t know you but does care:)

  24. I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis when i was 24. Although i started getting symptoms a year before my first period (at 14). experienced pain every month as if it were period pain without my period. I also became very emotional and exerienced pms at that time. When i got my period at 15 it got worse.i find this description to be comical. “pain during your period” No no ladies. That is not a good description. Normal women get “pain” during their periods. In my experience, a woman with endometriosis gets mind numbing agony during her period. The pain i get has been compared to a woman in labor. I feel like my insides are being torn apart. A nonexaggerated feeling of being ripped open from the inside out with a butcher knife. THAT is endo pain. Its the kind of pain that makes you unable to hold your composure in public. I have spent many car rides home screaming in pain with my husband driving. That being said, i have also found some solutions. Very rarely does ibuprofen help a whole lot. But i take it anyway when i feel the first sign of pain. I keep ibuprofen on me at all times. Pepto also helps sometimes. But the biggest thing is a very hot bath. That is the only thing that will always help the pain. My husband discovered this and it’s changed my life. Also, if you have a husband or friend that will help you with your condition it makes life more bearable. Its difficult to take care of yourself when you’re that condition. I’m 30 now and i have a system to control my endometriosis. But the number one thing that helps is God. He makes us stronger through our trials.

  25. Hi, thank you for your report. I have suffered with these symptoms for nearly 18 years now. Been on many medications and had many surgeries to combat the endo, but to no success. I’m 41, childless and been booked in for total hysterectomy, cervix and part bowel removal on January 7th 2014 in the hopes that it will irradicate the endo for good.

    • Hi Helen,
      I am so sorry to hear of your struggles Helen. Unfortunately, the hyster won’t always get rid of the endo or your struggles. You might be better off focusing on my new course for 6months and see how you feel after that? http://www.endowellnessretreat.com. It is called the Endo Wellness Retreat and women have had exceptional results with it.

  26. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for the response…. I’m doing my best to leave the past where it belongs… But this past Friday I ended up in the ER (with no insurance) because the pain was so bad in my left lower pelvis, kind of in the middle below my belly button & over to the left… that entire area, was sore to touch & even go near… it also hurt to stand up straight & to sit straight down on my butt. The ER Dr actually told me he didn’t understand why I had come to them for a chronic problem I’ve been dealing with for years… & even after I explained that I had no insurance to pay a gyno up front for a problem appt, he still didn’t understand the choice I had made. Which honestly, was a had choice I finally had to make after dealing with the horrendous pain for 48hrs nonstop. I was definitely taken back by his comments… I didn’t come to the ER to getridiculed by the attending physician. The only reason I even ended up going was because the pain in my lower pelvis was accompanied by left shoulder pain & shortness of breath, which made me really worried it could be an ectopic pregnancy!

    As for your product, I can’t afford anything right now because I’ve been put of work for 2yrs for a Workers Comp injury that I was approved for in July & my Ex-Employer was supposed to pay me my back pay within 30days, & I’m still waiting! It’s a crappy vicious cycle because the workers comp injury is holding me up from getting a new job that I would at least have the option of paying out of pocket or if I got a FT job I’d have new medical insurance by now! Ugh! I can’t even afford to go to a place like Trader Joe’s & buy healthy foods… I unfortunately have to eat whatever it is my Mom buys & stocks the fridge & pantry with. :(

    However, the ER Dr said my symptoms are definitely textbook symptoms for Endometriosis even though my surgeon told me I didn’t have enough Endometriosis found during the laparoscopy to remove anything, the ER Dr also said my symptoms could indicate a ruptured cyst or fibroid & that I definitely had chronic pain.

    Now here I am 4 days later still riding the pain wave, waiting to feel “normal”, which my “normal” isn’t the same “normal” as a woman my age that has no problems, regular periods & non-painful sex. My body is a nightmare!

  27. Hi… Thank God I found your site because I’m at my wits end in every sense possible! From my FIRST PERIOD at age 14 in 1998 til now… I’m 31yrs old I’ve dealt with allergies (had allergy shots for 7yrs that I was only supposed to get for 2yrs… finally said I was done because it was making my allergies worse, which once I stopped I felt better), debilitating pain with my periods, to the point of having to call out of work for sometimes a week EVERY month… the days I did go to work & then got my period, I ended up having to leave… in 2007 I was working with a restoration company & was laying on the floor, my partner, a male, was getting me hot rags for my pelvis/abdomen until my loss came to get me, physically picked me up off the floor & drove me to the ER!!! I’ve had acne my since puberty, even went through a year of accutane accompanied by blood work every month to make sure the meds weren’t damaging my liver/kidneys!, for 2yrs my boobs would swell up 2 cup sizes filled with lumps & fluid (saw a specialist through Susan g komen who told me she could feel the lumps but for some reason they weren’t showing up on the ultrasound machine… I’ve been put on ortho tricyclen lo, seasonique, ortho tricyclen, nuvaring & a rash of other birth controls that within 2-3days I had to stop taking because they made me certifiably nuts!… after 5yrs of trips to the ER almost every month, with & without insurance, pain meds that did little to nothing after tolerance built up, ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT Scans with & without barium (worst crap ever!), diagnosis of fibroids, PCOS, cystic breasts & finally endometeiosis at the ER, I demanded my OBGYN to perform a Laparoscopy… worst experience of my life! The CO2 was horrible, I ended up with an endotracheal injury, I broke out from the fentanyl shots in recovery & it made me a super B, the Dr told me he found NOTHING… which turned me into an even bigger B, I flipped out in recovery at the DR & the nurses especially when they tried to only give me motrin for the pain after I left… he ended up giving me a few 5mg percocet, which let’s face it, when you’ve built a tolerance to them, it doesn’t do ANYTHING! I ended up in the ER the next high after Thanksgiving Dinner, which is where I found out he Dr hadn’t removed enough of the CO2 which had all settled under my diaphragm & that I was in fact injured by womever inserted the breathing tube for the surgery. However, at my post-op appt the Dr told me I did have small amounts of endo, cysts & fibroids but they didn’t meet their protocol to remove them!

    Now today, I had sex last night & had pain immediately afterwards that has gotten worse since then, I was due for my period that didn’t start til today (my periods been 2-16days late every month since June 2013), & with every period I end up with quarter sized blood clots, pain that’s so horrendous I want to invest in a walker!… theleft shoulder pain mirrors that of what is described for an ectopic pregnancy & iI’m scared. Usually the pain in my pelvis feels like glass or sharp shards of metal… this time it feels like something stuck right where my uterus is but a little to the left & I’m petrified! I found something today that kinda caused a lightbulb to go off & wanted to share through the thick of my rant/vent (losing my mind!)… It’s called “pelvic compression disorder & apparently this affects women between the ages of 20-50yo & are varicose veins in our abdomens that get backed up or could possibly burst from the pressure of standing or sitting up straight, which is why most of the pain go in away when laying down (which is the same when having an ultrasund & exam done! It says that if ot os infact varicose veins when yu lay down the varicose veins relax & “unbloat” which is why our tests ALWAYS come back “normal” aka “making us feel like head cases to the Drs!” or if you’re like me curled up in the fetal position! I’m really scared right now because something in me is screaming “go to the ER, some things wrong!” but im scared of being poked & proded & for what for them to do a bunch of test, poking & proding my pelvis that i even can’t go near without bursting into tears, being charged $1,000s pf dollars for them to tell me they didnt fnd amyting but a twisted ovary, ruptured cyst, etc, & with maybe 10 5mg percocet for pain if im lucky. I literally would take death over this right now! I camt doanything but lay here & adjusting myself is torture… getting up for food, drink or bathroom is like catapulting me to the edge of the cliff because the pains that bad! How do you know if its endo (if i was told i only have a little & it shouldnt be causing rhis kind of pain) or ectopic which is obvously life threatening…. & the fact that i feel feveriah, wth abdominal/pelvic pain, severe bleeding AGAIN, light headedness if i stand too quick (which is next to impossible because the pains causing me to stand up like someone recovering my a very invasive surgery, i cant sit atraight up because then it feels like a rod with spikes is all the way up to my breast bone & my eyes hurt from cring so hard… i had a funeral today & the car rie thee may have well have been a tortue chamber jabbing me in the pelvis/abdomen! I dont know what to do becauae ive been out of work for 2yrs because of a work injury, no insurance + no money = i cant change what i eat because im earing whatever in the house wich is quick fix food & i only eat when i know i might be able to stomach it… bowel ovementa feel like a knife, so it’s affecting me healthwise because i dont want to eat… not because of an eating disorder… but because if i dont eat, i wont have to poop & if i dont poop, i eliminate one source of pain. It’s hell on Earth for me & havent found any Dr willing to do a good will case of a willing guinea pig! What do you advise? Should i take a stroll down ER Lane & worry abut the bill later or take my chances & try to wait this out? I currently have 1 of those sticky period heat packs on, but i noticed ice sometimes helps more (i read ita because it constricts the engorged veins)…

    Ps. As for the 20 symptoms… ive had them all at 1 point or another…. but toay has been mah 50 with the symptoms & also the pain. I feel like im dying! Somethings wrong! ;( HELP! Sorry for the rant… i just really need someone to tell me what they ,aybe think & for fellow women to tell me regardless of insurance you need to go the ER roe or no you dont. Thank you so much for your blog! Xoxo.

    <3 – Erin

    • Sorry for all the typos… the keys on my tablet sometimes don’t register right! Plus being upset & in pain isn’t helping me to edit. Hope it was as readable as possible. Oh & I’m not seeking “medical advice”…. just advice & info. I did call my Drs & they said they’re booked & because it’d be a problem visit it’d be $150 right off the bat, not including any tests. I don’t have $150! I don’t even have $5. ;(

      • Hi Erin,

        I am sorry for your struggles sweets. It is a hard journey with endo sometimes :)
        I would try and move forward and let the past go. Let go of the anger of everything you have been through as it is not helping your healing. Focus on two things: Give your body maximum nutrition and eliminate as many toxins from your body and diet as you can. You can do a cleanse that will help cleanse our your body and rid you of many of the symptoms you describe. A three day fast is a great way to cleanse and will stop the whole need to poop too :) You could do a Juice Fast, which really works.
        I am running a promo on my products at the moment which has all the info and some fab recipes to help you. It is all going up next month so it might be worth getting before then. The information would be far more than visiting yet another doctor who doesn’t give you long term solutions hun. http://www.endoempowered.com/bargain-super-dooper-deal-on-all-products/

  28. Hi Melissa,

    thanks for the artictle, I think it’s really useful.
    I have or had 8 of these sympthoms, and I was already checked for endo with a blood (c125) and internal ecography. Since doctors found nothing to worry about, I didn’t take other tests. My principal symptom is strong and debilitating period with severe pain, fainting, cold sweating, vomit and diarrohea if not treated. If i take naproxen I have just a strong pain for 3-4 day during my period, and although I generally can’t work much, I can control it.
    The last doctor who saw me(from an Endo dept. of a local hospital) told me it’s possible I have some spot of hidden endo he couldn’t exclude but he didn’ prescribe me any other test.
    I was wondering if it can be possible that a lot of worman suffering of dysmenorrhea are actually suffering of hidden and “slight” endo. And maybe they will never be diagnosed of it. What do you think of it?
    Since I don’t know well what to do at the moment, (I don’t want birth-contorl pills) I’m going to try a few month of dairy-free healty diet, limiting gluten and sugar as much as I can, in order to see if I have some improvement. So thank you for you site!

    Cheers, Sara from Italy

  29. Melissa, I am 18 years old and I have just about every single symptom of endo. But yet I have been to the E.R. and gynecologist multiple times having many Different test done. I’ve Have not been diagnosed with anything yet! My symptoms start about a week befor my period is due and last the entire week of my period as well but the first two to three days are the worse. I get heavy bleeding, severe pain to were I cant get out of bed, bad headaches, leg and feet pain/cramping, back pain, sore breast, mood swings, depression, I also sometimes get the shoulder pain as well. I have tryed two different kinds of birth control witch were useless. I would love to finally find some answers and help if you have any for me ?

    • Hi Brandi,
      There are so many answers and yes, it sounds like Endometriosis. I would recommending my free ebook to get you started but really your focus should all be about what you are eating as this is how you will feel – you are what you eat :)
      You will find heaps and heaps of free info on this site to help you, use natural methods – the contraceptive pill only makes it worse :)

  30. About ten years ago when I was in my mid twenties I had a persistent pain in my tailbone are that was worse before and during going to the toilet, and pain during sex. I was sent to a gynecologist who diagnosed endo, but without any laproscopy or anything, merely a history and a physical exam. She recommended a series of lifestyle charges to bring the endo back under control, and sure enough, once I was better behaved the pains subsided and only rarely returned. However, though I had mild period pain, I’ve never had the kind of pain most endo sufferers describe. I was always in some doubt as to the diagnosis.

    Ten years on, and I have a similar persistent pain and feeling of fullness in my tailbone/colon area which got progressively worse over a period of two weeks, with sometimes radiating pain going down my legs and worse before I go to the toilet. This is more pain than ten years ago, making it hard to sleep. I also have various aches and pains in different parts of my back and pains through the front of my pelvis at times too. I still only got mild period pain though. I’ve been plagued with IBS type symptoms all my life, some nothing’s changed there, but about a month ago I had bad diarrhea and fatigue, followed by pain which felt like the return of shingles in my upper back and chest. The doctor put the fatigue down to the return of post viral fatigue which I had at the beginning of the year, the upper body pain down to shingles, and I know she thinks that the lower back pain is just the return of endo.

    My question is, does this sound like endo to you? I’ve never had crippling period pain, just regular crampy pain. I’ve got all the low-immune system indicators like allergies, asthma, ecsma, IBS, regular skin break outs. I’m also on medications that as a side effect, elevate levels of estrogen and progesterone. I’m just worried that my doctor is ignoring other possibilities because she biased by that end year old, (IMO) tenuous diagnosis of endo.

    • Hi Helen,
      I am not able to give you an exact diagnosis based on the indicators you have given me – sorry sweets :)
      The only way to know for sure is to have a Laparoscopy to find out what is going on inside of you. I would however say, that no matter what your diagnosis, the treatment and methods to healing would be the same.


  31. I am terrified after reading this. I suddenly started feeling really bad “cramp-like” pains during sex as if I was about to have my period. It suddenly got really bad I couldn’t continue and the pain got worse. I’ve never had this issue before and I know I’m due to have my period soon. Started doing a late night Google search bc the pain wouldn’t go away. I typically have sex with my boyfriend on a regular basis, but we hadnt in over 2 weeks because we just moved out of state. ive been stressing a lot and havent been eating regularly since we moved. I feel that if I hadn’t had sex tonight I wouldn’t be experiencing this pain right now. But as I mentioned earlier, I’ve never experienced this until now. Since i left my job and moved, im worried bc i no longer have insurance. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Terri,
      It could have also just been the stress of moving and perhaps your digestion is also out of sync which can also cause pain during sex. Did you find you ticked YES for any of the other symptoms?

  32. hi my name is violet Wallace and I have had endomertriousis for 3 years and I have had surgery done for it and it’s back and I am about to talk to my doctor to take my ovaries and uters taken out so it don’t come back I know I can’t have babies

  33. Hi Melissa!

    I am 19 years old and have had heavy periods for as long as I can remember, clots and heavy diarrhea and nausea on my period! I have had lower back pain for a long time and horrible lower abdominal pain! 2 weeks before my period I get horrible left sholder pain for about a week and pain killers do not help!! I feel depressed and stressed on my period and before and causes problems for me and my boyfriend and sex is painful but only in doggy? I am having an ultrasound on Wednesday, to see if its ovarian cysts but is there anyway they can have an idea if its endo by the ultrasound or do you have to have a lap to see it? Thank you for you help I feel so alone!! :(

    • Hi Amber,
      It certainly sounds like Endo. I would get the Ultrasound – sometimes they can see it on that. You can also get an MRI Scan. You can pretty much deduce that it is endo and take natural steps towards healing though :) even without a diagnosis.

    • With an ultrasound they are nt able to see endometriosis unless it is in your bladder. The only way to know for sure is a laparoscopy. I have had endometrisis for almost 6.5 years now diagnosed but for about ten years before that undoagnosed

    • To Anonymous November 21, 2013: transabdominal ultrasound is more for a general view of the pelvic area, however transvaginal ultrasound is very effective for detecting cysts in the ovaries etc (the most common endo cyst site), as well as eliminating other reasons for problems in that area. And I guess a doctor won’t do a laprascopy without an ultrasound first.

      Laprascopy is the gold standard for endo diagnosis, but it’s still a surgery, and carries its own risks (e.g. any surgery in the pelvic area can reduce fertility). And removing cysts surgically won’t prevent the cysts from growing back.

      I had a lap years ago when I didn’t know what I know now – now I would refuse a lap, and if other reasons were eliminated, instead I would try eliminating the causes for endo symptoms (the ones Mel’s been speaking about – excessive estrogen, digestive problems, inflammation). And if that works, I don’t think I’d need a formal diagnosis (via a lap).

  34. Hi Melissa, I really like your blog, it feels insightful well-researched!

    I wonder then: have you come across ways to differentiate endo-symptoms from other conditions with similar symptoms, e.g. ovarian cysts or cancer? I haven’t found much information on this, but I wonder if they’re typically also cyclical(-ish); is there difference in magnitude or type of symptoms, or in how fast they develop..?

    I was diagnosed with endo a decade ago, but always had pretty mild symptoms. However, during the past few months I’ve developed a bunch of worsening or new ailments (mostly cyclical), many of which are listed here (+a PMS week of mild evening fever, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and ankle swelling). They’re not excruciating (although have lowered my quality of life), so doctors want to “wait a little longer” to see what it could be. However since I’m normally healthy, I’m pretty anxious about this cluster of newly developed problems!

    • Hi Kat and welcome to my blog :) Thanks for all the wonderful comments.
      The other symptoms the endo or any other condition, would all be treated the same way anyway. Get the imbalances in the body back in balance, flush out toxins and live well. I would look at your diet and stress levels and your first steps and not worry too much about what potential diseases you might have. The treatment is the same either way :)

  35. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you so much for this. I have the majority of the above symptoms. I am 22 years old and believe there is something abnormal going on. I’ve always had bad cramps during my periods. Not to the point that I am immobile, but still bad. I also get severe rectal and vaginal pains during the heaviest flow days. These pains are stabbing and sharp and spread to my pelvis. It gets so bad I lose focus and am doubled over. This only happens during my period. I am convinced this is NOT normal. I also get severe PMS symptoms (including those painful swollen breasts–almost a full cup size!). My doctor suspects I could possibly have endo, but wanted to treat me with the Mirena IUD to see if symptoms diminish (they did on the pill but i can no longer tolerate the hormones). I refused the IUD. Should I ask him for a laparoscopy? I am scared that nothing will be found and he and everyone else will think this is all in my head. I’m really frustrated and have a bad feeling about all of this.

    • Hi Leah,
      If you didn’t go well on the pill, chances are you won’t go well on the Mirena either. It is still synthetic hormones being pumped into your body. It sounds like you could have Endometriosis. If you want to know for sure what it is, then ask for a Laparoscopy. Knowing what it is, can often make you feel better. Trust in yourself and find a better doctor if things don’t feel right. Your body does ultimately know what it needs.

  36. Hi,

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I suffer from almost all of those symptoms. I also suffer from rectal bleeding with painful bowel movements (I cry on the toilet and can’t sit still on the toilet), thrush, UTI like symptoms but clear urine samples sometimes, leg pain on right leg down to the back of my knee and weakness/feeling numb in the front of both legs, tailbone pain, burning knife like stabbing pain inside vagina and bowel, gas pains but no relief after passing wind, feeling my bowels moving, and fainting from the pain. Trouble eating due to the pain and nausea. 2 days ago I fainted I know when I going to faint because I yawn and feel warm and dizzy then when I wake I vomit. Before and after Christmas I thought I was going to end up going through the shower doors if I didn’t sit down on the shower floor. It’s really frightening and worrying that I could end up seriously hurting myself. Turning the temperature of the shower doesn’t make a difference. I faint outside of the shower too. I’m always tired but when I go to bed I can’t sleep. I have had episodes of fainting well before both surgeries and I always faint before my period is due. I’ve had ECG’s, MRI’s, and CT scans apart from ultrasounds and have always came back normal. My stomach is always bloated and hard. Period blood looks almost black and lumpy at the beginning and end of my period. I pass huge clots as well. No sign of fibroids either. Every time I go the doctors they think I’m constipated when I’ve already been. Alternating runs and constipation but stools are soft but can’t go. It’s sometimes difficult to wee and at times I will squeeze it out. I have had a laparoscopy last month but found no endo but still having symptoms of endo which I find strange. I also had a bowel obstruction adhesions from the appendectomy made my bowel loop and stick together, kinked, and twisted. I’m waiting for a endoscopy but haven’t heard from the hospital yet. I just wondering whether endo could be hiding in the scar tissue which would make it harder to see the endo where I had previous surgery. I only had 2 incisions for the laparoscopy and plus they had to cut my cervix to check my uterus. The scars are healing but they have keloids on them like the appendectomy scar and that was open surgery. I have asked doctors about but they say that clear endo doesn’t exist and would have seen it anyway. Is it possible? I’m getting the same symptoms but even worse now after the surgery. I’ve just about recovered from having septic tonsilitis but can’t seem to get rid of this cough. I’m allergic to most antibiotics and certain types of food trigger my symptoms too. My skin is sensitive, acne breakouts, body hair, and itch at times. I’m gradually changing my diet and have started cutting out some foods.

    • Do you suffer from anxiety at all? My daughter has been suffering extremely painful periods and many of the symptoms you have. She has had a lapo and they say she hasn’t got Endo . I have been taking her to a Pysio who is a breathing specialist and she has told me that extreme anxiety can cause the entire body to be super sensitive to pain and interfere with digestion and can throw out the entire nervous system . She is teaching her to breath properly and its due to her not breathing correctly that these problems have occurred. This information my or may not help you but every little bit of information helps. Good luck with things I hope you find a solution.

      • Thank you Deborah. I haven’t experienced severe anxiety but it could definitely be a contributor to not getting sufficient oxygen to the cells of our bodies. I would really recommend also getting into Yoga as this really helps with the breathing too.

    • I too suffer for about 10 years from all these Symptoms. I’m 30 years old and now being checked for endo. The last year i have developed chronic back pain too the point i cant walk or move for a week i have a cane :( also i think im having stomic seziers its really hard too explain my gyno says i have endo but waiting for surgery.He told me last week my cervics was way too soft? and i also have a polyp in my uterus. Im glad im not the only one.I am in chronic pain every day.Im depressed What i wanted too ask is my period this month is 3 weeks goes like this 7 days heavy 7 days of light blood like i have cut myself and 7 days of black,brown tissue i was told its normal is it?also what home treatments can i do too take all my pain down a little? im too the point where i want too give up :(.Also i have prolapsed stage 2 please throw me some advice as im in some need thank you and much respect.

      • Hi Krystle,
        I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Bleeding as you are in certainly not normal. I would try some Serrapeptase to really heal the insides. Changing your diet is massive in your healing. Get onto real food :) All the best and I hope you keep looking for answers.

  37. I have every one of these symptoms and more one thing I have noticed a lot with my pain is my right shoulder I used to think it was me hurting my shoulder but I realised it’s all to do with my cycle! Also wondered if nose bleeds are related too as I get them monthly with my periodxx

  38. Howdy I am so happy I found your web site, I really found
    you by accident, while I was searching on Aol for something else, Anyways I am here
    now and would just like to say thanks a lot for a remarkable post and a
    all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the great work.

  39. Hi there, I possibly have endo, diagnosed by myself after months of reasearch, initally I suffered the pain (all of the above) then had a few months of various antibiotics for infections etc, finally got a gynae appt who told me their was nothing wrong with me (from my understanding there are quite a few who dont specialise or choose not to deal with) I then found a website that gives you the best consultants in ur area (drfosterhealthcare) I paid 250 pounds 8 weeks ago to see the best in my area and having my lap on tge 25th of may, looking forward to getting some answers tho still scared of the choices I will have to make after the lap. Im 33 with 2 children so will not be aimed at fertility, tho I cannot take chemical hormones (pill etc) so I know my options are limited! Will report back after my lap tho!
    Thank you for this website, there are a few things on ur list that I have been suffering with but never came across b4, the cold body, I am freezing all the time but would never have put it down to endo, I suffer with shoulder pain too and a constant runny nose would this be related?

    • Hi Dawn,;)
      Glad you found my site too. Congrats on having two kids. There are plenty of choices after the lap – though none of which you will find beneficial are in the doctors office :) When you are ready and certain it is endo, come back to my site and you will find heaps of options.
      The links you describe are also links to other imbalances in the body – but our healing process is the same, no matter what the condition. Stay in touch and let us know how you are :)

  40. i have all these symptons and been doubled over in pain for years without it being sorted and amitted to hosptial about 15 times and finally got key-hole surgery doctor said i had tear damage on womb and bowel n was ment to have sorted it but still in so much pain its unbearable and now refering back to get it confirmed i have endometriosis as finally worked out that its usually week before my period its worse and i can hardly walk with the pain in side and back. does this sound like it to you? thanks

  41. I’m really glad I found your article. The PMS xs 10 really hit home. My question is, how do you tell the difference between PMDD and endo PMS or are they the same. When I was younger I was diagnosed with bipolar but I never fully agreed because my moods revovled around my period, or so inoticed as I got older. Nothing could explain my physical pain and after various testing all the drs could find was a vitamin D deficiency. Which has since been corrected, yet my symptoms stayed the same. The thing is that I have a lot of pain that is associated with endo. My gyno belives that I have endo. However he will not do a larascopy as he feels he’d rather try treatment first. So how do I know if I have endometriosis or PMDD? Does endometriosis PMS mimic PMDD symptoms?

  42. I have recently been diagnosed with endo. My question is, everytime its around the time of my period I want to drink alcohol. The issue is that it is effecting my relationship because I act like an emotional wacko when I drink during my period. I’m fine any other time, up until I’n around my menstration, then mot only do I physically crave it, but I can’t fight the impulse to drink around my period. Does anyone else experience this? Is it possible to have endo and pmdd? Is this possibly a hormone problem from endo? Any advice of how to fix it?

    • Hi Jen and welcome to my blog :)
      Oh sweets… endo is totally emotional and your desire for alcohol at your period is totally understandable! Hell, alcohol eases the pain and makes it all more bearable!
      I am not sure why you would crave alcohol in particular. I personally crave chocolate! I figured out that my craving for chocolate was partly a lack of magnesium but also it was soothing my inner child- if that makes sense.
      I have heard somewhere that alcohol is often something people crave when they need to alkalise their body. All I suggest is to drink heaps of alkalising drinks and foods. The best ones are Spirulina, Chlorella and blue green algae. Maybe make up a mixture of these with apple juice – they can taste quite strong. Or take a double dose of them during your monthly. Also, just eat heaps of raw green stuff :) Hope it helps. Let me know :)

    • Does any one suffer with there bladder i keep getting pain when i have empty out my bladder at the end. And keep feel like i need to go more often. I have been to the doctors thinking i have bladder infection but the results come back clear. They gave me antibiotic but nothing worked. Ended up at the hospital they didnt no what was wrong and let me go in pain with no pain killers.does any one think ive got endo in my bladder not sure what the syptoms are.

    • Hi, I can completely relate to this. I have 11 out of the 20 symptoms, but this one is also defiantly on my list. For me it is a sudden urge, and I’m not a big by any means.

  43. Hi,
    I have problems with my bowel movements and stomach bloating for a long time. I sometimes get terrible pain in my stomach and lower back and have no control over going to the toilet. The pain is so severe and I only find relief once I go to the toilet. l have never really suffered from bad period pain but when I am ovulating I often wake up in pain. I had stomach cramps a few months ago and I went to the doctor and was told I had an inflamed bowel. I am also extremely emotional and cry very easily. I have been told by family and friends that I could have endometriotis. What are your thoughts.

    • It is hard to say, based on your brief description. The only sure way is to have a laparoscopy. It sounds more like bowel troubles than endo but you never know.

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