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“When I first found this group (Melissa’s webpage) (a year ago last January), I couldn’t fathom that she claimed she only had 1 day of pain. I was like the rest of you, buckled over in agonising pain for weeks at a time and my prescription pain meds couldn’t touch it! Well, as I’ve followed her advice, I have watched my pain diminish over the year. I just had my very first “ONLY 1 DAY OF PAIN!” cycle and the pain was so minimal I didn’t do anything for it. Thank you Melissa Turner and the other mentors on this group. You have helped me change my life! if you are just starting this natural healing journey, be encouraged!” Jenny Alderete

“When I was at my worst, on the birth control pill and suffering incredibly, I found myself crying while typing “endometriosis” into the search field of google. I found Melissa’s web page and my life has changed incredibly. Although I still struggle with pain and know that my journey is from over, I am confident that the steps I am taking are right. Instead of being bloated everyday of every month, I am now only bloated seven days during a month. Instead of vomiting from pain everyday of my period, I now only suffer from extreme pain one day of the month. Not only do I see improvement in my symptoms, I also know that I have support. I truly feel blessed to have stumbled across Melissa’s website.” Jody Jones

“When I was first diagnosed with endometriosis, I felt so alone. Any other person I had encountered with this terrible disease, plunged themselves into the poisonous route of taking the Lupron depot shot. The mere mention of taking a holistic approach raised eyebrows (and sometimes voices). I have endo completely behind my uterus and also on my diaphragm and bladder. The severity of my endo gave my doctor enough cause to really push Lupron on me for treatment. I, however, knew how detrimental this would be to not only myself, but to my loved ones who would have to endure the long road with me. Upon endless hours of research, I stumbled upon Melissa Turner’s website. It’s given me the confidence, knowledge and the overall feeling of empowerment to know that I can not only beat this naturally, but knowing that I am not alone in this battle.” Erica Nichols.

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