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The REACH Technique© is a unique & powerful way to manage endometriosis naturally.

Does it feel like your insides are a just big splattery mess?

Do you desperately try to keep endometriosis under control but somehow no matter how many times they go in to “clean you out”, the endo just keeps growing back?

Does it feel like a never ending cycle of surgery-after-surgery and pain killers-after pain killers?

Do you feel restricted from all the adhesions?

Does movement hurt? Does sex sound like a far away dream?

Do you feel like “endo” is just a big gooey mess, melding all your organs together?

Have you tried and spat out a bunch of treatments?

Does it feel like the treatment options for endometriosis are filled with side-effects and nasty long-term consequences? 

Do you hate masking symptoms and never truly dealing with the root cause of your endometriosis?

The REACH Technique™

The most comprehensive technique designed to provide a holistic approach to managing endometriosis.

Look at the Whole Body

Your body operates as a whole unit and every organ influences your ability to manage endometriosis. We need to assess the health of your whole body and treat every organ accordingly.

Address “Endo” Triggers

Endometriosis is far more than an hormone imbalance based condition. Let us work through the other elements which trigger growth and adhesions.

The Perfect Environment

Your body has an ideal environment for healing. We need to provide that environment through better lifestyle choices, reducing stress and elimination of toxins from the body.


“Endometriosis can feel like a deep, dark, dirty and stuck space inside your body. Let me show you how to become unstuck, to feel free and beautiful in your body again.”

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Melissa is my go-to endometriosis expert.  She has firsthand knowledge from her own body, and from helping a large community of women around the world.  Her approach is food-based yet also holistic and addresses the many pieces that affect our experience, such as emotions and mindset.

Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP
Founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

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