20 Associated Symptoms of Endometriosis. Could You Have the Condition? Do You Suffer from These? Any I Haven’t Mentioned?

20 Associated Symptoms of Endometriosis. Could You Have the Condition? Do You Suffer from These? Any I Haven’t Mentioned?

Here are some distinct associated symptoms of Endometriosis that many women share.  You may not have all of the symptoms, but if you have at least 7 of them, it is worth researching the topic further.

  1. Period Pain

Period pain is the most obvious symptom of Endometriosis. The pain will be severe on the first two days and will not go away with a pain killer or two. Your period pain will most likely be accompanied by digestive problems, emotional mood swings and irritability. Some women get such severe pain that they cannot walk or go to work. When the pain occurs every month, it is not normal. Women with Endometriosis often experience longer or heavier periods.  However, the latter is not always a definite indicator of Endometriosis, since some women who have Endometriosis experience very little bleeding.

  1. Digestive issues

When we first go to the doctor with “lower abdominal pain”, their first point of reference is likely to be our digestion. When they ask us the questions, “What is your digestion like? Do you have diarrhoea? Constipation? Cramping?”, we might reply, “Well, yes we do…. all of the above.”  The difficulty with diagnosis is that these digestive problems they are often interlinked with Endometriosis and other digestive issues. One of the ways to work out if the source of pain comes from Endometriosis or digestive issues is by looking at the hormone fluctuations. We have extreme diarrhoea or constipation just before or during our period. Our digestion is closely linked to our hormones, so these two are interlinked.  This article will help your digestion immediately.

  1. Lower Back Pain

This isn’t always a definite symptom but definitely worth a mention as many women suffer from lower back pain and don’t make the connection to Endometriosis. Endometriosis can develop in the lower area of the pelvic area and settle in the Pouch of Douglas. This area is situated very closely to the nerves on the lower back and can therefore cause lower back pain. This can lead to pain running down the legs and hip area.

  1. Feeling Emotional

PMS is one of the signs of Endometriosis but generally we have more severe PMS.  We experience extreme emotional ups and downs. It can be so extreme that it causes friends to leave, boyfriends to break up with us and all sorts of nasty results. We feel everything in extremes – extreme anger, extreme depression, extreme happiness. These emotions are not limited to the first week of our period. They can occur at any time, for no logical reason (until you make a note of them and notice the trends). I have written a few articles on PMS which you might find useful.

  1. Back ache and tension in the shoulders

The upper area of your back is likely to tense up and become stiff, especially around your period. There are a number of theories to explain these symptoms, but many believe it has to do with a lack of minerals which your body requires during your monthly cycle and  which are drawn from other parts of the body, such as Magnesium.

  1. Feeling cold often

This is based on a Traditional Chinese Theory that women who have Endometriosis have “caught the cold or damp” in their body. They believe by chasing out the cold from the body we can heal the Endometriosis. One of the symptoms I noticed was that I get cold easily and that my feet are often cold, even in summer. It is not a definite symptom, but it does show an imbalance in the body, which should get some attention. This can also be attributed to a close correlation with Thyroid imbalances in women with Endometriosis. 

  1. Nausea

I personally don’t experience much of this symptom anymore, but I remember when my Endometriosis was extremely bad, I would feel nauseous on the day of my period or a few days before. I would literally get sick to feel better. It was bad during the month too, especially when I was younger, in my teens. I would struggle to eat anything without feeling somewhat ill or queezy afterwards.

  1. The love of sugar

A strong dependence on sugar is a big symptom. I noticed this once I went off sugar and realised my addiction to it. I didn’t think I could live without sugar and when I did, I would get incredibly depressed. I felt  hollow as though something major had happened in my life. I was incredibly dependent. Women with Endometriosis often express this love of sugar. I think it has to do with wanting to boost our energy levels but it is often an emotional comfort food.

  1. Sore Breasts

Having sore breasts a few days before your period is due is also quite common with women who have Endometriosis. It can be so severe that you can’t stand the idea of walking anywhere.  Sore breasts are caused by water retention in the body. Cutting out coffee is one of the easiest remedies to get rid of sore breasts.

  1. Headaches, Migraines

Headaches are a sign from your body that is it not entirely happy with you. If you get them on a constant basis, this is a sign that you should listen to your body and change something! Both headaches and migraines are closely linked to hormone imbalances in the body.

  1. Feeling tired when you get up in the morning

You should feel rested when you get up, right? When you have Endometriosis, it is common to feel tired often and it is especially hard to get up in the mornings. This is because the body is still working through toxins in the liver.

  1. Other inflammations in the body

Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition. This means that the body is essentially in “repair mode”. The body will often display other inflammatory conditions in other areas of the body, such as an inflamed bladder, called Interstitial Cystitis. Other areas of inflammation can include your gums, your bowel and any organ that can become easily inflamed.

  1. Poor skin health

No matter what cleanser you buy or how hard you try, your skin is still breaking out! You try natural things, you try stronger things and yet somehow your skin is never perfectly clear. The skin is a natural toxin releaser of the body. Endometriosis is closely linked to toxins in the body. When our skin is unhealthy, it shows imbalances and toxins that are residing in the body. Please note: there are heaps of reasons why one can have poor skin, but it is common for women with Endometriosis to have poor skin.

  1. Puffy eyes or eye troubles

I never made the connection that gritty and sore eyes are related to Endometriosis until recently. It is only now that my condition is a lot better that I recognise this as a symptom. Puffy eyes are also a sign of toxins residing in the liver. They can be an indicator of gluten intolerance too. Our eyes are incredibly sensitive and show us so much about our state of health!

  1. Allergies

It is common for women who have Endometriosis to also suffer from allergies, including an itchy nose, sore or watery eyes and an itchy throat. This is yet another overreaction by the body to defend you. Women with Endometriosis generally have a lowered immune system, which is the same reason we get allergies.

  1. Pain during sex

This is one of the first symptoms I recognised as being related to Endometriosis as you can feel it instantly. It is a dull ache for me but for many women it can be quite severe and they can also experience it afterwards, in waves of cramping pain. There are ways to alleviate tenderness during sex. I have found these tips useful. 

  1. Bladder infections

It is common with Endometriosis sufferers to have an inflamed bladder and thereby also getting frequent bladder infections. If you are having bladder infections more than 3 times in a 6-month period, this could be a sign of Endometriosis. I use a completely natural product for my bladder infections. No more antibiotics!

  1. Bloating in the abdominal area

This is obviously going to be one of those symptoms that could be part of many other conditions, but with Endometriosis it feels like you permanently have this extra weight sitting in your abdominal cavity. You try and go to the toilet to get it out, but it is permanently there! Your abdomen feels swollen and sore. It can be only at certain times of the month, but many women with Endometriosis have this feeling on a permanent basis.

  1. Thyroid Conditions

It appears that many of us with Endometriosis have an underactive thyroid function. This is also largely connected to the liver and hormones. I have written a few articles on the potential connection to thyroid health. You can read about the possible connection to thyroid health in this article.

  1. Frequent Thrush or Candida Symptoms

Do you have a constant issue with thrush or candida? Have you experienced thrush in the past?  You could have underlying candida with endometriosis.


These are the 20 associated symptoms I have recognised through my own journey with Endometriosis and which many of my clients experience as well. If there are any symptoms I haven’t mentioned, feel free to share yours in the comments below.


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Big hugs,

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  1. Hi I’m 23 years old. I found that my lower abdomen center is bloating and feels hard when I press I feels pain . My period is normal and every time I feels like gas is discharging from anus while pooping.can you tell me is there any serious problem?

  2. Useful by typing symptoms in Google that there is a diagnosis. I am anemic which I was told does cause heavy periods like mine. The first day I get the horrible painful heavy feeling usually related to diarhea, then the nausea hangs around all day. I can live with it but have to take a sickness tablet from my doctor which helps a lot. I get lower back pain where I take fibrogel in case I have become constipated and I get so incredibly tired when I wake up. I sleep for an hour or so late afternoon and feel angry and tearful. I get mood swings two weeks before and hate it. I am unemployed so this plays havoc with my life. I can go out but not without taking co codamol or use a hot water bottle. My skin breaks out sometimes to spots that stay for two weeks. I am 35 and have never had so much rotten health problems. I suffer from acid reflux so when I get lower back pains and feel cold even when it is sunny outside it does leave me feeling miserable. Good to know others suffer it too.

  3. Hello!
    My name is Irina I am 20 and for the last year I kept having problems with my bladder(more specificly the urethra) and my uterus and ovaries. I was diagnosed with recurent bladder infection and IBS.I have went to 4 or 5 gynaechologysts but most of them didn’t even wanted to consult me properly as Im still a virgin but I do stimulate my senses (if I can ..say it that way)for many years. In all this time I did 2 vaginal tests and both of them had E.Coli but it mentioned there were chances that may be false positive.Now with the bladder I had a lot of problems including sudden urinating when exposed to cold weather and a sudden spasmotic pain right in front of the pelvis and I still have that sometimes.
    Last year for a couple of months I had strange periods the blood was brown, thick and smelled horrible.And now in the last 3 months it got delayed every month from 2 to 5 days.The period itself hasnt been quite regular but all gynaechologysts told me that there are just some hormonal changes.Also Ive been having ovary sudden big pain and uterus usually before the period even starts and sometimes it hurts when Im stimulating myself so I stopped doing it
    Im quite confused most of the doctors dont believe me and I might sound crazy saying all of these but I would like to at least exclude endometriosis.Im currently waiting for my period to pass so I can take that vaginal test again although Im scared because last time I did it it hurt very much when it was taken( prelevated?)
    At last, I apologise for my bad english and desorganised words I hope its understandable 🙂

  4. Hi , I’m 28 now and have every symptom above. I’ve seen very good Gynos and they all said it looks fine down there . What else could it be if I have every symptom and nothing shows up when they exam me? I at times have to leave work when I’m on my period because it gets so painful I have to cry or yell .

    • Where do you live? You should try to go see an endometriosis specialist just to rule it out. I was going to a great OBGYN for almost two years and she misdiagnosed me and put me on the pill. When I got off the pill a lil under a year of getting married my symptoms had gotten worse. My work life went down the toilet. I couldn’t sit or drive and was in crazy pain. I went to one of the best endo specialist (Bc I had gooogled my symptoms like crazy and discovered this disease) I could find and after doing the tests and surgery I was diagnosed with a complicated case and stage 4 endo. I just had the surgury and barely have my life back together. I’m praying the doc was able to save my reproductive organs Bc I don’t have kids yet. It’s a crazy scary disease and so often missed or misdiagnosed. Don’t trust an obgyn no matter how good unless they are and endo specialist. I hope this helps you!!

    • I’ve had all but 2 of these symptoms since I started having periods (the waking up started when I was born i think ) BUT,
      I have had enough gynecological exams , plus that ultrasound pelvic exam
      to know now if they haven’t been able to diagnose the this by now, they either never will, or its all in my head or I need better doctors, or to do it myself and fix it lol. I asked for a sex change last exam i had. I was actually 99.9% serious about it.

      However it would be a real shame to change my voice and not be able to sing the same way if I could still sing at all.

  5. I see that Melissa has already pointed this out above but I just wanted to emphasize that if you have the symptoms of endo, you MUST get a gynaecological exame. Please, please do NOT just assume that these symptoms are benign. Okay, endo isn’t benign, but at least it isn’t ovarian cancer, which is another condition with all the same symptoms as endo. Ovarian cancer is chronically under-diagnosed and part of the reason is that too few women treat its symptoms as anything serious. So listen to Melissa when she says “go see a doctor for a diagnosis.” Skipping this test could cost your life. At least one woman I know of found that out the hard way :/

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  7. Hello, I am now 38 years old. I was diagnosed with endo 3 years ago after experiencing intense cramping, pain, bowel symptoms and heavy periods for more than 10 years prior. I ended up back in hospital 2 years ago with what I thought was appendcitis. It wasn’t. They found more endometriosis on my appendix and found the existing endo on my bowel had developed even more. I also have a chocolate cyst on my right ovary (this ovary hurts every month for a couple of days) and a bit of endo in the POD and rectal area. They staged it as stage 4. I get at least half of the symptoms listed above. I also get days where I feel off colour, bloated, as if my stomach is full, mild nausea, constipation (I used to get more diarrhoea but haven’t had this for several years now), pain on and off periods, cramping, the puffy eyes, feeling cold, feeling tired – as if I haven’t had enough sleep, loss of appetite from time to time, swelling of the ankles, the list goes on!

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      Thank you dr sebi.

  8. hi Melissa,I’m 27 my problem is that I have severe period pains,I vomit when I’m on my period ,sometimes I also experience fever when I am on my period.I also experience painful ovulation, this has been happening for 13 years, please help me,what’s wrong with me???

    • Please share your concerns with your OB/GYN. If they don’t listen or take you seriously keeping looking for one that will.

  9. I’m 25 this year (2016) and I’m gonn be short with this one. Endometriosis is painful thank God my symptoms have became way better after surgery! couldn’t walk, slp, migraines n back pain, I’d vomit wen the pain is worse! u name the symptoms. endo is just horrible. to u ladies living with endo just wish Yal get better soon xx

  10. Have a doctor’s appointment on Friday for what I suspect is endometriosis. My mother had it. Before having my tubes tied when I was 28, my cycle was normal, other than experiencing excruciating migraines. I also had crazy pregnancies and multiple miscarriages. Don’t know if those can indicate a predisposition to endo or not. When I had my tubes tied, my uterus appeared healthy,so it seems there was no endo back then. However, within a couple of years of this surgery, I began having extreme pain with my cycle. I remember having a dream I’d been shot in the abdomen and waking up with the pain. I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts at the time and put on birth control pills. I eventually went off the pills since they increased the frequency of my headaches. For years my cycle was regular, but the pain terrible during my cycle. However, taking advil usually helped, and my doc didn’t seem overly concerned about the cysts, so I lived with it. I’m now 45. And over the past couple of years things have gotten pretty bad. I was so used to having painful periods, I kept dismissing it as only that and thinking the irregularity of my cycle and increasing pain was age related. I hadn’t even realized how much I dismissed and just lived with until recently, when I noticed how every single night I sit and watch tv with my left leg pulled to my chest to relieve back pain.

    I guess what I’m wondering is how to address this with my doctor so he’ll take me seriously, and not the age-related, just live with it diagnosis. This has been my experience. I once had a cyst rupture that was so painful I went to the ER, and the genius doctor on call was so thorough and insightful that he diagnosed me with cramps without even bothering with an examination. Most of my symptoms seem to be pretty typical. I have lower back pain that radiates into my hips, usually more on my left than right. This occurs all month and frequently disrupts my sleep. It often feels like my lower back is curving inward, like someone places their foot there and is pushing, and it helps to pull my knees to my chest. For a long while I dismissed this as being related to a mild case of scoliosis. Now, not so sure. Sometimes I have tingling and numbness too. During my period the pain is worse in my back, but also the first 4 days I have terrible pain elsewhere and take advil round the clock, and this doesn’t help much. I describe the pain to my husband as feeling like my uterus is turning inside out. He thinks I’m exaggerating and trying to be funny. I’m not. That’s what if feels like. Something is pulling at the top of my uterus and trying to invert it through my vagina. Nice! I also have frequently have a pain like the one in my gunshot dream around an ovary, I think. It’s to the side, whereas the inverted uterus pain is low middle. These pains usually go together. Actually, maybe always. The pain also hurts into my groin, shoots up into my butt cheek like an extreme muscle cramp, and down my inner thigh. I tend to get very pale and feel like passing out. Again, it helps to pull my leg to my chest.

    There are other things I experience, which I kinda figured where cycle related but dismissed as normal discomfort. Rectal pain is one. Pardon the description, but I guess I just wonder if anyone else would describe it this way. When I was in my early 30s, I developed a hemorrhoid after a nasty bout with constipation, and I knew it the moment it happened because it felt like my intestine was being pulled out. I recovered from that and haven’t had one since, but the reason I mention this is because when I have a bowel movement during my cycle, that’s what it feels like. My intestine is caught and being pulled out. I guess I’m thinking it could be related to a bigger picture.

    These last two things have plagued me for years and sound crazy. I mentioned it to my primary and he totally dismissed any relation. All I know is that there are three things that always occur together, my cycle, episodes of low blood sugar that I can’t seem to control, and horrible TMJ pain. I just won’t eat or talk, but even that really provides no relief. Even I don’t understand how these can be related, but I just know I always experience them together so they must be. Other issues are fatigue and depression. My doctor has been treating me for depression for the past year, and I am much better. I guess I just wonder now if it’s endo related since I’m reading that it can be a symptom.

    Also, does anyone experience pain in their ribs? Or hips that hinge when walking? Are these separate issues? I want to list my symptoms to my doc, but am concerned that if I start labeling all of them as possible endo symptoms, he’ll just think I’m a hypochondriac fussing about every little ache and pain.

    It actually kinda helps to write them out and describe how they feel. Seems more coherent.

    • HI Shawna,
      I totally feel your pain, I pretty much have everything you describe. I had a pelvic ultrasound the other day, just waiting for my results to come back. I think i have endo, so it will be interesting to see what the results show.

      It is seriously getting to me, i just hate being in pain and uncomfortable all the time, i feel like i am constantly whinning. I just want to know what is causing all these issues.

      I will try to come back to you with my results.



    • Wow it sounds like a comment that I would make describing my symptoms . I have endo but at the time of laparoscopy my doctor seems content that he dropped my heavy periods . The pain your describe is the same that I experience most of the time . I don’t bleed anymore but I have period symptoms almost all month . Tomorrow is my grandsons birthday party and I don’t have the energy to go out and get ingredients for the dishes I am contributing . It feels as though a hot poker is stabbing my right below my belly button . I am going in a cruise December 26th and I didn’t want to risk any complications recovering from hysterectomy so I have to wait until probably springtime . Also like you my symptoms started all most immediately after my tubes were tied . Best of luck to you and to all of the ladies who suffer and have to hear their family’s comment on how they’re always tired or in pain . If they only knew .

    • I have every symptom you talk of and my doctor and gyno say it’s ending and I need a laparoscopy. I ge rib pain. Apparently there’s a new ultrasound that is closer to diagnosing it as usually can’t be diagnosed here ultrasound. Your symptoms aren’t crazy to pour out and all. They are real and I get it. The pain is unbearable and for me it’s all the time.

  11. Hello,
    I found this page after researching endometriosis. I need advice on the subject. Here’s my issue: I have been having a lot of problems with severe constipation, pelvic pain below my belly button, a constant feeling of pressure and fullness (from my bellybutton all the way to my butt) Sorry to be graphic. Also, my periods have been irregular, which is NOT normal for me at all, they are very painful with not much bleeding. Also, I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now and have had 1 miscarriage. Sex is very painful for me and it is even to the point where I will sometimes bleed afterwards along with painful cramps. I have not discussed this all with my doctor because she initially just thought I was having constipation problems. However, from what I have read I have many of the symptoms of Endo. Can anyone give me advice as how to ask my doctor to check into it? I don’t want her to think I am overreacting but the signs and symptoms are all there. I am in pain in my lower area almost everyday and also I am so tired I can sleep all day everyday. Please help!! I don’t want to be pushy with my doctor, but in some cases doctors don’t seem to take what patients say into consideration. Also, ovarian cancer runs in my family and majority of the women in the family have had some sort of problem with their girl parts. It makes me a little nervous and I don’t want to seem like a hypochondriac but should I be concerned?? Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

    • All of those things are signs of endo for sure. From the age of 12 to 25 I had doctors dismiss my concerns and act as though I was being dramatic. Finally got a doctor who referred me to a gynaecologist. The gyno was quite old, but he was the first person to listen to me. He listened to my symptoms for about 10 minutes and booked me for laproscopic surgery the next month. Aside from them going inside they can’t actually diagnose endo. They can guess based on symptoms. My first surgery they layered the endo they found and I was good for about 8 years, like I had ‘normal’ periods I felt like, occasionally I’d need an Advil but I wasn’t surviving on Advil for a week if every month. After my kids I started having symptoms again, so when I got my tubes tied I asked them to check again while in there. At that point it had progressed to stage 4, although no one told me that at the time, I’m sure they were hoping for good results again. Instead I’ve been in constant pain since that surgery, on the other hand when I went to another gyno he went through all treatments, I’d exhausted everything except a full hysterectomy, so 5 weeks from now I’m so excited to have all that removed. I’m praying my quality of life drastically improves after that! The funny thing is, after 23 years of endo, it still keeps coming up with new symptoms I didn’t know about.
      This was a great article as it covered a bunch of recent symptoms I’ve had that didn’t realize we’re related (woohoo more things to look forward to not experiencing anymore in the future!) I feel like every time I google an issue in the last 6 months the first result has listed endo.
      My advise to anyone who is even slightly suspicious and is suffering, find a doctor that will refer you to a gyno, and if the gyno doesn’t do anything to find a cause, find another one! Even if it just means you have a diagnosis, it is worth it! Good luck fellow women, I totally understand what you’re going through!

  12. Is this normal for endometriosis?
    Hello, I’m 16 and I started my period at 12. Over the past two years I’ve noticed a strange cycle with the cramps associated with my menstrual cycle. I’m well aware that some of this is normal and my best answer would be from a gynecologist but I’d like to address the internet first. A couple years ago I began to experience cramps but it’s sort of complicated when they come and go. There’s month A and month B. Month A has no cramps, month B does. Therefore, every other month I get cramps. Like most girls, the first day is the most painful and by the last day the pain has subsided. Mine usually lasts 5 days. Though, the further into the year I get, the more they hurt. By the end of 2015 I was in excruciating pain, the last one of that year was so bad I was throwing up in pain. But as soon as 2016 started, the pain was gone and slowly the cramps are coming back, every other month being slightly more painful.

    • Sometimes one ovary is more ‘sensitive’ than the other. I also had that when I was younger and it is more pronounced now. I have painful periods regardless which side ovulated but I can feel ovulation occur on left ovary month.

  13. My heart goes out to every woman unlucky enough to have major complications from endometriosis. My experience started over a decade ago, but became violently worse when I had my tubes tied 7 years ago. Within the last 3 years, I was seen in the emergency department countless times doubled over in excruciating pain. I would have severe constipation for a week or more followed by diarrhea and vomiting, horrible acid reflux, pain throughout my entire abdomen, pain when I would eat, pelvic pain regardless of when my menses was (that was awful too), pressure on my bladder, and back pain from my rib cage down into my hips. Finally, I was hospitalized with an unexplainable gastrointestinal bleed that lasted 4 days. The GI doctor said there was nothing wrong with me…my primary physician said I needed a psychiatrist… I was so frustrated! My husband and children watched me suffer daily and all the stomach meds weren’t fixing anything. So I asked my OBGYN if he could think of any reason for all of this (because I knew I wasn’t crazy). He decided to try out depo provera shots to test out if it was endometriosis. Sure enough, I was significantly better less than a week after my first shot. After 6 months, I’ve come off from every stomach medication, I eat what I want, and my bowels are like clockwork! Unfortunately, we’re almost 2 weeks overdue for my next shot and my prior symptoms are returning; however, it definitely confirms the diagnosis and treatment. At least I have something to credit my name after my primary physician (who I dropped) and the GI specialist slandered me in my records saying I’m a nut case. Women should be more aware of possible causes for these kinds of symptoms before it gets out of control. Thank you for this site!

    • Please be careful. I have endometriosis and I used Depo to stop the symptoms and Depo stopped the pain but only made other things worse. please please be careful, Depo has so many side effects and is not a good BC

    • I second that endo is awful. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with endo and ive never been the same since. I have and do experience all of the above symptoms but the pain is the worst. I have pain so bad sometimes that I can’t walk. The fatigue is also really bad im always tired but the amount of gyno’s ive been to who say it does not cause any of the above symptoms other than pain is unbelievable. They actually made me just go away and deal with it on my own cause they have very little understanding of it and think that by throwing a pill at you will solve it all.

  14. Hi everyone my name is Jess. I was 10 when i got my first period and it was hell from the start. I was 14 when i found out i have endo and a week later i had to get a tumor removed. That was my first visit to a ob gyn EVER and it got worse after that for a while in and out of surgerys it was hell i had most of these symptoms for years after and then they it slowed down until lately im 27 now with a family history of cervical cancer.. Plus lately my systems are different depression loss of appetite, lower back pain, bloating like u wouldn’t believe, my weight is up and down not a huge jump but a pants size difference. I am a very hyper person or at least i was the last cpl months im like dead on my feet. N i no im getting older but im very healthy other then this. Im a waitress so all i do is walk a cpl miles day total (its kinda sad that im so used to doctors thinking im nuts that i am trying to make everyone really beleive me on here i think thats was the worst part of all of this doctors blowing me off cause they didnt take the time to see i wasnt chasing the pain meds) sorry thats a different topic for an other day..
    This might sound weird but i rather feel like i did when i was younger cause the pain was bad dont get me wrong but it was over ina week most of the time.. This i feel loke a total different person

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    • I totally understand, I’m 35 now and I feel like the endo slows me down more and more every year. Doctors are morons sometimes, I think just like regular pain free people, they have trouble accepting that there are ‘invisible to the naked eye’ diseases that still exist. Unless they’ve experienced it they don’t seem to believe such things can exist 😣

  15. Hello, was hoping someone on here could help me. See I have endometriosis and my doctor found it pretty early on and I was able to have a child who is now 4. I haven’t had any symptoms for it sense then. But today I got my period again twice this month I just had it two weeks ago, and I fear that endometriosis is coming back. My doctor said that there was a chance it could come back or that it may not because I had a child. Problem is I’m not currently insured so I can’t just run to the doctor for help. Was hoping someone on here would be able to shed some light for me. I am having no other symptoms just this weird two periods in one month a week apart. Thankso for any help on the matter

  16. So after some testing, my doctor says it looks like I have endometriosis. I have 18/20 symptoms you listed, including some that I didn’t realize were endo.. *sigh* He wants me to start Lo Loestrin Fe.

  17. Hello! I’m really glad to have found this article. I’m 23 years old. In the last year my periods have become heavier and much more painful, I just assumed it was my body changing. But recently (1-2 months ago) I experienced pain during intercourse and have been experiencing many (at least 15) of these symptoms ever since. Constant cramping in my lower back and abdomen, chest/shoulder pain, headaches, nausea/dizziness, fatigue, skin issues, abnormal bm’s are the most bothersome. At first I was scared I was pregnant but I’ve taken many tests and have gone to the doctor, all tests have said negative. After reading this I see that a cyst or endo could be the issue.
    I have my first appointment with a primary doctor in a few days. I’m hopeful that I will receive answers and even some help.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to communicate clearly with doctors? I just want to be heard/understood/taken seriously.

    • Hi my name is Kellie I’m 32 I’ve notice I’m gating cramps now before my period starts and I’m booted as will now I never use to fell like this wen I was on my perid I’m glade I found it

    • No word of a lie I have everyone of these symptoms I just have never put them together really just thought I was unlucky one one of those ppl who always gets bad 🙁

      • Same as me took a symptom at a time now ten years later I’m waiting for gynae appointment to come through for suspected endometriosis.. Just hope I finally have answers

    • Hi, I’m a 36yr old woman diagnosed with endometriosis and a hetias hernia as well, I have all of the symptoms above except for thyroid but was not tested for. My other symptoms is that of a hetias hernia and inflammation in my colon with makes eating a big problem! So for the first few days om my period I lose weight because I can’t eat much as I feel full all the time! It would be nice to know how this all comes together and how the one affects the other! I wake at note with terrible pain behind my sternum and middle back! My dr advised me not to have the hernia operated on because he feels that will just aggrivate my spastic colon even more! I am due to go for an laparoscopy and hope to find out the full extent of my endometriosis! I also get kidney infections at least twice a year. Loved this article and could relate!

  18. I’m 16 and for two or three years I’ve displayed the majority of these, but especially a dull, aching (incredibly painful) sore hip. It radiates around to the right side of my back and my abdomen, and mostly the top of my thigh. I asked my doctor if he thought it could be endo, but he said I was too young – although many people online appear to have had it much younger than me? He concluded that I was iron deficient and that those tablets would help me, but they’ve not done anything for the hip pain, like he said they would. Should I push it with him?

    • hi Bee,

      when I had hip pain like yours it ended up being an endometrioma in my ovary……. let your gynea check it out for you.

      all the best……and yes many have it at a younger age than you. Mine started when I was 14…..I am 38 now….. wishing you well. 🙂


    • Hi Bee
      When I was 19 I first started noticing a pain in my hip very similar to what you have described. Then along came all my other symptoms like severe period pain & ovulation. 2 and bit years later the pain became unbearable I finally had surgery to excise and remove my endo by this time I was 21.
      My endo is no better 2 years post surgery but atleast we have answers and now I have a great pain management doctor who has prescribed me with some really helpful things including nerve pain medication. (I don’t take anything with hormones because I am highly sensitive to them and usually end up feeling more sick)

      I have only seen one doctor who thinks the hip pain is related, he thinks that my sciatic nerve becomes severely inflamed resulting in piriformis sydndrome he believes this is due to all the excess inflammation going on in the area – it is impossible to say without surgery if endometriosis is directly affecting this nerve.
      Try to chart you pain/periods etc it might help you & the doctors – I know I can tell all my pains are cyclic.

      I know this isn’t great advice but sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one.

      I hope you find some answers and relief soon xxx

      • I have that exact same pain. My periods are very light n so not last very long. I have visited many gynos n no one seem to know the root of my pain. The pain is very severe when my period is finished n it lasts until ovulation ends. Could I have endometrisis?

        • You should definitely have checked out! experience that with all the other symptoms and come to find out pituitary tumor caused light bleeding to go along with stage4 endo.it infected all my internal organs

  19. Hi Melissa my name is Windi. I had endometriosis so 13yrs.ago and I had my uterus removed. I am now 40yrs old and the last week has been really bad for me. I am having the worst pain in my abdomen area where my ovaries are at. It feels like I am fixing to have a period. My breasts hurt so bad I cry when I take off my bra. I stay so sick to my stomach, but I have to force myself to eat. My legs are aching and I get really hot, but then really cold. When I was 13yrs old I had something precancerous frozen off of my cervix, but I can not remember what it was. My belly is very swollen so I have been living in sweat pants. Melissa I am miserable and I do not know what could be going on with me. Is it possible that I have endo again on my ovaries? Could I have ovarian cancer? I am trying to get into a doctor because I can not keep living like this. My hips are also hurting me. Thank you in advance for any advice that you give me.

    • I have edometriosis and had ablasion surgery last sept and 4yrs before can’t have anymore and doc put me on progesterone in Nov2015 and Nov and Dec extremely horrible and jan mild but now Feb bad and headaches but some cramping in my legs and I know what you going through and so having hysterectomy is not going to stop this need to stay on progesterone to calm down symptoms if it start to be every other month hopefully,,,god bless

  20. I’m 26 and I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis after an exploratory operation to find the cause of my pain. I didn’t see you mention anything about having a constant level of pain 24/7 and I was curious as that’s my situation. It worsens around the time of the month but it never goes away fully and now I’m on a contraceptive injection that stops my period but the pain is still there. I’ve had to quit my job and I can barely leave the house. No sure if anyone else experiences this but it’s a nightmare.

  21. I have a lot of these symptoms, for probably a year and it’s starting to get worse with the headaches the awful lower back pain, my neck hurts, and it hurts really bad to have sex. I haven’t been to the doctors.

  22. hi thanks for the information

    I had ovarian cyst removal 3 years ago and now I have the same symptoms which you wrote such as frequent urine, feeling bloated and breats tender, pain during intercourse I was wondering do I have it again or something else??

  23. My legs start to ache from about 9pm onwards and when I go to bed it gets worse. I am unable to sleep and it dosnt matter how much I rub or shake my legs the pain is there, however the ache seems to subside slightly when I go to the toilet. Any ideas what this is?

    • Hi Holly, sounds like the same thing I am having at the moment. It hit me, this morning, that years ago my doctor told me I have Restless Leg Syndrome. I actually forget I have it since it never bothers me much. My father had it and it can be hereditary and women tend to get it more than men. You might look into that.

  24. Two years ago, I started having bleeding and spotting constantly during the month. They believed it was my thyroid. They did a test and found I was hypothyroid and put me on meds and they said that should fix it but it didn’t after getting my levels straight. I finally went to the gyno in December and thy did transvaginal ultrasounds and found a 3cm polyp and said that’s the cause and I’m scheduled surgery to have it removed and have an ablation and d&c in a few weeks. My concerns are that I have all of those symptoms that you have listed which many aren’t those of just a polyp. I’m having shooting pains on my left side where my ovary is and I know it’s not ovulation because I’m due to start any day. They did no ultra sound over my stomach and I’m almost tempted to go to the ER and have them check it out. I feel it is more than just a polyp.

    • No, gratefully I stumbled to this webpage. On Oct. 23rd,2011 I woke up and started having the most violent cramps I have ever had in the 37 years I’ve been on this earth. It also coincided with a Hospice Nurse and around the clock care in my Mother’s home, she was dying and I was her suragent. It started early in the am and was progressing rapidly into me ending up on the floor rocking. Pain coming in waves. (No I wasn’t pregnant) The hospice nurse finally put a tiny drop of Morphine on my tongue and then waited 10 mins and put another tiny drop of Morphine on my tongue. The cramps disappeared! And I was able to make clear choices and greet multiple people coming into the house to pay respects to my mother. I knew and felt it in my heart, before the medicine was giving to me. The said, oh it’s just you and your mom’s cord being cut!! Really? She said that to me!! Anyway, mom died late afternoon and I celebrated my birthday the next day, not wanting to participate. Cramps, mom is dead and it’s my birthday…so what!
      I went to a doctor who told me I had endometriosis. I looked at him like he was nuts, had the Laparscopy surgery done. He left a small tiny clamp and sponge in me. We didn’t know that YET! He left endo lesions in me, but drained them? I got a very serious infection in my belly button, I went to his office, he pulls out a scalpel and starts cutting! No numbing agent nothing. Then tells me he can’t get to it and I should go home and squeeze the lower part of my belly button and try to get out “whatever is in there”, his words. No antibiotic, nothing. I end up in the ER getting pain Meds stuck in a bed and serious infection. His answer to me and my husband, well pain is part of endometriosis . JackAss, I fired him on the spot and told he was useless and his bedside manor despicable.
      I end up at another doctor 30 mins from my home to a specialist, he reads the charts, from the past doctors post-op notes, and immediately does an internal prob ultra sound and exam. As well as stated I had stage IV Endometriosis. We then go and talk in his office and he wants me to get a MRI ASAP! I got to the place, get MRI. And the tech said I was to go back over to my New doctor per his request.
      Upon reaching his office my husband and I are informed that I need to have surgery and there were complications. He didn’t tell me I had a clamp or sponge in me yet, he told me what he knew before I left his office the first time, I was pregnant and yes he took the chance with the MRI. I ok’ed it and thanked him for making medical decisions that are mandatory, but might frighten the patient. I come from a long line of doctors in my family. I agreed.
      Well, what he hoped would be a 30 minute emergency surgery lasted over 3 1/2 hours. He is a fertility specialist, he’s done this many times. Well here’s the deal; because of that first doctor, who left the lesions in me. I had endometrium covering thee entire outside of my uterus, my bowels, the back of my bladder, my liver and the walls of my entire abdomen. He took over 60 pictures of my insides, before and after. I had scar tissue attaching itself to other organs. It looked like cobwebs. He also filmed the entire surgery, thankfully. He removed the clamp and sponge and had security scrub in and another surgeon to witness the removal of a different hospitals property.
      THEN he tried so hard bless his heart to save my 2 month unborn child. whose sack was covered with cysts and was “attacking” it. He was shocked I was pregnant but tired to get my uterus internally cleaned out to save the baby. NOPE, there was to much endometrium on the sack. I’d signed a paper b4 surgery that I gave him full authorization to do whatever he had to do. I’ve watched that dvd, this man so gental and kind was speaking to the other surgeon who had scrubbed in and said,” this poor young lady just lost her mother and now I can’t do anything to save the sack. I hate it when this happens to women in this country.” “Now I have to look into her big blue hopeful, but intelligent eyes and tell her I couldn’t save her baby.” Right there and then after watching that DVD of my surgery and hearing his words during the surgery. And how he spoke with me in post op, I knew before he told me…and was crying when I heard him approaching.
      NOW let me ask you this, does THAT sound like every woman in America??? Seriously, do your research and know that if you have endometriosis, they might take your uterus out like the want to take mine.
      Oh, and my husband left me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, never to be seen again. Filed for divorce and snuck out like thief in the night. Sound normal….welcome to the world of women who DO have endometriosis! I hope you don’t have it and would be considerate to those of us do before making a snide comment like that! Because it brings/triggers memories of the past and what we live with daily. Show some respect please.

      • ADRI…I see I’m not the only one you hurt with daggers for words. Think before you speak and educate yourself. You honestly, unless your selfish and uncaring, owe us all on here how are stricken with this painful sentence called endometriosis and apology, please.

      • Read ur story Ashley I cried n I’m still crying as u telling it is could imagine it happening to me I’m so sorry diz happened to u God bless u girl I have no words to say to u to feel better but I think I have that I don’t wanna tell drs cuz when I tell them something they look at me stupid like they don’t believe me

    • What an incredibly insensitive comment. Way to belittle us.

      No, it’s not like every woman’s period. You’d do well to discuss periods with more women.

      • I totally agree these are not every women’s symptoms I’m one of those women who can’t move before my period with debilitating back, neck, and abdominal pain. I know other women experience all or some or even none of these symptoms and in different degrees

    • No, not necessarily. I would have a look at why your body is displaying these symptoms and if you do have them, there are certainly imbalances that need to be looked at – wether it is Endometriosis or something else.

    • Since when does periods cause pain during sexual intercourse??? pelvic and leg pain, trouble with bowel movements and trouble urinating????
      If something isn’t right you will know about it,you wouldn’t mistake it for period pain!!! I’ve had pain after giving birth to my daughter 7 months ago. I stopped breastfeeding after 6 weeks and still had abdominal cramps,as she is my first child i thought it was normal at first. My periods are all over the place I’ve had cramps and pain ever day since and every symptom that goes with endometriosis. For me it wasn’t terrible pain Like child birth or appendicitis it was persisting pain. You have to be careful ignoring gynecological symptoms it’s not always about the type of pain it’s the pain persisting and ovarian cancer they call a silent killer!!! So your comment might make women doubt they symptoms and could lead to something serious. I’ve doubt myself but ended up with pelvic inflammatory diease, fluid on the pelvis, fibroids and now expected endometriosis I’m glad I didn’t egnore my symptoms as I do wish to have more children.

  25. I’m 20 years old and since I got my period when I was 13 I have always had servere cramps that just won’t go away. I have cramps on every period. They are so bad that I have to skip work and everything else. Most of the time I also have nausea and sometimes I even have to vomit. It happens more often now than before. Yesterday I took meds that should work in 12 hours, but now – on my third period day – I have cramps again. This has never happened before. I can’t do anything when I’m on my period, and no one understands my pain. I think I might have endo because I can’t explain my pain and I’ve always had it. I’ve talked with my mother about this but she doesn’t believe that endo is the answer. She just thinks that my pain is normal. Sorry for my bad English.

  26. I am 41. I had my second child 5 years ago. I had a c- section, and after my child was out the doctor tied my tubes like I asked him to do. From that moment on every years my menstral cycle has been out of whack, and the pain is getting to intense. For the past two years the pain is in my hips, and down my legs. I had on one occasion went 11 days of bleeding. I went to the emergency room wanting answers, and all I had gotten was papers to explain my menstral cycle, and the diagnosis of irregular menstral cycle. For the past two years I have expressed to all the doctors I have went to about this isn’t normal, and no one cares. I have even stop telling them, and just deal with it.

    • 31 your not alone my youngest is 8. c section . doctors gave me blood tests .. my white count was high which he assumed kidney infection puts me on antibiotics they didn’t work . im in severe pain i feel useless .. mood swings .. no quality of life
      i try and be positive for my kids .. i move to go toilet or sit up feels like im being stabbed … more tests more pills .. painkillers doing my head in .. turning me into a nutter or a zombie. i keep telling him my symptoms.. i wake up in pain .almost every night twice . they are still telling me we think its that . booked in for a laparoscopic surgery in January. painkillers aren’t working . is a hysterectomy the only way to get rid of it . she told me that theres a 1 in 3 chance it will come back. and that 1 in 10 woman get this … ranges in pain some not much to unbearable . puts me on the pill .. said might help with the symptoms .. hasnt yet .. im tired sleep wake up in pain .. sleep during the day wake up tired sore and grumpy . pain in the left side 1st .. then back walking hunched over . stop breathe feel sick cause it hurts so much . she said im too young for a hysterectomy . im human no1 should feel this bad .

  27. I’m 45 just had a baby a year an a half ago cramps in lower back arms an legs can’t get out of bed from bleeding so bad using 3 forty box of tampons an large pads an still have to change cloths 6 or 7 times a day mood swings hurt so bad pain relievers an heating pad doesn’t help any more please what is wrong with me I think I’m going crazy some time

    • I am also 19, suffering with the same symtoms. I have Stage 4 endometriosis and it is terrible. They have me on a treatment – Lupanetta Pack – they said it was supposed to ease the pain (which it is supposed to, but it has not as of yet. On the 17th of this month will be my 3rd treatment and it is very painful. I am sorry you have to suffer the same issues

      • I am also 19 and going through the same symptoms but never been diagnosed.. I have these problems since I first started my period but doctors never take me seriously. I am scared of the labsopic procedure. I’m always in pain and people say I am no fun to be around.

  28. i am 23 years old and have been battling with endometriosis since i was 13. i have had 3 laproscopic surgeries however each time it comes back. i have also been trying to concieve a baby but that hasn’t happened either, i struggle with my weight and have bad breakouts, my pain is so severe i literally take my days off work just to have a day in bed with my best friend panadiene forte, i am always tired, i have most of these symptoms and id love a natural remedy for it so i don’t have to take time out of my life each month its very hard to cope with not being at work and people having no understanding. i do not believe there is enough awareness of this disease

  29. I’m 23 and just had my first child 7 months ago I was diagnosed with pcos 3 months before I fell pregnant and last week I was diagnosed with endometriosis my doctor has recommended I try for another baby ASAP but I’m worried about having another so soon and if there would be any complications during the pregnancy

  30. Hi ive had an irregular period since forever, until May 2015 I went on a contraceptive and my period was normal until I stopped after 2 months later, I stil had my normal period until October 2015 it never came, I feel bloated my stomach feels big, I have leg pains what could this be, am seeing the Doc in the week.

  31. I was just diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis and I’m scheduled for a total hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. This article says it all.

  32. I have almost all the symptoms you have described. The pain is so bad I cry and rock myself back and forth. And my mood swings are the worst. They are very extreme. I am separated from my husband right now because of them. It has caused me such trouble. About a few days after my period I’m fine then it starts again two weeks before my period. I have two weeks of normal behavior then two weeks of crazy mood swings. The cravings for sweets during those two weeks is crazy. And I also feel so sick I have to make myself be sick to feel better. The pain is from my shoulders down to my knees. I want to die it hurts so bad. I’ve lost jobs because of it and I’m about to lose another job because I miss days at work every month. No amount of pain medicine works. I could take the whole bottle of ibuprofen and it wouldn’t help. My skin is a mess no matter what I try, my breast swell up and hurt so bad worse then when my milk came in after having babies. All of these start two weeks before my period continue until about a day or two after my period. Help!!! Please no one believes me they say I’m just a drama queen because of my mood swings but I’m not.

    • I’m so sorry. I can relate to what you are feeling. I use my heating pad and take tumeric for pain. It helps at times but doesn’t take the pain away completely. I hope you feel better .

    • Nobody who has ever lived through it would suggest you are a drama queen, but I know how much we question and doubt ourselves.

      This usually comes across as insulting – but have you tried anti-depressants? For their mood stabilizing qualities. I, included have take this question as an indication that I was being written off as a mad woman.. But they have helped. It is your day to day wellbeing I am concerned with.

      I hope you find something that helps soon. Sending much wellwishes and hugs!

    • I feel exactly the same Andrea :-(.. It’s awful. My relationship with my husband is really bad, all because of my mood swings. I got abandoned by my best friend because she doesn’t believe me, she accompanied me to few visits to specialists who came up with nothing and gave me more painkillers that don’t work and she thinks I am exaggerating.. I am so depressed.

    • I have had endo since I was 22. 3 laposcopic surgery, 8 miscarriages. The only things that helps me deal with the pain is a heating pad and strong pain meds. I have had no support team either to help deal with this horrible condition. I wish that the gov’t would do more research. I am currently fighting with the insurance company because the won’t approve my hysterectomy. Sometimes it makes me emotionally drained. I also drink soda for the caffeine. Seems to help some as well.

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