Endo Empowered

Empowering Women to manage their Endometriosis through a holistic approach.

Ready to...

STOP suffering & start living?

You’ve been suffering with endometriosis for too long sweetheart.

Feeling that constant gnawing pain in your abdomen. Pain when you go to the toilet. Pain when have sex. Pain with every monthly. Being dominated by a condition which feels uncontrollable and scary.

Letting it rule every decision within your life. Restricting you. Limiting you.

Here is the truth though…

I don’t believe you need to keep suffering with endometriosis. I believe you can feel better, control endometriosis and start to live a normal life again.

I want to empower you on how you can manage endometriosis completely naturally using the

This is the technique I came up with after personally suffering for over 15 years and finally overcoming Stage 4 endometriosis. I want to share it with you and give you the insights I so desperately needed when I finally turned to a more natural approach.

Meet Melissa - Founder of Endo Empowered

Melissa Turner has become a renowned expert in discovering how to manage endometriosis holistically. She has dedicated over 7 years of research in discovering more about endometriosis and looks forward to guiding and supporting you. 

Melissa Turner is in her 4th year of a 5 year degree in Naturopathy. Her knowledge and expertise have come through her own journey in overcoming Stage 4 endometriosis and helping 1000's of women in over 21 countries. 

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